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Hi all! I have been researching physicians for...

Hi all! I have been researching physicians for quite some time now and am very pleased to have found Dr.Bruno. He's very kind and patient and I feel he will be very thorough. I definitely feel as though I will be in good hands.

I originally only wanted a TT but after logging on to Real Self and reading up on Dr.Bruno I decided I would also do the BBL to achieve the best possible results. I'm done with my child bearing years so I'm looking forward to enjoying my new body for many years to come!

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions as far as...

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions as far as the best ways to sit after a tummy tuck with BBL? I know directly on the butt is a No-No but I'm curious as to the best ways to position myself on my side?! Do I use pillows as props on my tummy? And what about the car ride??
Congrats on your upcoming surgery!! If you don't mind me asking , how much did he quote u for both ? And Wht all did it include?( garments,meds, etc.) Did u ever do a consult with Dr afifi in Santa Ana? I'm torn between her and Dr Bruno..
Hi! Thank you! I never went to see Dr. Afifi. As soon as I had my consult with Dr. Bruno I immediately felt comfortable. The only other Dr I have been to was Dr. Grant stevens (he was on Oprah,popular for the mommy makeover) and I wasn't nearly as impressed. I was quoted $13,500 for the tummytuck and the BBl. That price includes those two procedures plus a TON of lipo for the BBL and the hospital and anesthesia fee. It really also depends on how much needs to be done though. I think I was actually quoted on the low end, which is great! A BBL alone is usually about $9,000. When I go to my appt on Jan 21st he will let me know how much the garment is, I believe it's about $80, then I have to pay to get blood work done which is about another $100. I have been looking at more garments though at Burlington and you can get some really good ones for under $20. So I plan on purchasing just 1 from him then getting extras from Burlington. Have you already gone to see Dr.Bruno? His consultations are free. I saw him multiple times before actually setting up the date and he was always very patient with me as I detailed exactly what I wanted...and trust me, I plan on detailing everything again the next time I see him! :) good luck with your decision!
When is your surgery!?

Ahhhh! I have not been on here in forever, sorry!...

Ahhhh! I have not been on here in forever, sorry! I changed my surgery date for
March 7th so that I can fly my twin daughters to texas and have my mother
Watch them for a bit while I heal over here in CA for a few weeks. Just thinking about leaving them makes me feel terrible! Ugh, I want this surgery so bad so that I can enjoy my body while I'm young but I feel
So selfish at the same time....ugh!
Anyways, I went to my pre op appointment and got the paperwork so I can go get my blood work done. I didn't get a chance to speak with Dr.bruno (cuz I was late! Stupid rain traffic!) so I didn't get to voice all of my insecurities!
I WAS going to pay my remaining balance of $2,000 (I'm using care credit for the rest) but I totally freaked out and didn't do it! I'm starting to really rethink the buttlift. I know I'm flat as all hell back there but I've already come to terms with my flatness! So now I'm wondering if I want to go through get comfortable with my body all over again! let me explain, I see women on here have to RE-love their bodies and love the NEW imperfections in their bodies (left cheek bigger, more cellulite, not as big as they would have hoped) I know that may not be the case for everyone but who knows which percentage ill fall into....I've also lost more weight and I FEEL like I'm looking Perty darn good, if I do say so myself, with the exception of this terrible wrinkly slushy skin on my tummy. I just wish I could have a better idea of what my body might look like after the buttlift! ill post some pics of me now. I started at about 149 and now I'm 142ish :) I'm 5"3 and a small frame so 7pounds makes a big difference. I'm not even trying to lose weight! I think it's stress! any body else struggle with following through before a TT and buttlift combo? did you go through with both procedures or did you just opt for the Tummy tuck?!
I would love to feel confident and sexy again iam 24 years old and have 2 kids. I really want a mommy makeover and a bbl but iam on a budget and very low income... where can I find a good dr. Who won't charge a arm and a leg... and located in utah
Hey did you ever put any pictures?
i think u should go for the bbl you have nice frame and after the skin is removed yr body is going to be totally transformed u will feel like a different person and a lil booty will help lol!! i think u have a nice foundation and i think yr going tobe one sexy mommy!!
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I found Dr. William Bruno through the Real Self website.

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