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I had my surgery yesterday in Beverly Hills with...

I had my surgery yesterday in Beverly Hills with Dr. Bruno. I'm surprised at how great I feel today. He says it's good for circulation to keep walking, so that's what I've been doing. The most uncomfortable thing is sleeping on my stomach and not being able to sit on my butt. I bought some things that I'm posting photos of to help me get comfortable, especially my neck. I also added some before and after photos to date. It will be a while before I see the final results, but so far I love my doctor, as he did everything I asked him to do. Just as important, I'm doing everything he tells me to do so I'll get the maximum results possible.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Great bedside manner, patient, answers all your questions and makes you feel very comfortable. He's been great so far!!!!

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Hi there! how are you doing? thanks for posting.. :D
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congrats! ) happy healing
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Hi How are you feeling? I got mine done wed with dr Bruno.
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Congrats! You and I are built the same. Thank you for sharing. I may get that kneeling chair for work! Heal well.
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I see improvement. How are you feeling? Great idea for the toilet and I thght about that massage chair. You're on point!
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