Hello girls! Real Self has been the most visited...

Hello girls! Real Self has been the most visited site according to my laptop since November, and I finally took the courage to post here :)

I'm 5'7, 150lb.. I work out consistently (Even tho have failed miserably in the last 6 months) and try to eat as healthy as I can (candies and chocolate are my weakness) I have heard of all these great doctors here (Salama, Cortes, Jimerson, Hughes, Bruno etc..) However I'm not really willing to travel to the East Cost and suffer in a 5-6 hour flight, So my top 3 choices were Cortes (Texas is far but better than MIA), Hughes and Bruno from California (2 hours flight only, yay)

These were my experience with the 3:
Lucy, Dr Cortes' assistant, is absolutely adorable and made me feel comfortable while talking on the phone, however when it came down to the surgery she said I had 2 options: gain 9-10lbs and have implants to add projection, or gain 20lbs!! Damn! 20 m*therf*cking pounds.. I could already see my chubby bulldog face in the mirror lol.. well well

Hughes on the other hand was very quick and available on answering my e-mails, I liked him and he told me for what I wanted I didn't need to gain any extra fat and that I had enough, since I already have a lot of projection ( I think so too) and what I really want is only a thinner waist and round bubbly butt. But I was still afraid.. What if the results are too subtle and he can't get enough fat? I mean, I know he is a great surgeon, and I saw amazing results from him, so, I trust him, but I wanted more opinions since now I had a doctor askng me to gain 20lb (do not want implants!) and another one 0..

Then it comes down to Dr. Bruno, he also answered me fast and was very lovely, warm and professional in his reply. He told me for what I wanted 5-10lb would be more than enough and he would give me a very slim figure. He also adressed that since I'm an out of town patient his assistant Marisol would be able to help me with travel and hotel arrangements (extra points).

So check my pics and tell me what you girls think about me having enough fat.. I photoshopped my pictures (very poorly done lol) to show how I want to look like after.
You already have a beautiful body! If u want curves no one in California sculpts better than Dr. Hughes, maybe except for Dr. Dass but if u do chose Dr. Bruno he should be able to give you good results given your already amazing shape. Good luck!
Girl you already look great! Your body is kinda similiar to mine before surgery, I also had some projection before, that's why Dr.Bruno was able to give me such a big booty...so that's even better for you that you are already working w a nice shape! Your outcome will be amazing!
Thank you MissAri :) I only have a hard time having to gain weight.. it's so difficult and only imagining that I might get fat and uglier and not have the results I want (like happened to a girl) makes me wanna cry lol I dont know what I would do.. You had more body fat than I do before the surgery?

What now? Still confused..

So today I called Marisol, Dr Bruno's assistant and she told me I could have my surgery as soon as January if I wanted so, I immediately felt butterflies in my stomach and told her Iwould figure out the best date and call back.
I don't know.. all of a sudden I felt I wasn't ready to make a decision, and with so many girls telling me that Dr Dass and Dr Hughes do better sculpting I get even more confused. BTW I haven't contacted Dr Dass yet, since he doesn't have an e-mail on his website, does anyone here have this info?

The issue with the weight gain still persists, and the main reason I worry about going with Dr. Hughes is that he told me I need no extra fat and he doesn't recommend weight gain that can't be maintained, why would that be? I'm afraid that I would not be able to get good results, or that they would be very subtle, but I also fear gaining too much weight and not being happy later if the liposucction doesn't clean all the extra gained fat out
Thank you for the compliment! Your have an amazing body already so Dr. Bruno will only make it better. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :) I am here to help specially since i had so many when i had the procedure :) you look great!
Hey, welcome to the bbl forum. I must say that ur body looks amazing as is, i actually thought that u had ur bbl already kudos on having such a great body to start with. This is my suggestion based on my personal experiences (as it relates to gaining weight) Before my sx i was terrified that i didnt have enough fat to get the results i wanted, but my dr was able to get 4800+ cc of fat from what i had and he still wasnt able to scupt me as much as i wanted as I still have pockets of fat that were left back. So i wouldnt gain any if i were u, but if u do decide to gain some weight dont gain much. I will be going for round 2 and i dont plan on gaining anymore weight. Good luck with your journey...
Welcome future doll n Me to u tho u did it already good luck luv ur boooty is guna look jz like ur wish pics watch lolz

You girls are AWESOME!

Loving this community already, I don't know.. it might sound silly but I already feel at home here.
I'm telling you this site is worse than crack! I can't stop looking at all these gorgeous ladies here, and I swear I'm straight lol

I finally called Dr. Dass office and OMG by far the best treatment ever, not that the other doctors or assistants treated me badly, but Leslie made me feel like I already knew her for years. I just sent them my pics, so let's see what they say :D.. In the mean time I've been playing around with Photofiltre (the poor brother of Photoshop lol).. a girl can dream
Leslie is great and Dr. Dass is very sweet as well. He and Dr. Hughes were my top choices but I ultimately had to go with Dr. Hughes for practical reasons. Please keep us updated when you get Dr. Dass' feedback.

I guess I found my doctor..

So, I just talked on the phone with Dr. Dass, and that's it, I guess I found my doc! He just made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions and fears, he went through everything and was very comfortable to assure me I would get very similar results to my wish pics.
Dr Bruno is awesome too, I have no doubts, but being able to talk to Dr Dass on the phone just made all the difference for me.. since I will be probably be traveling right on the week of my surgery

By the way

Dr. Dass also said I didn't need to gain any weight, so he shares opinion with Dr Hughes which is also a hell of a doctor from what I have seen in the before and after pics
Did you ask him his opinion on stretch marks?? Some doctors say the stretch marks will be reduced after fat grafting. And others have said they will be more visible.
Congrats! You made an excellent choice. I'm sure Dr. Dass will enhance your shape further. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see your results. By the way I haven't forgotten about you, I'll PM u as soon as I have more time, I think that'll reassure you on Dr. Dass.

Ding ding..

So Dr Dass charged me about 10300 for the surgery (he is gonna lipo my arms, bra area, back, waist, inner thighs and a bit of the outer thighs.. ouch! And I don't know if I'm forgetting something else. This also includes all the medicines I will need and 2 garments.. I was really expecting to spend max 9.500 on the surgery, but I guess it's worth it (I don't know if the other docs also include the meds and garments, do they?)
Great choice! I almost went with him. Like ALMOST. :) He was absolutely wonderful to talk to. Made me feel very comfortable. I ultimately chose Dr. Salzhauer in FL but thimk Dass is a great choice. You body is OH! EM! GEEEEEE!! already so you're gonna be bangin with even more booty. I'll be following your story. Best of luck to you.
I agree she already looks really great.
Dr. Dass is expensive!!

So nervous

I sent my check this week to Dr Dass office, and it feels so real now that my surgery is going to happen sometime soon (Probably in January)

Last night I could barely sleep from over thinking so much about it. I've had nightmares where my butt looked totally uneven and weird, and the lipo on my thighs made them look crooked and weird.. lol
I dunno I just felt like I needed to vent.
Have you gotten a date for your surgery yet?
Yes! I'm going on the 24th :)
Awesome, the 24th January? So close!

26 days...

Until my surgery.. and I feel like in a rollercoaster. Some times I can't contain myself from being so happy, and other moments I wanna cry and start second guessing my will of having this surgery done, scared of complications and such. But I think it's normal, right? For you girls that bought Arnica Montana whats the best brand/type out there? Or are they all the same?
I know huh haha haha I seriously feel like its forever im gaining weight for sx and I feel soooo fat I've gained 5lbs im 132 right now but keep us updated with lots of pics please!!
Hey hun u already looking i can already tell youre going to have amazing results congrats how exciting your date is almost here mine is in may so anxiously waiting
Hello Pudgie! I think I would die if i had to wait any longer hahaha

More b4 pics

Pics that I just took today, a bit ess flattering than the previous ones.. I guess I have put on a lil bit of weight.. I can't want until Dr D'Ass gives me The Ass :p

Inner thighs

Also, I'm seriously thinking about asking him to not do my inner thighs.. I'm not really a big fan of the GAP that many girls like..but he said probably the fat with best quality in my body was probably located on the thighs.. but what if they look too skinny after? Woud that be what they call "chicken legs"? lol
You won't have chicken legs hun!
"A big less fattening"? Girl you still look really good! You are going to look drop dread gorgeous after Dr. Dass does his thing. You don't need the thigh lipo but like he said he might find the best quality fat there, so is probably just ask him not to take too much. I'm sure they won't be chicken legs lol
Thank you mesan :) I'm so anxious.. it's only 1 week and a half left!!!

Pix transformed into wish pix

lol, I can never get the frontal one right.. it's looking a bit bizarre
I think you look great now so you'll def look fantastic once you have a bigger booty ;)
Hey Hun!! I can't wait to see your results, they are gonna be amazing since your body is already great...it's so funny because your before looks soooo much like mine did lol!! dr.Bruno took from my inner thighs and thighs in general cuz that's where I had the most/best quality fat too. I think inner thighs won't make much of a difference in size so I would say go for it. Good luck and can't wait to see!:) xo
Lol you're a plastic surgeons dream! You look so good already, so jelly in a good way. I agree with Mesan, if anything you can get away with not doing your arms, and since you really don't need alot of fat for transplant, I can see there's enough in your abdomen and thighs for the look you're looking for. Your waist is going to be super tiny and leave your legs looking super huge when they probably won't be but added with that biggo booty you're about to have, you'll look bottom heavy IMHO. Ultimately it's what YOU invisionfor yourself because all our body goals are personal for each.

Dream bodies

Only 3 more days! Are you ready?
Some of your wish pics look exactly like the booty you already have. Any addition has to make you happy. Good luck!
Girl, I like the way you lie lol Well, thank you :)

Had my surgery today!!! :)

Helloooo girls.. I just had mhy surgery today, I wasnt sure yet about the date before, but yesterday I had my in person consult with Dr Dass and my surgery today!!
Dr Dass is absolutely amazing and attentive, he answered every single one of mt question with details, he was truly interested in finding ut what I wanted for my body, absolutely professional and respectable.. will conmtinue.. gotta go to the restroom
I thought you were scheduled for the 24th but happy to hear everything went well. Looking forward to hearing more about your experience. Congrats!
I wasnt sure if it was the 24th or not lol.. but I knew it would be between 22nd/24th :)

My surgery

I arrived in the clinic very early, we started all the procedures at 8am, the staff they had there was so adorable and friendly that I didnt even feel nervous anymore, I was confident and happy.
Dr Dass entered my room to do the marks and talk to me more, at no moment he rushed me, he is pretty much the most patient and calm person I've ever seen. He guaranteed me he would give his very best and would have me looking the way I wanted. He exhaled such confidence that instead of anxiety and fear I was excited and relaxed :)

Well, they took me to surgery room and I didnt even see at what time I fell asleep.. I just remember waking up and Dr Dass telling me everything went great and smooth and that I would look very good.. I was desperate to flip over and lay on my belly lol

When it was time to get in the car, the sweet nurse(se is absolutely adorable) said she would not let me go laing on my back because she was scared it was dangerous and put a pillow down so I could sit down. As soon as she closed the door and the car started moving I started crying A LOT ,just like a baby, saying I was gonna loose all my fat and didnt wanna sit on my butt rofl! Made my poor bf stop the car on the street right outside the parking lot and went laying down on the front sit :p

My butt doesnt hurt at all, what really kills me is under my belly button and my arms, the pain is HORRIBLE..whenever I have to stand up or lay down, or move to any direction..I cant wait until the first week passes by and the pain starts getting better!.. Oh another thing.. Im leaking a lotttttttt of the fluid doc applies.. I pretty much feel like a fountain ahhha, every time I move around a lot of liquid comes out,, kinda like when you have a super heavy period and feel that river coming down.. well, imagine that feeling coming from 13 holes around your body hahahaha

Pics :)

Im so happy.. Dr Dass has blessed hands..
I have a ton of pads under garment

Star reviews

How do I put star reviews for the surgeon? I go to Edit and only gives me the option to write, but bnot star rate
I can tell he padded you up real well like he did me and you already look so tiny! You're going to literally be PERFECT.
Wow your booty looks great!!! Nice shape...ur gonna look even more amazing once swelling goes down! Happy healing! Xo
You already look great, I'm excited to see your progress. Hope your pain gets better soon. Send Kirsty (the community manager) a message and she will fix the issue so you can rate your doctor.

I survived the second day post op

For the girls that havent had the surgery yet, be aware its no joke! Be ready to endure a lot of pain, discomfort and frustration for being so dependent of someone else.. I'm convinced that I have the best boyfriend in the world.. He is helping me with everything I need and doesnt even complain that he has to wake up 230 in the morning to gie me antibiotics :p

I'm n a stae where I can stay awake if I want to, or sleep deeply if I choose to.. I think the meds are giving me this effect.. the good thing about sleeping is that time goes by faster.

Did I tell you that Dr Dass called me yeterday night just to know how everything was going? He also gave me his personal phone number and offered me his uber code so I can get $20 off t do my post op visit next Tuesday. He really is a hell of a Doctor :)

My swelling has gone down a lot and my butt is more shapely already.. my abs hurt like I got punched 100 times when I get in and out of bed lol

2nd day

Wow! Look at that booty! And your legs look great ALREADY! I can only imagine how you're gonna look in a couple weeks. Happy healing!
what a difference in ur legs! they are looking so sculpted already .


I. So much pain right nos in the abs lipoed.area. its ok when im still but so so bad if I move slightly.. yesterday all the pads and foams felt like too much for me. Im a bit claustrophobic and started having a crisis.. bf and I took everything off for a second and I was so happy with the lipo results I didnt recognize myself. The happiness didnt last long be ause I was about to pass out and could not breathe. We put everything ba m on as qui ly as possi le and I was pale as a ghost.. eeek was rough night.. but going to day 3 already
You looked GREAT before.. can't wait to see how your body transforms!!
im posting pics now
So sorry for the pain that ur in right now, i do hope it gets better soon. Find out from ur Dr. if u can increase the dose of the pain meds that ur on. Aside from the pian/discomfort YOUR BODY IS AWESOMELY FABULOUS!!!!! cant wait to see u at 3/12 PO. sending u comforting hugs XOXO!


OMG my belly looks like Im expecting an Alien Baby hahaha. whats that huge pouch on my lower abdomen? Will it go away? Dr ass really transformed my body, but at the moment Im a bit scared of how it looks, I know its because of all the swelling and liquids etc etc He told me it would happen and asked me to not freak out too much in the first weeks haha.. im trying

other pics that didnt go

Wow! You look great!
Looking good girl!!! ;)

loving tje new shape :)

Your results are fantastic. Don't worry about the way the belly looks right now. It will change alot over the next few weeks. The important thing is to keep that area compressed with your garment so that you don't have any fluid built up in the stomach. I love the inner thigh gap you got there. I wish I could do more lipo to my inner but I have loose skin.
Thak you.. The recovery is really difficult. i feel so much pain on my abdomen and having to lay on belly only is not helping at all.. how did you do with your belly lipo?
Thanks Nelly :D


This procedure recovery is no joke,,,
Im really jealous of you girls that didnt feel much pain/discomfort.. These last days I was going through hell, feeling very lightheaded, weak and in pain.. WEll, today I went to my post op and the doc drained a lot of fluid from my abs with a syringe. Ouch! It was great tho not only cause now my bumps on the lower abs are gone but now I feel much much better.. No more lightheaded, weak and the pain on my abs has decreased A LOT.. Im pretty sure that extra fluid is what was making my body uneasy :)
Your body is beautiful.... Nice one
Thank you :)I cant wait to see my final results and feel 100/ healed
That's crazy I havent had my procedure yet but thank you for explaining ...is this your only plastic surgery you've had I hope my tolerance is good ....can you move around by yourself

my belly

Much happy with how its looking.. gping back to drain another lil seroma poxket now ;( it stings bad.. then right after going to the airport and fly back home finally :).. oh . I have the to wear that white cushion on my crotch because im tall and the garment was strangling my lady bits lol the first pic I took after the first drain and the other pic is my seroma
Damn you lookin banging !!!!!
I have no words to describe how amazing you're body is looking! Hope you don't keep getting fluid, you should ask Dr. Dass to give you foam for extra compression. Good luck on the flight home and I hope your recovery is getting better.

A lot of news gathered in one post

Dr Dass was great and did the best he could to drain every single drop of fluid.. he even massaged my belly a bit to bring any remaining fluid from my waist down to that pocket.. He also gave me a binder for better pressure, and because the garment is really killing my vajay.. and what do I know? As soon as I get home from the flight theres already a M&*#^*&$&*# fluid collecting there AGAIN aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh im so pissed at my belly right now.. and the thing is that these pockets if not drained and treated might harden and become scar tissue.. giving a lump belly 4ever,.. ugh. im really depressed about it, and now I cant go to my doctor to drain more in a few days :( The bed in thehotel was extremely tall and i made a lot of effort every time i was moving around, and also had to open my garment because I could not stand the pain on my groin (I didnt say here but I also did fat transfer to my pussy outter lips and it looks beautiful, but I dont have courage to post pics).. so yeah.. open garment + tall bed helped my belly to get more fluid formation..
I have a plan of attack.. my belly is on the floor and exatly the same height of my storage bench (those long black ones with a fluffy coat over it) so I put it in front in front of my bed, rest my legs on it, my butt hanging in the air an my back on the bed.. so far it feels extremely comfortable and I have never been so happy in my life to be able to lay on my back.. the days in the hotel were a real HELL but I didnt wanna bitch here too much lol Lets hope that this way there wont be much friction on my belly and the fluid will be reabsorbed and stop showing up! *Praying*
My scars got very irritated because of my open garment touching it all the time up and down, then to make it worse I bought a soap that worsened it even more =/ Good thing I stopped using it the next day, but it was enough to make it look so terrible.. scared of getting ugly scars
*blush* Thank you.. well to be honest im still a bit unused to my huge hips hahaha and hoping it goes a little down, butt is amazing
Thank you girlie :)


my BED is ont he floor.. not my Belly hahahhaha
Feel better babe you look amazing!! I may be inboxing you soon to learn more about the fat transfer to the lady parts
On my wow your shape is lovely! And the booty is so round now. I thought your before photos looked like post op, and then I saw your actual post op photos. Just wow, you look amazing! Congratulations! :)
Looking great doll!

I taped my seroma lol

Yesterday night I was so mad this ugly ball of liquid showed up again on my belly that I had an idea... I taped it down to smooth it on my skin lol... not sure if its a good idea or can be dangerous.. I never saw anyone doing it..

Does anyone here feel their worst in the morning? I always wake up so sick and hurting so much.. my stomach feels sick and tight, my belly feels sore and upset..cant stand. You girls that get second rounds have guts and balls! Seriously, I admire your courage and strenght.. I feel like I dont ev err wanna have any surgery like this in my life again lol, even tho im happy with the results so far this recovery is no joke...

Oh I took some bikini pics with my new butt and taped stomach :) looking good
U did it! Omg babeshell you look super amazing already! Imagine when you reach 1 month po.... your gonna be BOMB.COM!
Wow, you had a beautiful shape to begin with, but Doctor Dass made you look even better. Holy Sh$T! Your shape is so amazing, i just can't right now!
Dannngggg baby got back!!!! Lol. Looking good love.

quick review.. my new bed

Hahaha just posting it cause im so happy.. look what my boyfriend just did for me.. I took the pic when I was trying it out but we now covered it with blankets to make it fluffy.. and my asss is all hanging out in that hole lol.. paying on my belly was making me miserable

pics for last post

Pics didnt go


How many days are you post op now? Have you noticed any loss in the volume? I went to see Dr. Cortes too and he wanted me to gain another 15 lbs to add 900cc to each cheek…WTH! I'm looking for another physician that can guarantee great results without gaining so much weight to sculpt the body.
I am exactly 2 weeks post op now, starting the 3rd week.. and yes I've lost a good amount of volume, but it was clearly all swelling, plus I was crying because I was looking a bit bizarre with my ass way to big (people would even stare in public) but now Im 100% IN LOVE and my butt is already starting to get soft!! (which is a good sign because soft = fat cells feeling "at home" already) .. I got 900cc per cheek as well :)
I will post pics :)

14 days post op :D

Finally I already feel like myself, hardly any pain now, I'm not so stif anymore and this morning I noticed my butt starting to feel soft.. which is a veryy good sign because it means the fat is taking and feeling comfortable where it is (the body is not killig or rejecting it) .. According to the measuring tape I only lost about 1 or 2 inches, however it looks much smaller since it was so swollen and weirdly shaped.. Im completely in love with my curves!! Dr Dass did an amazing job!!! I will be posting pics in a few minutes :)


First of all thank you so much for the lovely comments in this site.. You girls have no idea how important and comforting it is for me to read all these positive comments in a moment of recovery like this :) iM SO HAPPY.. I tried to take pics similar to the ones I had here but the light was so bad.. I took another one with a better light that does more justice to how Im looking :)
I freaking l


Waist Before: 28 - After:26,5 (still swollen on belly)
Abdomen Before: 34 - After: 31
Butt Before: 42 - After: 44,5'

According to my boyfriend my butt is not looking smaller after losing the swelling, its only my hips (I was looking very wide on the first week, and now I'm 100% BOOTYLICIOUS
You had a hot body before and after !
You look fantastic girl, you'll probably end up with a 24" waist! Glad to see you are healing nicely, is the seroma still giving you problems?
Wowwww!! Sorry but you had an absolutely gorgeous body before surgery!!! You look super-amazing now though, I absolutely love the shape! Well done you, you have a body to flaunt and be extremely proud of! xx

First time in a thong :)

Dr Dass did EXACTLY what I asked :) A rounder butt (not huge or anything) and very thi waist.. I'm so happy :) And I feel like I hardly have any swelling left.. Im just praying that it doesnt get any smaller and stays like this.. can't wait until I can start working out and get it even rounder and firmer in shape :)
Wow u look really nice!!!!!!!
Wow you look great!!!!!!!! Sexy Sexy lol
U very hot....love

belly lumpiness

Just for record.. :( Anyone else got lumps like these? Mine are soft and the bottom ones are liquid seromas that are very slowly being reabsorbed
A little info: After surgery hardness or lumpiness to the areas treated with liposuction or Smart-lipo, especially in the abdominal area and even more so if combined with other body contouring procedures, such as fat injections or Brazilian Butt Lift. This post-surgical lymphedema is caused by inflammation and trauma from the cannula (instrument that sucks out the fat) moving under the skin. Channels are formed by the cannula that can fill up with fluid and the tissue also becomes swollen.  Manual Lymph Massage helps to move the fluid by gently pumping it back into the lymph vessels. Reducing the swelling can reduce discomfort. Without Lymph Massage the inflammation can evolve into fibrosis (a permanent hardening of the tissue) or a seroma ( pocket of serum) can form. Many doctors prescribe Lymph Drainage Therapy after liposuction to make sure their patients get the best possible results from their procedure. g. Some patients get 1-6 treatments post-operatively and that is enough, especially if the only area of liposuction was the legs, knees, or flanks. People getting liposuction to the abdomen often find they require up to 12 sessions. Occassionally a client will need more than 12, especially if they had "Smart-lipo". Also, patients who get multiple procedures at the same time like lipo, tummy tuck, and a Brazilian Butt Lift may need more sessions (between 6 or 12) than someone who only gets one procedure, The first week it is suggested that sessions be every other day, the second week, every two days, reducing in frequency after that.
dang :( My doctor said he didnt recommend massages until around the 3rd week.. well, my 3rd week started today.. so I guess I searching for a masseuse.. how can I search for one? Are there specialists in post lipo? Thank you so much for all this info im actually freaking out thbking I might have a lumpy belly forever
Hopefully no, google spa/massage near me and call then to find out, l got a tummy tuck and the first three was free then my husband was with me and look how they massage my belly and he give me the massage with bio oil, my skin is soft and nice, after 10 months still beg him to due it, sometimes is easy l just trade a nice of passion, LOL, keep us update babe, feel better

Massage with Arnica Oil and lots of compression...

and this is how my belly was looking this morning :) - The cotton balls are there to press the seroma and help the body absorb... been working like a charm. I just spent about 5 minutes on each trouble area last night doing massages that I saw on youtube and compressed the areas a lot to go to sleep. Im sure if I leave my belly uncovered for awhile it starts coming back though
Theres something I've noticed.. the little dent right over my seroma started showing up as my seroma started being absorbed, and if i feel with my finger its like the seroma has left a little "pool".. does it happen or am I crazy?

Have I told you guys how ridiculous it was trying to find a doctor to drain my seromas for me?
First I started by calling regular non plastic surgeon doctors, and the receptionists would not even know what I was talking about (I would ay "seroma build up after lipo" and "drainage with a serynge"), and some right after I said I had lipo would just tell me to go back to my doctor or that they didnt do it there.. wtf? Seriously ANY NURSE can do this shiet -___- I think I could do it myself to be honest, I just dont have the balls cause it hurts.. lol
One of the clinics said I must go to the ER!!!!!!!!!!!! ER???????? ROFL... feeww

After that one I decided calling the plastic surgeons nearby.. Most would say they "don't touch post op patients of other docs", and other that accepted doing it said I would have to pay 100 for the consultation (?) and then an "extra fee" for the dreinage that might vary from 50 to 120 depending on how the seroma is...
Did I smell some ..cough.. RIP OFF..?

Well whatever.. apparently my seroma is going away by itself.. but I did get very pissed about all this fuss these people make for a freaking serynge seroma dainage.. it was retarded

sorry for the rant.. well, before I was mad, but now I just laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation.

I will be searching for a masseuse today :)
Where did you find the lawn chair @
My boyfriend already had this chair before that used to stay on our deck.. but I guess you can find these on target or walmart :) and online on amazon too, then you just cut the hole where you want your butt
U had to wait 3 wks for massage?? Hmmm in Dominican Republic I got massages on Day 3 Post op. I got a total of 11 while I was there. THEY HELPED ALOT!!!! Please get them ASAP to get all them lumps and seromas and liquids out! :)


Today Im 19 days post op and got only 3 weeks to go until ythe6 weeks mark relief. Its being so difficult for me to find a masseuse in the area. I would like someone that could come over but most of them only receive people in their offices and I so dont wanna lay on my butt.. not even with towels to support. I feel like ive lost so much volume. The shape is rounder than what I started with b4 surgery but gosh its so much smaller than the first week ( when I was actually crying because it was so big lol).. well.. measure ments comparison from 2 weeks ago and now:
hip area (where the dent we all hate is: 42.5 / 41
butt: 46 / 44

In two days my 4th week starts and I so hope my butt stays as is... one more thing to keep in mind is that this is my body 100per cent out of shape.. and when I used to work out from my 18 until 23 yeyars old ( just turned 25) my butt used to be muuuch bigger and rounder than right before surgery.. so lets see
Those hips!! The hip to waist ratio is amazing. Wow :D congratulations!
You look soo good girl!! Your shape is on point!!
Thank you :) Well.. I'm praying it doesnt go down more than this


I would never think 6 weeks would take this long.. Just reached my 3 weeks mark.. 4th week starting tomorrow

Please Please Please butt, don't get any smaller.. I love you as is.. lol
You look great girl! That waist!!
Wow .., love the booty
Looking great!

4 weeks completed today! :)

Gah 28 days ago I was swollen looking like a robot, with a huuuuumongous ass and preggo from an alien baby.. :)
Im happy to say that since 8 days ago my measurements have remained pretty much the same at:
Waist: 26 (lost half inch)
Abdomen: 31
Top Butt dent area: 41,3
Butt: varies from 44/44,5 depending on the day... and yes I measure everyday lol..
Everyday my bf has been massaging me watching youtube massage videos for post lipo and everyday I notice improvement of the bumps.. belly is almost looking normal.
Bad news: from sleeping so much on my belly ive noticed my boobs are getting very irritated and a shit load of stretch marks showed up! They feel droopier too and im so not happy about it :(.. im trying to sleep with 2 big pillows under my belly and head, leaving room for my boobs to hang freely.. it has helped..
By now I can already walk like a normal person, but feels soft and not numb anymore.. only a bit numb in the top sides a bit. I feel no lumps or pain on my butt at all, feels great and I guess its how it should feel. Girls, if you feel bad pain or nodules you really need to talk to your doc.

forgot the pics

This is me today while separating some clothes to GoodWill..which is pretty much all my old tight pants :)
And the ones that used to make my butt look "pointy" or shapeless now lok amazing... the one im wearing in the pic is one of them

for record

I found a notebook w my measurements from when I used to work out.. in my best shape the top area of butt/dent area used to be: 39,5 inches/ 40inches and that was swuatting and doing the bridge exercise like crazy.. I was super in shape, but no round tush
OMG your waist is so tiny! So jealous! Dr. Dass did an amazing job, congrats :-)
Thank you :) ur always so sweet.. have you noticed improvements on your , belly?

man I wish..

We could add info to preview reviews. I keep forgetting stuff and having to add new entries.. right before surgery the measurement of topbutt/dent was 37/38 and a 35.5 lower abdomen which is now 31
Loveee ur result!!! Banging body deff using ur pic as a wish pic hope u don't mind :D
Wow! omg! Thank you :)! Nah girl.. you can use if you want :)
How are you doing ? Do you still have lumps in your belly?

6th weekversary!!!

It's a very special date to me.. how I wished for this date to come..lol
But then I just realized I still don't feel comfortable to sit down.. I'm tooo protective of my butt and I really don't want it to reduce anymore..

One thing I want to tell you ladies: I remember from the beginning I had seem or felt no difference at all on my arm lipo.. they looked exactly the same but sore.. it didn't bother me because they were ok looking in my book, I just did them to get more fat for the bbl. However since last week I've noticed my skin tightening more and more, and now my arms are starting to look AMAZING! I can see a fine muscle line and they feel firm, shapely, fit and nice.. not squishy anymore..this was a good surprise :)

My belly was making me cry from the lumps (they werent terrible, but still.. I always had a smooth belly) but about 3 days ago I woke up and they were about 85% smaller... doctor guaranteed me it's just swelling and my belly will flatten out.

My booty is about the same size as before.. only the lower part of my butt reduced half an inch, but the top part where they applied the fat is still the same measurements as week 4!
My waist however is now a 25! :) Hoping to get at least a 24

And of course, since it's the 6th week I will post many pictures showing my progression :)

Pics Part 1

Belly Improvement In order: 2nd week(with foams) - 4th week (very lumpy) - 6th week (with black pajamas)

Incisions improvement (pardon my bathroom mirror.. it's dirty and I had just taken a shower)

Pics part2

Remembering that my scars kinda suck because I used a priductiI was allergic to and didnt know :(
How many ccs did he add to your butt and is it soft now??

Last but not least.. my arms :)

Unfortunately I could not find any pics rom before the surgery that showed my arms well, the first pic is from post op but from when it was still looking and feeling exactly the same as before and I had not noticed any difference. The recent pics are from today a few minutes ago!
Sally he did 900cc each cheek.. and I'm 5'7.. it wasnt much compared to the amount other girls get, but I'm sure he sucked every inch of fat from my upper body, if he did any more than this I would get deformities and a risky lipo. My butt is feeling soft, smooth and jiggly :)


When I said my lower butt reduced half an inch I meant it stayed on 44inches constantly (before it kept going 44 - 44,5 depending on the day), top butt remains at 41,5 and waist is now 25 :)
Massage the belly every day to reduce the lumps. Plus it will make you fee so much better. Your booty looks so nice!
Hey girl! Question: did you keep your arm and leg wraps on for the full 6 weeks as well? Also, when do you plan on sitting down? I know that doctors say 6-8 weeks, but do you feel like longer is necessary?
Hi! Question: did you have to keep your arms and leg bandages on for as long as you kept your garment on? Like the full 4-6 weeks?


Hello girls :) I'm about 2 days shy from my 8th week and I noticed that now my butt has finally settled.. It feels like I was born with it and even though the measurements are still the same I feel like it looks bigger.. My belly bumps are barely noticeable right now and I believe it will continue decreasing since it still feels a bit sore to the touch.. Dr Dass really took all the fat that he could :)
You look great!!
I love your results hun... it's so natural but it looks soon good

Almost 15 weeks :) New pics

Helloo.. I know I've not been posting consistently but I guess it's because our lives get back to normal and there are no more many news about the surgery anymore, but I intend on keep updating my diary every now and then to keep track of the results. It will be interesting a couple of years from now to see how the results of the surgery old up as time passes by :)

ONe more time I would like to thank all the support I received from you all :) Thank you!
Woow great work! Looks awesome!:) how many ccs did he put in?
The beauty of that ass brought a tear to my damn eye. Wow!
You look fantastic!!
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Dr Dass was the best choice I've ever made.. Amazing doctor, great staff and clinic. Im on my first post op day and already feel so happy :) Check out my diary by clicking on my name for full review and pictures!!

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