Like many of you I have been 'following' you all...

Like many of you I have been 'following' you all on this site for months. I was soooo happy when I found realself, it has been a life saver as far as knowing what to expect and what questions to ask. I currently wear padded D bras, my ps says I'm really probably only a C though. I'm getting a BA because I feel like my boobs look old. They are deflated which doesn't make much since because I haven't had any children yet. My goal is for them to big bigger obviously but I really want some upper fullness without looking to obviously fake. I absolutely LOVE my doctor and am so happy I found him. He was my first and last consult, I just knew he was the one for me. I have not added his name yet because I wanted to check with him first and see if he is ok with it. I waited to make my review until I was closer to my surgery date, which is only 14 days away! YAY! I had a little freak out last night, I guess it finally got real for me. I will post my wish photos now and add some before photos soon.

Before Photos

Here are some of my before pictures. I'm going to choose a select few tops to take pictures in tonight that I will use as reference when my surgery is complete.
I took some photos to send to my PS a few weeks ago and that's when I noticed for the first time in my life that I have very asymmetrical breasts. I was really sad and embarrassed about it but then I realized that I've never noticed it and neither has my fiancé so who cares right? Plus they are going to look a whole lot better very soon. :D


So I'm still getting used to this site and it looks like none of my captions uploaded with my before pictures. So I will explain them now. The one with the purple lines is to demonstrate the difference in my breast creases. The body shot is to show that I am a woman of curves, and very bottom heavy, which is why I need some more up top to balance me out.

More wish pics

Just found a few more wish pics. I thought I'd post them in case others wanted to use them also.

**Need a little reassurance**

It suddenly hit me a few days ago that I am going to have surgery soon. Up until this point I was not worried but now I'm starting to feel a lot of anxiety and stress. I'm so afraid that something is going to go wrong and I'm not going to make it out of surgery. I am one of those people who gets in their own heads and freaks themselves out. I'm having a hard time sleeping I'm so worried. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance from you ladies that I can do it. A lot of you have been through it already so you're pros now lol. I'm so excited but I kind of just want to get it over with so I don't have to be scared anymore. Only 8 more days! :D

Made it!

Ahh I just wrote a post for like 20 minutes and the stupid thing somehow just disappeared! So this will be my second time writing this post. To start surgery was a success but somehow my lung ruptured and collapsed so I went from the OR at Dr. Aboolian's office to the ER at the hospital. The doctors said that they do not know exactly why my lung collapsed but that I probably had a BLEB which caused me to have a spontaneous pneumothorax, collapsed lung. I don't remember much other then riding the in ambulance thinking I was having a heart attack. Dr. Aboolian was so amazing, he rode with me to the hospital and stayed by my side holding my hand until he left to go to another surgery. He even moved the surgery after mine to the next day (a Saturday) so he could stay with me. They didn't want to do a chest tube because it was only a partial collapse but he convinced them to do one so I could feel better sooner, thank god because my lung hurt sooooo bad. I had ZERO pain from my BA. I stayed in the hospital for two days and then went back to our hotel. Dr. Aboolian called everyday to check on me. I remember when I first got to the ER I kept telling him to make sure they don't mess up my boobs lol after all I just got them!
I was excited to see that they looked fairly normal right away. I don't know if i mentioned before that we never really discussed numbers when it came to size he just said to show him pictures of what I wanted. He ended up putting in 475 cc high profile. I was SHOCKED, I thought I'd never do anything over like 350. But they are looking like they are going to be the PERFECT size. Sorry this is such a crazy mess of random thoughts. I will try to be more regular about my posts so they are not so long.

Some photos from tonight

I thought I would add some updated pictures. I also wanted to share that both of my boobs are pretty much completely numb. I have some feeling on the tops of my boobs but the rest is all numb including my nipples, which I'm happy about because I did not want super sensitive nipples. Recovery was easy after the first four days. The first four were hell days because I was extremely nauseous, I think because of alllll the meds I was on. About day five though I felt pretty good. I completely stopped taking all pain medication including Tylenol on day three because I was hoping that would stop the nausea. I feel like if my lung hadn't collapsed then I would have had a super easy recovery.

~Feeling good~

I feel good I'm just a little sore still, mostly in my armpit area. My skin is beginning to regain feeling, not fun. Now my skin is so sensitive and it hurts. Luckily my nipples are still numb, I hope they stay that way for a while. Thursday I go in for my second post op and he will take out the rest of my stitches and take this damn tape off. I have developed a blood blister on my left nipple from the tape, it's gross.
So far I'm loving my boobs. When I'm naked I think they're the perfect size but once I put a shirt on they seem way to big and fake looking. I know I just need to be patient and they will look natural once they drop. I know some ppl like the obviously fake look but that's not what I want. When I was at my one week post op I told my doctor that I didn't tell my family or the ppl that I work for and I'm hoping that no one will notice, he just laughed, not a good sign. I used to wear padded bras and I think that once they drop they will look about the same size as I was in padded bras. So far the only problem I'm having is stretch marks, I HATE stretch marks I feel like they are ruining my new boobs. I figured I would get some because I get them really easy but I was hoping to get lucky :( guess not. I never motioned before, I went under the muscle and through the nipple. I have 475 HP silicone implants, I don't remember the brand.

Loving them! :D

Everything is going great. Went to my second post op on Wednesday, he took out the last of my stiches. My scars looks great so far but he said I have to wear tape on them for another two weeks so I can't post pictures yet. I don't have to do any massages, I'm happy about that because I hear they hurt. The sides of my boobs and my nipples are still numb. He said that they will drop a tiny bit more but are mostly done dropping. They have definitely fluffed. I didn't even realize that they had until I looked at my old pictures. I am really loving my results and I can't wait until I'm not sore anymore.

Feeling kind of sad

Having mixed feelings about my size. For the first two weeks I was freaking out because they seemed huge but now they seem too small :( I just can't believe that these are 475s! They definitely look completely natural. They ended up looking pretty much the same size that I looked before when I wore a padded bra so I'm not really worried about my family noticing. Even though my nipples were a little to low I loved the way they looked at 11 days. I feel like I've lost too much upper pole fullness. I also feel guilty complaining at all, they obviously look 1000% better then before. This is one of those times when I need to look back at before photos to remind myself of how grateful I should be. I'm posting some awful before photos that I just found in my email, they are the ones I sent to my PS. I also have some photos of first looks at my incisions. They seem big but look really good so far.

Still wishing they were bigger but I understand that any bigger wouldn't look natural and would probably get in the way too much. Is it just me or has anyone else had problems running into things with their boobs after they were done lol I am constantly clipping corners with them and stuff. It hurts but I always laugh. I also cannot comfortably cross my arms across my chest anymore, it looks goofy when I try.
My abs have gotten SUPER strong since surgery because I couldn't use my arms to sit up in bed, and for 2 and 1/2 weeks I was constantly getting in and out of bed. I have been doing a lot of ab workouts in bed now that I feel better and I'm really excited to be losing weight when I expected to be gaining since I was stuck in bed. I am also doing a lot of squats. I haven't worn a swim suit in two years and now that I have these nice boobs I feel more motivated to get the rest of my body looking better so I can actually wear a swim suit again. The pictures I posted are pretty poor quality, sorry about that. I think I get to start using scar cream at the end of this week and take this damn tape off, that will be nice. Both nipples are still numb, and my left boob still has a lot of numbness on the side and bottom.

~1 Month~

Yay! One month is here and I took my tape off. It's funny they feel so much more like my own now without the tape. It's funny that some silly little tape could have such an impact. My scars seem kind of big but they look really good I think. Nice and clean, I think they are going to heal really well. My doctor told my that even though my nipples are really light my scar should be almost invisible in a few months. Fingers crossed! Before surgery I always said I didn't really care if I had a scar or not but afterwards I find that I do care and I really hope they turn out nice. My mom had hers done 20+ years ago and you cannot see her scars AT ALL! I so hope mine turn out like hers.

--Some more photos--

Just thought I'd put up some more pictures. I went shopping and had fun trying on some different tops. I love that I can wear things without a bra now!


Went shopping for some clothes and couldn't resist stopping in Victoria Secrets to get sized. I was sized at a 36 DDD. I was happy lol like a total dork I'm all excited about a silly bra size. I tried on a couple different demi bras and ended up buying the Incredible because it was soooo super comfy. I don't plan on wearing a "real" bra very often anymore but I thought I'd better have one for when I need it. I will probably wear thin sports bras and bralette type bras from now on. I love that my boobs look good without a thick bra now. Before I had to use padded bras to give my boobs nice shape.

25 years!

The last picture I posted is of my mom. She has saline implants, she doesn't remember the size though. She had them done when she was around my age so they are 25 years old now and she's never had a revision. She had a nipple incision, which you cant see at all. She was able to breast feed to children and they still look awesome! I just wanted to show you ladies that it is possible for your surgery to last a long time because I know that is something that a lot of us are curious about. She's probably going to be getting them redone in the next couple of years because she wants to go a little bigger now and switch to silicone. I hope that mine last as long as hers!

*New random photos*

I just decided to post a bunch of random photos. I know I like it when everyone else has a lot of pictures so I'm hoping you all feel the same :) I tried to get some more full body pictures as well so you can see my boob to booty ratio lol


It's been a little over a month since I last posted, nothing much has changed. They already feel completely mine, its like I was born with them. I'm still kind of sad that they aren't any bigger but I'm coming to terms with it and I'm still very very happy with my results. I think my mistake was expecting perfection and that's just not possible. I went to the pool at the gym for the first time since my surgery and it wasn't to bad. I was worried about ppl starting because my swimsuit is somewhat revealing, lots of cleavage and sideboob. I bought it like 5 weeks ago and its wasn't as bad then so apparently I've fluffed a little. I still have a lot of numbness but I'm not worried about it because my doctor said it could take several months for the feeling to come back. I also wanted to recommend that you ladies all go check out, they have tons of bras and lingerie for SUPER cheap. I have been using The Yellow Stick coco butter on my stretch marks and it seems to be working great and it smells sooo yummy! I don't even have to wear perfume anymore lol the only down side is that it has caused me to break out some but I can deal with that until these nasty stretch marks are gone.


Just a few random pictures. I will try to post some better ones soon. Everything is going great. They even seem bigger lately, yay. Now I just want my darn scars to go away! They are getting a lot better.

Getting better

I'm starting to feel better about my boobs, they seem big lol and I really wanted big boobs! I like how they stuck out to the sides some, makes for really nice side boob effect :)
Dr. Andre Aboolian

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Hey girl how are you ?? :) how's everything going ? Still loving your boobies ?
  • Reply
I think they look great on you!! Were you wanting more upper pole or just bigger? I'm sorry you're not completely satisfied. :(
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Your girls look great. That purple bra does look comfy! Good call on mentioning zulily, I have been meaning to do that too. Maybe everyone already knows about it but I don't think I've ever seen it brought up here so maybe not! I actually am waiting for some lingerie from them right now :). Wish I knew my bra size so I could order more stuff!!
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You haven't been sized yet or are you still waiting thinking you have some more changing before you're at your final size? They have sizing charts on zulily so you can measure yourself at home to. Thank you btw :)
  • Reply
Both. I think I would definitely be safe to start buying stuff now but I wanted to wait til the 3 month mark to be sure. I have spent soo much money on bras.. going from a C cup to a D to a DD then B.. and now who knows lol so I just want to be sure!
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Hi girl ! How you been you don't post no more ? Are you okay ?
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I've been super busy and nothing has really changed in a while so i didn't really have anything to update. I've been feeling kind of down about my results. I think they're nice boobs just not the ones that I wanted. They don't look anything like my wish pictures. Im not upset with my doctor because I trust that he knows what's best for me I'm just disappointed that my body couldn't produce the look I wanted...if that makes sense? I'm hoping that once I lose enough weight they will look bigger. How are you? Do you have a date set yet?
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HEY dont worry they look great!.. i think i may know what look you were going for but yours look so natural .. any girl with the fake look would envy yours... at least i would lol :) and about losing weight i dont know but u look good from your pics! weight is so stupid some wanna loose some wanna gain (ME) im dying to gain weight :( i backed out on my doc btw :( i know not cool but i got toooooo scared :/ i dont know i put a deposit down but think i lost it... im so stupid! the worst thing is I STILL WANT BOOBIES on my on my uglu skinny retarded a**! so mad! but im really glad to hear from you :)
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Omg you better not have lost your deposit that would suck! Why'd you back out? He's just not for you or are you questioning whether or not to go through the surgery at all? Have you seen any other doctors? Thanks for always making me feel better :)
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I don't know, I might've because I haven't heard back from the PS office or anything :( I'm so embarrassed to give them a call after I had two consults with the doc :/ yes I'm questioning myself bc of the complications that can happen later on :( so bummed! And no haven't seen more docs since my bf told me i can't be scheduling surgery then canceling out of nowhere!!!! I had scheduled for aug 21st ughhhhhhh fml !!!! How are your boobies feeling .. No pain weird feelings in your boobs. Gosh I've read so many horror stories! Now I feel like I want a BBL.. But I need to gain weight for it :( I'm telling u I got a ton of body issues going on right now. Losing weight SUCKS! It destroyed my confidence and self esteem :(
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I was really concerned about later complications also, I still am but I decided that it was worth the risk. And I did a lot of research in order to be educated and able to help myself avoid complications. My doctor really helped me feel comfortable also, he told me what could happen, what the odds were and how to avoid unnecessary complications. My boobs feel great, I feel like I was born with them. I can lay on my stomach and do any exercises I want. I'm finally starting to like the size of them to. They seem bigger this last week, even my fiancé said they seem like they've grown lol. You should ask women who've had both a BA and BBL and ask which they felt was a harder recovery and which brought them more satisfaction? Maybe that will help with your decision. I personally think that BBL looks like it would be a little bit more difficult recovery but idk. I feel so bad for you I know this is a scary thing to do. I have to say that even with my lung issues it was totally worth it for me. I feel so much more like a woman and way sexier! Now I just need to get skinny! :) You should keep going to consults, there's nothing wrong with seeing a doctor and not having surgery with them, that's the whole point! Maybe you'll find someone who puts you at ease so you will feel comfortable going through with your surgery, that's what happened with my doctor. I was SUPER nervous and very unsure about whether or not I was actually going to have the surgery then I met with him and felt very confident that I would be ok, so I did it :) Sorry this is such a crazy long reply lol
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Oh no problem girl I really appreciate you and your words as well. Yeah it's been hard trying to find a doctor around my area at the very least but I'm also scared so first I have to overcome that fear but yeah I really want to get my breast done because I KNOW I would feel 50% back to myself at least. I am so happy that you are happy with your outcome after all you went through that's the least you deserve :) keep us all posted girl I want to see if your boobs have changed or how they look or you know I'm just curious I guess. :)
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You have such great cleavage! And you're right, they do look very natural :). My goodness that ruptured lung sounded scary I'm glad everything was ok!
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Thank you and yeah the ruptured lung was horrible! So painful and scary.
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I agree they look natural and so soft! Great results!
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