Hello Girls! I Have Thought About It Soo Much and I REALLY Want to Get a BBL but I Am Not Too Sure? - Beverly Hills, CA

Hey there girls, well I've really been thinking...

Hey there girls, well I've really been thinking this over and I really want to get a BBL becasue I feel that is what I need to help me get the hourglass figure that most of us want. I dont have a small butt but I do want it to be BIGGG, I am somewhat thick but my waist is not small and my hips dont really stand out much ./ after I had my daughter my I lost that huge butt i used to have and now I want it back!

Does anyone know of a GOOD dr around Los Angeles/Beverly Hills?I have seen pictures of DR. Dennis Dass and I love his work! he just doesnt have that many years in the business. What do you guys think? OR I also have read about DR, William Bruno...can anyone help me please! I want to know if anyone has gotten this procedure by any of them and are u satisfied?

Oh yeah and also my fiance does not agree but I really want this surgery, specially because I think he has an obsession of some kind with big butts because thats what he likes in a girl, I think hes just afraid of the attention I might get. I hope he understands ,me soon!!

Ha they are 90% of the times always against it, until you get it and they can't take their hands of you.. lol.. happened to me when I got my boobs done!! You gonna look great
i originally was going with Dr.Roberts until he..."got into trouble"...whoo that whole thing was a mess and jimmerson would give me the results i desire but he is sooo booked and having 3 children and a hubby we cant afford to spend 17 g's for my body. besides that i heard the Dominican is beautiful and i would love to recup in paradise : )
Ohh yes I have seen pics and it is beautiful , I was hoping that I convince my fiance to come with me ans maybe enjoy 2 days prior to surgery in paradise so the trip will be well worth it ! I.just don't know how to talk to him about it he has different views . He things girls do it for attention , like nooo I'm doing it for myself. U understand me right ? And i still haven't received my quote when did u email her ?
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I came across his work here on realself and I loved it! i think he has done some really great work, I would just like to know more about his work I have an appointment scheduled this Tuesday, so hope that goes well :)

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