New Body is Finally here! (before and after pictures)

Hello RS ladies... on january 6 2014, I will be...

Hello RS ladies... on january 6 2014, I will be having my surgery (Bbl) and i know many of you are like me searching and looking for women who have or are going to get a done. SO HERE I AM WITH MY JOURNEY. I'm 28yrs old, 5'4 and weight 187 (yikes, I know) Im a fatty right now (hopefully not for long) so what I want is to get most of my fat sucked out for my stomach, lower stomach, sides, muffin top, and bra Rolls... and a nicely shaped round butt (tiny waist and a nice plump butt) So I went in for a consultation with Dr.Dass in September. I felt nervous going in but as soon as I came in Leslie (his Secretary) made me feel super comfortable and was so nice and funny (she made me feel like she was a big sister telling me her experiences) so I went in and spoke to Dr. Dass, he was really nice and also made me feel comfertable, i ask him a few questions the he seen my body and said I was a candidate for a bbl. So I gave $1000.00 deposit. And now anxious to finally get it done, so right now I'm working out 3 times a week to lose some weight and also trying to eat right. So I hope I help someone out there, who is thinking of doing the same surgery, and ill keep updating my stuff with pics and my experiences throughout this journey.


Congratulations on beginning your journey. Dr. Dass was one of my top choices, he does excellent work. I'm looking forward to following your journey. Also I'm glad your working hard to lose some weight, I wish I had lost the extra 10 pounds I gained (not on purpose) from my initial consultation to the date of my sx, although my results are coming along nice, I think I would have gotten an even smaller waist, at my original weight.
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This is me Now :-(

This is me currently :-( 12-02-13


ooking good I'm thinkingof going to Dr. Dass as well.
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Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! Good luck ;-)
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Thank u very much...

this is the shape i want (ME PHOTOSHOPED)

This is more or less what i want... small waist, no back roles, flat stomach, and plump butt :-)


Hi and OMG! You and I have the same appointment date for our BBL with Dr. Dass! He did tell me he had another one that day. I can't wait and I'm truly excited for you too because after doing many consults, Dr. Dass is the best of the best. I'm going to post my own blog soon!
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wow Really????? what time are you planning to have your surgery? Yesss i heard he was the best, and thanks i am excited i cant wait to get all this FAT taken out! YES start your blog so i can follow ur journey and see your results too,(before,during, and after pics) are the best!
Good choice, im sure he'll leave u beautiful.

some other WISH PICS

My dream body, i REALLY REALLY REALLY WISH!!!!!!!


Mine is in the afternoon! Im sure after yours and I am sooo excited! I will be so looking forward to your results so please keep me posted! I hope to meet you there. My experience thus far has been super and his work speaks for itself. I think we are at 25 days right?!


Hello RS ladies, So i went in for my Pre-Op today with Dr. Dass, he explained everything, expectations, pros and cons, and im hoping all will turn out well. I paid the full amount and also signed all the papers for surgery. The only bad thing is that i gained weight im about 194lbs. and i think it has to do with me quitting smoking recently, so i been craving sugar and i feel hungry all the time :-\ but he assures me i will have good results and look way better, and i believe him, so he gave a cool bag with the Meds i will be taking after surgery, now i have to go buy stuff for my healing process.... any suggestions ladies on what i should have at home while im healing? ???????


Yayyyy! Your surgery date is so cloooosee ! I'm excited for you :) Wish you the best surgery and recovery :)
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Yesss its tomorrow :-) thnk u very much babeshell :-)
Less than 3 days to go! I wanted to stop by to wish you good luck. I recommend that you fully enjoy this weekend, relax, go out and have fun so you can go into sx Monday in a great mental state.
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Surgery tomorrow 6:30am with Dr. Dass

Tomorrowis the big day, im excited and Nervous, i cant believe its here already but im ready, so i got all the things i needed thanks to "Mesan" her review helped me alot, Other wise i would've been like a" Chicken with her head Cut Off" at the store ,if it wasnt for her Must haves list and Grocery list SO THANK YOU SO MUCH MESAN! :-) so as soon as im able to ill post pics of my process


Thinking of you hoping for a fast recovery...
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Aw I feel so special! I'm glad I was able to help. I'm so excited for you. I will be thinking of u tomorrow and praying for a safe & successful surgery. Good luck!
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Pics of today surgery outcome

Cant write much i feel dizzy. But i can Dr. Dass did an amazing job.


It's shower day! Yay! Be gentle! Take care Girlie....
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Yeayyyy! Yes i will b, im going to wait like 2hrs because im going to take my pain Medication, so it dont hurt me too much, u becareful too ok, have you had a bowel movement yet? Im scared because i haven't
I just finished my shower. It was literally 1.5 hour process. I took off the garment slowly, breathed, took off padding, breathed, unsnapped some more, then I laid down on the carpet cuz I was getting nauseous. It was well worth it. I feel like I can sleep like a baby bm yet either.

Shower Day

Pics before i showered,


Any update.
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Thanks girlie, I woke up nauseous today and with back pain from sleeping on my stomach. How's that going for you ?
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You ladies are looking so good. Can't wait to see the results.

Quick review

Hello ladies, Went to see Dr.Dass today for my 1week post op, he says Everything looks good that im healing pretty good, he gave me my second garment it fit tight, which is ok, but then it started digging into myback roll ,making a front roll lol, so i took it off until my swelling goes down a lil more. i can see a difference but im very swollen toward my hip that for some reason i like my shower day front pic more, than i look like right now but He assured me im just swollen and it will go down. But other than that im getting better just been sore, lil pain, and a lil nauseous here and there. Ill post pics later


Anxious to see updated pics. :) hope all is well.
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You look really good. My date is 31st for Lipo and BBL an I can't wait....
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Thanks but its a working process lol, Good for you :-) it goes by quick, WISH U LOTS OF LUCK!

22days Post op

Hello LADIES, all is going ok, i feel good health wise, but i feel a lil dissapointed i didnt lose weight and tone up before surgery, i stiill feel fat :-\ i mean i look better have a way better shape, way better shape butt, but i still have fat in my stomach and lower tummy, im gonna have to work out on those parts i guess(my advice to you ladies is be close to your ideal weight when you decide to get your surgery) well here's some pics of me with with my garment amd clothes on, ill try to put some BARE pics soon.


He did a great job! you look great..
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Wow what a transformation! :D congratulations!
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Thank you SaraElle :-)

Pics 23days PO

Before & After


You look nice!! I like..
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So beautiful!!! You look ssoooo good. Way to go girl!
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Pic 23 days PO

This side pic i am not too proud of, i look the same :-( just less belly. I hope it doesn't go down more :-\ im happy with my back and front tho.


You are looking hot hot hot!!!!
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I see a TREMENDOUS difference in all three views. You look amazing! For real! I mean... AMAZING! HOT! BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS! SEXY! ALLLLL OF THE ABOVE! :) Love it!
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You look great Ms! Enjoy the new you.... Work It!
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I have a Question Ladies ?

What is this FLUFFING/FLUFF mean? I seen girls talk about it but i really don't know what it means????


Looking great hope you're healing is going good keep us posted
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I loved your body frame before now its ohh my it goes ohh soo well with you:)
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Fluffing usually happens after a few months (generally 3-6) and it's when the booty settles and takes shape and MOST women say it increases in size. Some say it looks bigger and some say it actually is bigger (usually 1/2-1 inch is what I've noticed). How are you feeling hun?
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I know it's been a while since my last update, everything is going good with my progress and healing. I pretty much feel back to normal. At the moment im ok with my body, dont get me wrong, i look and feel much better but i still need to work out because i still have fat :-( and i know i was really overweight before my sx, so ladies work out and be close to your ideal weight. Anywho heres some pictures i took today

7 Comments look Beautiful!!!!! How many CCs did Dr. put in each side?
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Hi there! I'm very interested in Dr.Dass. Do you have any current pictures? Thank you!
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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Dass is such an AMAZING doctor, I really loved since the beginning he was very Honest about my expectations and my surgery looks how I expected. IM SO HAPPY I CHOSE HIM! Thank you soooo much Dr. Dennis Dass you are REALLY TALENTED and beautiful Leslie (his secretary) she's the best, also very Honest. Im very grateful and happy with my experience.

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