After reading and seeing so many pictures, I...

After reading and seeing so many pictures, I decided to join and maybe help anyone else that may be thinking about going through this. I have second thoughts on whether or not it's a good idea to do both procedures together and after a lot of consideration, I've decided to go for it... I met with Dr. Bruno and wasn't really impressed but all the wonderful reviews and before and after pictures have made a believer so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I've changed doctors 4 times already and I'm now 4 days away so there is no changing my mind now. I hope all the reviews I read about him were real....

3 hours left before surgery...

Okay this is really happening. It's hard to believe that after 5 years of thinking, the moment is finally here. I'm definitely nervous and hope that I don't regret this later and that everything turns out okay. I'm bothered because I had asked to have my surgery first thing in the morning and a day before surgery (yesterday) they call me to tell me I'm going second... He's performing a long 5 hour procedure before me and I really didn't want that. I wanted him to be fresh and rested. Well so much for that, and now I'm just really at his mercy so hopefully he's not too tired and does a good job. I'm posting the last pre-op pictures so I can compare later. God willing it'll all turn out ok...

3 hours post up

Hi guys! Ok it's done and boy oh boy waking up feels awful. But now that it's been a few hours, I'm feeling much better. It's so hard to change positions from side to side without using your abdominal muscles. I can't wait for my doctor to call so I can ask him if that's ok. I'm afraid of ruining my surgery. So far, I haven't seen anything bc I'm wearing garments. My inner thigh was lipo-d and i can barely stand bc it hurts so much. Trying to find a good position is almost impossible... I'll post pictures as soon as I see what's under all this. Can't wait!

12 hours post op

So far, so good... It's been almost 12 hours post surgery and the nurses here at the recovery center, say I'm doing really good bc I'm able to stand up and walk on my own. I'm not in pain, just very sore. I wonder if it'll get painful later? Hmmm well for now I'm not drinking pain med unless I need it later. My doctor said he would come check on me tomorrow so I'm anxious to see what he says. Hopefully I'm able to take off my garment and see what I look like. Other than that, I feel like I got an adrenaline rush bc I'm feeling super energetic and not sleepy at all. I've never taken sleeping pills but right now I wish I could... Oh and I'm walking hunched over :)

1 day post op

I must have been high from the anesthesia yesterday or something because today is definitely hurting :( it's very uncomfortable to get in and out of bed and let alone sleep. My stomach feels like its on fire! Dr. Bruno said he would come see me today so I'll ask him to take the garments off so I can see what things look like. I asked him not to put more than 200cc per side so I'm not ex

First post op pic of tt

Dr. Bruno stopped by and checked on my incision. Says everything looks great and I was able to take a picture of it. I think I'm gonna love my new belly :) still no pics of bbl but I don't expect any dramatic changes since he barely putt 200 cc... I was very clear that I didn't want more than that.

2 days post op

Ok today has not been so good to me. It's increasingly difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. I'm wishing I had only done TT and nothing else but there's only forward fom this point on so dealing with it the best I can. I'm supposed to shower tonight so I'll take pictures...


It felt great to shower... I love my tummy but no crazy about the bbl or lipo... Then again, I didn't want anything dramatic. Maybe the shape will improve with time.

6 days PO

I'm still in pain and sore from the lipo. No changes to my TT just very swollen... Biggest lesson for the day is do not walk around without your compression garments. I did and got extra swollen and lightheaded.

7 days PO - drains out

What a long day! Sunset traffic is the worst!

My follow up went great.. The doctor said I was doing good and to go again next week to have the embrace tape applied. He kept the tape on my incision and told me to slowly take it off when I'm in the shower... He also took out the drains....

Oh the drains! The right one came out super smooth and felt like he was pulling a worm out.. Nothing too painful just kinda weird. Then the left one... OMG! I am convinced something went wrong there. He literally had to yank it out! It was stuck on something and it felt like a piece of my stomach detached along with it. I screamed so loud, I couldn't believe the pain. My stomach was throbbing for a while after. Funny thing is that left drain is the one that never had much more than 5cc... Anyhow glad that is over and now I just have to put neosporin and wait for the two little vampire holes to close on their own.

Ps. I sneezed for the first time after having this tummy tuck was worse than having my left drain pulled out! Well not really but pretty close. Ouch!!!

First shower with no drains! 9 days PO

I woke up feeling great, made breakfast, and took my first shower with no drains!!! Yey! It was liberating but now I'm back in bed... So tired and dizzy. I'm not wearing my garments because they're getting washed and dried and I miss them. Overall I'm really loving my new body even with the ugly scar...I'm also seeing the bbl results. Very minimal so i don't think anyone will notice but that's ok with me, I love the subtle change. I'm so glad dr. B listened and did exactly what I asked for. Also, I know this might be tmi but I also feel like I got a lift on my pubic region, lol

Tape is off :(

The tape is off and I'm really depressed. I couldn't help crying when I saw it. I have the ugliest scar and I think I have a dog ear on my right side. I don't want my husband to see me crying and I don't want him to see the scar either. Right now I'm really wishing I hadn't done this :(

Feeling better

Thank you kafirs for being so supportive! I'm feeling better. I went to see Dr. Bruno today and I'm convinced he's the best! He said the scar looked beautiful! Lol... I guess only a surgeon can see the beauty in this ugly thing but he was very reassuring that it's looking great and that it should heal nicely. I started the silicone strips today and I'm going to do my part to help it heal nicely... Thanks again ladies :)

2 weeks

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks! My scar looks the same from last time and my fear of new stretchmarks came true :( I have a new one super red on my lower belly. At this point I'm done worrying about it and will continue to try to eat well. My bbl is kinda cute ;)

3 weeks po

Not much has changed... Turns out the tape and the silicone sheets both give me a rash :( I'm feel like I'm stretched to the limit and it's still hard to walk straight. Haven't been able to sleep on my stomach either. My husband has been real supportive and keeps telling me how much I'll love it later and my scar doesn't look bad bc it's very thin. He thinks it's going to fade away, lol... I wish!

1 month post op

I can't believe it's been a month already! I'm feeling better but the swelling and numbness under my bb aren't getting any better. Everything still feels super tight and the itchiness on my stretchmarks is unbearable. But other than that I'm super happy with my results thus far. Oh yea and I think my butt is back to looking like it did before the surgery. I'm regretting only having 200cc put in. It was nice having a bigger booty for a few weeks :)

7 weeks post op

Feeling much better. There are days I forget I had it done but the itchiness and swelling quickly reminds me. I still feel tightness but it's getting much better. I'm no longer wearing garments or tape because it makes me very itchy. I'm also in love with my bbl results. If it stays like this I'll be very happy :)

Wish I'd asked for more

This picture is how my bbl looked at 2 months. It's a bit misleading due to the way I'm standing but I was in love with my results. Sad to say that it's almost all gone now. I'll try to post a recent picture soon. If you're getting. Bbl, for sure ask for more than 200cc. I think maybe 400 would have been perfect because after the swelling goes away, you'll be left with half of what you start out with.

8 months later

Feeling better than ever! No regrets... My scar has faded in some areas and still red in others but I feel 100% back to normal.
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How many cc's did you get lipo'd? Did he lipo your tummy?
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Looking great, that scar is going to be so faint!
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I am so glad I found your review! Your body is very similar to mine and I will be having a tt and bbl in june! My dr says he will be putting 500 cc each cheek and if I use your body With the 200 cc to gauge where I will be, it's gonna be perfect! Thank you so so much for your review and for posting pics! Also i think your body looks very nice even with just the 200 put in but if you ever feel like it in the future, u can always have more put in :) again thank you!
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I have my surgery schedule this Friday, but I have yet to receive a call from Dr. Bruno's office with surgery time. When were you contacted your surgery time?
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When you had your sutures removed around the drain tubes, was a little bit of the suture left under your skin? I had mine removed yesterday and I noticed that a tiny piece of the suture is still there. I tried to pull it out but it's pretty stuck, :(
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No they didn't.. You should call them or go in so they can take it out. Sorry Hun, I know it's a pain but trust me the worst is past you now.
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Thank you.
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First of all I want to thank you for actually posting pics ! People out reviews all the time but no pics an its not so much helpful! After reading all the comments you left you have convinced me to get the surgery done by dr. Bruno, I just wanted honest reviews about him and after reading what you have experienced, I'm super excited to get this done! I'm planning to get a tt and bbl at the same time! (Yikes) but honestly I think I can do it, I have a high pain tolerance! Not saying I'm not going to have pain , but think I can handle it. Thank you for your review very helpful for me!!!
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I'm glad I was able to help and pay it forward. You'll love your results but hate yourself the first week. The discomfort and fatigue is by far worse than the pain. You'll need to get creative while sleeping but it's doable. Good luck hun!
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Your scar looks great, nice and straight. Are you still wishing you got more CC's for your BBL?
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Thanks :) and yes absolutely!
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You look fabulous!!! You scar is so clean. I would appreciate any advice you can share. I am planning to do my TT an lipo soon and am staring to get nervous.
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The best advice is to chose the right doctor for you. Take your time and do your research. Follow your gut :) good luck!
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you LOOK WONDERFUL girl!!!! That scar is thin it will definitively fade away....give it time the worst is behind you yayyy!!!!
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Thanks, I'm definitely feeling much better now. Can't wait for it to fade...
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So how are you doing? How is the healing coming along, now that you have entered your third week?
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Honestly not much change... Only difference is I'm super itchy now... I'll post pictures next week once I'm 1 month postop
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You look fabulous.! Dr. Bruno did a great job:)
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Your booty looks really good! Does look cute! Not bad for200ccs! Made quite the difference
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Wow your scar does look great!! I hope mine looks as foid as yours. I am so glad we chose dr.bruno he really is the best. I am so happy for you.
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Thanks hun!!! The tape is working out great but it's expensive and it takes 3 strips to fully cover the whole scar. I'm definitely noticing the bbl now, I'll post a side picture. Happy thanksgiving!!!
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Yeah that is exspensive. I am glad its working and worth the money. Wow!!! You git some hott Buns!!
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I gotta tell you this tape was the biggest waste of money. It's making me get a rash. I've been reading on alternatives and many say that the tape we had right out of surgery is the best and it's not expensive and available at most drugstores.
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Are you serious well that stinks!! I have been reading the same things about the tape being good. How have you been doing is the itching better? I have an appt. Next monday. Hope your doing good and healing well talk to you later.
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I'm going bananas with the itching. I'm able to stand up stand up straight but it still feels super tight. The swelling is awful and making my stretchmarks worse :( have you seen your scar? How are you feeling?
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