Dr Hughes BBL- Best Doctor ! Thank you

I feel so insecure about Boris Cosmetic that I...

I feel so insecure about Boris Cosmetic that I feel like these reviews by the Hughes gals are possibly fake? Maybe manufactured by someone at Boris to bring in more fresh meat? I met with Dr Hughes based on the reviews and liked him but felt soooo rushed when paying with Adam and also with Heidi . They totally rushed me out and my surgery was two days after. I didn't go forward with the surgery l bc of an emergency but I totally have cold feet now and have an appointment tmrw with Dr. J . I am doubting Hughes cuz I'm so scared that someone other than Hughes may do my surgery or that something would go wrong bc of Boris and lots of complaint/lawsuits etc. can any one that actually did surgery with him private message me? I need to know that you are a real patient and your not made up. Thank you. Really appreciate it x


I had a tummy tuck and lower back lipo with him one month ago and am well pleased. I plan to have him do a breat lift and bbl for me.
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I just had my bbl with dr hughes yesterday. My husband and I flew in to see him. He very kind and confident, and in my case delivered even more than he promised. I am not an easy case, I'm already quite thin and have tons of scar tissue from old surgeries. I had other consultations but dr hughes is the only one who was sure he could make a difference. He spent a long time on my surgery and somehow was able to transfer 1300 each side! I have no idea where it came from (I am pretty darn sore lol) I am only one day post op but I would put my trust in dr hughes again any day! He's a great dr.
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Dr Marco Saucedo charges me 4900 he did an amazing job plus saved me a bunch read my bog
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I love you Dr Hughes!

So I came out of Anastasia screeming I love myself and I love you Dr. Hughes . I got my surgery finally with him July 9. Two days ago . I was very hesitating as u all know , however I went to other docs and I just felt like Dr. Hughes is the best candidate . So I went forward with it. Boris come tics , yes they aren't the nicest places , but Rosie and Jackie that work there were very very kind to me and today Olga was a complete angel.

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Day of surgery

The day of surgery I got there at 6:30 and they did not make me wait around. Rosie was there and she was great and kind. This is just what is needed before undergoing such a sensitive and vulnerable process. I went in the surgery room and I met the Anastasia dr. The Dr. I think he said Bortis?.. He was really really great and made me feel very comfortable and in safe hands. Then Dr Hughes came but at that point I was gone.'he was upset with me in the morning because I had a few cigarettes last weekend, so I guess I shouldn't have smoked. Then after I came out of Anastasia and I was in soooooo much pain I can not describe it.'until I finally got home and went to sleep. The second day was a lot Better as far as pain, but I am
So grateful I have my mom to help me in and out of bed and the bathroom. I am kinda getting tired again and have to go . I will update again.


Ps how many ccs per side?
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Wow! What a great transformation already! Dr hughes is the best! You're gonna love it :)
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Looking real good girl! Omg love the hips.. Did he put anything in your hips???
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Dr Hughes is cool

Dr hughes didn't tell me how many CC's . Before the surgery he was upset at me for smoking so before I got cold feet again we just went into the surgery room... And I haven't seen him since. I did see Adam today and he was awesome. He was very nice and said if you need anything call us. That was cool considering I had a diff reaction before but I think because they have so many clients maybe they aren't as attentive in the begining, but when it actually came down to it they are great. Dr Hughes has always remained professional and understanding throughout the entire process. He always always emailed me back or called me back immediately ! Which is so important! I asked him to do some extra work on my face and he said no which I think is very very cool of him because it showed he isn't just in for the money . I have to say Dr. Hughes is very cool and so far he has done an amazing job and I am very bloated right now so this isn't the final result . I am very happy so far and would def recommend him to anyone that is considering a BBL. I'll keep you guys posted about my progress. Oh btw no drainage , no bleeding, no other problems other than pain and difficulty moving. It feels like there are two huge bricks on my back lol and I'm loving it ! Hope this helps and if you all need to talk to a real patient like I did message me and I would be glad to speak with you and give my honest opinion. Blessings x

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A pic from the front

I hope I'm bloated and that I'm actually a lot smaller, but honestly if rather not have skin issues , which Dr . HUghes was extremely extremely careful about! I think that the fact he didn't just want to please me and he stuck to what is right medically says a lot about his integrity as a Doctor . So thanks Dr. Hughes ! I love you and the results


Congrats babe he is amazing and I love Olga too shes soooo sweet...
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Yes Olga is awesome! She made me feel comfortable and very cared for! It's so important!!!
Thank u!!!! Means a lot !! I still can't tell cuz I'm bloated

Thanks Dr. Hughes ! Your work is so clean

Today is day 4
I woke up with some pain but it went away and I'm not taking pain meds any more. I am walking around and now I'm about to even do some work from home. I put some arnica lotion on and it feels a lot better . I am happy with results but getting "booty Greed" thinking my booty should be higher. Any recommendations on some good Fajas that could help lift my butt? There are so many to choose from :-) I'm totally judging my booty but I think it should be rounder and higher ... But honestly Dr. Hughes is a miracle worker . I'm so happy I did this!!! It's life changing


Is that the binder he gives you??
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Yes and actually it's comfortable . Not bad . And when I went to see Olga she said no drainage and said I'm doing great. But today I have a little shortness of breath which I emailed Dr. Hughes and he responded immediately to release the binder if it's too tight . I'll send more pics without te garment x
Oh no, I hope you feel better now.. Keep us posted if that help. That is why I love dr. Hughes he responds so quick.. Makes me feel safe. I guess the binder doesn't look so bad and I'm relieved it's not a whole body suit. I was afraid for my hips..

Omg my dream came true!

It's only day 4 and I feel good. I changed the shirt under my binder and it looks amazing!!!! This was always my dream to wear a dress with out feeling insecure and damaged and unsmooth!! Woohoo I am so happy with my choice to get surgery and to do it with dr hughes !! Thanks Dr. Hughes !


What did you end up getting lipo?
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No BBL . Can't you tell? And lipo comes with it of course . I did lipo in my outer hippos and. My flanks and a little in my back .

Wish my back was smaller

Wish my waist was smaller and and he took more out of my back hangin .... Also wish I had more projection but hey maybe it's just the greed speaking. I guess this will allow me to stay committed and workout to get the best results. Still in pain but not too much. I think my recovery has been really smooth and good . I have been taking arnica and iron daily. I have been so hungry though since yesterday and I really gotta stop with over eating cuz that total defeats the purpose . K goodnight . I'll post more pics tmrw

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Today was a good day

Day 5- really smooth. Minor itching. Took a shower and I feel great. I love my results. Hughes is awesome ! I'm meeting him tmrw. I think the arnica really worked cuz I have very min bruising and I am usually always bruised. The only issue is tingling and itching which is all good... Good nite . I am so so happy about my new body!


Wow amazing results, congrats!
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Looking great! My wish is to wear a dress and feel the same. Does your faja go up higher on your back? If not one that goes up higher might help with the swelling you still have there I can see it in your pics.
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Today sucked

I went and saw the doc today. He liked what he did, I like it too but today I feel horrible. I'm numb all over even in my teeth. It's the weirdest feeling . I feel disconnected and just bad about myself . I guess this is the shame part of the procedure. I feel tingling and numb all through my body and I just want this to be over with . I love the results, he did such a good job , but I'm afraid it won't last and all this pain will be for nothing z sorry ladies . I had really good first 5 days but then today it's down hill. On top of everything when I go to sleep I keep jumping as if I'm having mini seizures . I told the doc and he said I'm fine but they are just getting worse and I'm having zap sensation all over. I stopped taking pain meds cuz I'm scared of getting hooked. Just gonna take Tylenol . I'll keep posting . Thanks for the support . Btw the Dr said he put 1250 cc and 325 in my hipps . Xx nite nite


i think overall your body looks great, i love your results but i do see your upper back that looks like he did not lipo enough, but maybe if you wear compression it will go down it might just be still swollen from everything give it a month or to, because your body will be changing constantly for the next 6 months. Happy healings hun
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Hang in there bc ur true results dont show til your six month ! Pray for projection ur PS is very conservative in that area! Bbl squats will improve that!
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Hun I know exactly how u feel I felt soo depressed after week 1 my right butt cheek and leg would go numb o would feel a burning sensation on my butt my jaw hurt so much since I would lay down on my stomach all day everything hurt but trust me it gets better you're gonna look back at your post and laugh I know I did any questions u might have I'm glad to help in its all worth it ok trust I haven't lost any volume I actually gained 1/2 an inch I'm so happy with my results all I want to do is tighten up..so don't worry babe we all go through those depressed parts and I stopped taking my pain meds at 2 weeks I would take it at night to help me sleep
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Another grey day

Today I haven't moved , I have so much pain and I'm so down. I'm upset at myself . I like my results but I feel if could have been better. I payed almost 11k and I didn't really get any projection and my back still fat hangin and my inner thighs are so fat. Overall I like what he did for my hips . They are nice and round if they stay it's good. If not then I don't see any point of all this with all this pain and money and time off.. Ugh I feel like crap . It's not like me to ever voice my pain or negative feelings. But I feel this may benefit someone somewhere somehow and honestly it makes me feel better . I jinxed myself . Everything was going good and then yesterday after going there I totally crashed. The damn belt thingy is so tight and I am sick and tired of sleeping in pain on my side. Dr. Hughes did a great
He is great at his job but being nurturing is not his strongsuit. I really did want more projection and more of my back out ... He said I am swollen and my back will get smaller .'also , I feel like like my waist could be smaller. This is probably all the greed speaking. Dr Hughes has done great job though. But I feel so crappy. Pray for me please I feel so horrible so much pain headache sweating tired depressed ... But my results look good . Oh god... Hope I recover soon I can't handle this


You look real good girl, you are still swollen .. Things will get better...
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Wow gun I'm sorry you are going through this I'm going to see Adam tomorrow to pay the rest of my surgery of and now I'm so scared :/ I hope you feel better soon I totally don't care about being in pain as long as its worth it, but it sxares me to not get all the fat from my back removed because its discusting also not getting the projection I want after paying all that $$ and going through all that pain you get me? Anyways keep ya head up babe
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I think it's worth it. I'm just venting

Sorry ladies and thanks for your kind responses and support. This has been such a rollercoaster. I spilled water all over my new MacBook Air laptop and it stopped working and I just broke my tooth in half. Things are not looking out so I guess I need to have some ice cream ! Lol just kidding. I love my results . Dr hughes did a great job. If you are contemplating , go for it in my opinion if it's something you have always wanted . For me, all my life I have been needing and wanting this. It didn't exist years ago. So we are blessed that now the Dr's can do this for us. I am sure many Dr's are good. Dr Hughes is very confident and like he said himself he gives it to you straight! And I think that is much better than if he overpromised and underdelivered. He actually does the opposite. He doesn't promise anything and then just really delivers! So it worth it because this is my body I'm gonna be with for the rest of my life 24-7. He did a fantastic job on my hips other Dr. 'S I saw said they can't do that. I think the hip curve and small waist is so feminine. I am feeling a little better after talking to my friend on the phone. She was telling me to chill out and take my pain meds. She is a pharmacist so I trust her a lot. She said it's ok and that is why they proscribed it and that for two weeks I really need to be nice to myself . So I will continue with my pain meds hopefully I'll be better. I just took some pics and they are very nice. Hope this helps. There is light at the end of all this!!! And I was good for 5 days just the last 2 days went downhill.


Hi everyone thanks for your support and reaching out ! Thanks for your honesty . I think this is why this site is here! In Dr Hughes Defense , first he is actually a very handsome man. When you see him in person honestly his face looks kinda like a male model , so the flexing I think is just a male thing I think to say he works out and takes care of himself , but I think you guys are right and seeing him in person he is a very good looking man and doesn't need to do that but hey, he can if he wants. I just want to clarify I did not write these posts so people don't go to him! As I have said my results have been great ! I am very very happy with his work. Bedside manners is another issue, however I spoke with him the other day and really heard some humility and humanity and he had some points that made sense. He told me that anytime I want I can email him and he will get back to me, and in my experience that is true he has always been ontop of getting back right away. He said I'm your Dr. and Adam and the CC thing has nothing to do with me, again in a way he right. He doesn't know nothing about that. I know how it is to be stuck In a bad business partnership and maybe he really is just stuck in some kind of arrangement with Boris. Who knows? But what I do know is that since you guys are on this sight for surgery remember he and his work is great. He delivers what he says and he is very knowledgeable and experienced in BBL's especially. I hope one day soon he has his own office and Staff and biz management and I swear if he markets himself the right way he could be BH's #1 Doc. Cuz , he is young and good looking and not sound shallow but hollywood would totally embrace him. Like if he has a nice classy office with nice pics and staff , seriously I see a bright future for him and I have heard in his voice that he "really loves" what he does and he has passion so I think that goes alongggg way. Any way , this forum is for us to write our experience and our healing to help one another . If I see that it's hurting Dr. Hughes and not really helping anyone I will be coming out of this site. I think the importance is for us to have as much knowledge and preperation and realistic expectation going into our surgeries. This is why this site exists. I would be happy to speak with anyone and be a support for you. O' btw Dr hughes wished me a happy healing :-) think that is great and hope he says that to all his patients. Little positive words go along way in persons recovery, especially coming from the person they trusted enough to transform their body. So happy healing to me and to everyone :-) sending good vibes and blessing happy Saturday. I'll post some pics later
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I totally agree with you!!!!! And btw AWSOME results!!! U look really good!:)
I'm sorry, but if Adam is acting as his agent and taking payments for him then it is his problem. I say nothing about his ability as a surgeon, I don't know him in any way. I was responding to the fact you felt you'd been a victim of fraud. That is all.

New day -11 day post

Lot less swollen . I feel and look better . I emailed Dr Hughes and he got back to me with Answer to all my questions within an hour maybe less. He let me know not to eat salt and I think that's a great point !!! I've been drinking lot more water and have been following all the post op recommendations. The Arnica Gel does help btw , so if your thinking of getting it it's a good one. So gonna post some new pics. Have a good night and thanks for all your support and honest feedback.'

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Monday - 11 days post

Some pics - have nothing to say other than I'm less swollen happy Monday y'all


Hey doll glad things are going great for you as well. Just wondering has ur butt soften up yet? Also have you gotten ur first massage?
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You look great!
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Thanks Allie . I go get my stitches out tmrw. It's been officially two weeks. I love my results and I can't wait to workout and maintain :)

Tuesday - tmrw will be two weeks

Tmrw is two weeks post op. Kinda can't believe I actually did it and the worse part is done... I still have pain though and need pain meds. Saw my friends yesterday and they loved it and said it's super natural + they all asked for my surgeons name and info. I told them... Hope they have a great result and good experience . Adam called today and said he officially closed the citi card he had opened ( two months later btw ) ... Funny thing is the cc company called me several times and opened a fraud claim and suggested I go make a police report. They gave me step by step guide on how to proceed and said that there are criminal conseq for what's going on and esp bc I know who opened it ... So of course I called Adam cuz I def don't wanna get anyone in trouble or have drama in my life I just don't want my credit effected ( which it already has btw ). So Adam told me that basically citi the cc company would never say such a thing and that I read about the police report on this site! Lol funnnnnnny a true story! I couldn't believe that he was still trying to justify his action and not only he didn't apologize to me and try to make up for my time and energy I gave had to waste in this issue , he basically insinuates that I am lying ! Hehe this is seriously the most hughschool immature funny unprofessional behavior I have encountered . The funny thing is that I am an attorney and I take people to court and make them put my client in a rightful
Position all the time and if my client had come to me with the scenario I would have had a totally diff approach and Boris cosmetic would def have to accommodate me for my time and also the benefit that they incurred as a result of holding on to the money and I would def ask for punitive damages as well. But since this is a personal matter and I just want to heal and move on seriously all I can do is laugh and thank god that I don't have employees like this and that I know how to train people that work for me to represent my biz with professionalism and class . Anyway there is a silverlining in everything . I want this to be behind me I have way more important things to do with my time .
So , moral of story is that a few people even at the clothing store at Fred Seigal asked me who my doctor is and I gave them Dr. Hughes info. I don't want him to get effected by all this and plus he really did deliver good results . So I will update again tmrw after my meeting with Olga and taking my stitches out .
Btw - no salt in my diet and drinking lots of water.


Your body looks great :)
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Loos very good
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Hey yogi goddess I was checking in to see how you're doing and how fabulous you look. Dahling, you DO look fabulous! I'm glad your healing is going so well. However, I was shocked to find out about your drama with Adam, I too am a Hughes patient. Hugs.
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It's looking and feeling good

So I wore a dress yesterday and took some pics for u all. It's looking and feeling good. None of my clothes fit me though:) I went and got stitches removed and Dr hughes personally came and took a look with out me even requesting and can I say gentleman. He was very professional took his time and answered my questions ! he even explained the process to me patiently which made a huge difference. He told me how basically if I don't wear the compression garment no bueno... And the the parts he sucked the fat will be filled with water hence the swelling and how important it is to wrap myself tight so the skin gets closer and better results! Sorry he explained much better but it totally made sense and now instead of dreading this binder I feel much better wearing it! So happy Saturday beauties ! Wish u all amazing miracles and exciting blessings xo


Hi Hun!!! How do u feel about your results now?! Has the swelling gone down a lot.. Your results are my wish! Love your shape.. I had problems with Adam as well and just asked for my money back. He was totally unprofessional and it kind of discouraged me from wanting to have my surgery done there! Thanks again for your review.. You really look amazingggg!!!
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@ Dr. Hughes, I found it to come off confident as well. Which made me look into your work. I'm am a fan. I will contact you once I'm ready.
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Yogigoddess how are you feeling these days? Are you feeling more comfortable with your results and enjoying your new look? I think you look great in the white! If you feel up to it please provide us with an update. We would love to see you.
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