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Ive been waiting to do this for a long time. I did...

Ive been waiting to do this for a long time. I did alot of research and I know theres plenty of great docters located all over which made my decision hard. I wanted a docter in california as i didnt want to fly to far in fear that i didnt want to be sitting on my butt to long lol. My first choices were Michael Salzhauer from miami florida who i had a consoltation with i really liked him and Salama and there was plenty otheres i did research on. Last week ago I was looking in LA area and found Dass n beverly hills. I like his pictures they look very natural and theres alot of smaller girls that hes done the bbl on. I did research and couldnt find alot of reviews on him hes a little newer i guess. I also liked that he could get me into surgery next month as i wanted. I had a telephone consoltation with him last week hes awesome, very nice and sweet gave me so much attention asked questions of me was patient and very informative :) i felt so great talking to him i asked to go ahead and book the surgery. This past week ive been talking to david who works with dass and hes the only one who has ever answered the phone when i called. Ive faxed my labs already he said my labs from a year ago were fine, iam very healthy. Ive put in my vacation and tomorrow ill pay the full amount of 9,100. David has information where i want my presciption to go so i can pick my meds up here and take with me on my trip. I emailed picture of my id and consent form to charge my card. Its been a easy process so far. I do plenty of reserch to make sure the docter wasnt a scam cause not finding reviews scared me. I could only find same info alreay showed here or on his site so i looked up to make sure hes board certified and he is so think i was worried for nothing oh well thats normal. I or anyone would not like to be ripped off that much money and the thought of fraud and scams scare me so much so i did the best i could googling him and everything seems fine! I have my sister flying with me to help and iam staying a week down there. Its so late right now but ill write again.........

I paid the full amount yesterday, waiting for...

I paid the full amount yesterday, waiting for david to get back to me. Just took some pictures on my phone. I will upload them as soon as i can figure out how to..........My phone is not being SMART lol (: wont let me email pics to myself.

Theres my pictures pluged my phone into my laptop...

Theres my pictures pluged my phone into my laptop to get the pictures :) So i recieved a email from David he said he called in my prescription and will email copies of all my paperwork and instructions over the weekend. So anyways only 11 days away crazy!
Hi there .congrats on Ur upcoming surgery!! Just outta curiousity, did u have a consullt with Dr Afifi in santa ana?
No but i also like her work to very nice pictures..... she would be one of my top choices also

8 more days so excited can hardly stand myself :)...

8 more days so excited can hardly stand myself :) a girl im me shes getting hers done in june with Dass. Thats exciting to meet another who shares my passion n we can follow eachothers journey. I recieved a email with all instructions on what to do and not do before surgery and after surgery tons of info. Iam going to write everything i need to do down so much info! This was also mentin but only optional.............
Arnica 30c (OTC supplement) by mouth three times a day for 1-2 weeks, begin 1 day prior to surgery ? may help with swelling and bruising. OTC MULTIVITAMIN (Centrum or One-A-Day) ? may help with the healing process. OTC IRON OTC (Ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate) 325mg (or 65mg elemental) three times a day with food x 1 month ? Helps to treat the anemia and fatigue that we experience after surgery. It is recomended i get a square pillow to so i need to do that also.......i seen alot of people posting to get a boppy pillow but my doctor recomends a square pillow i thought this information may be important to somebody. So i also got my pre op apt with the doctor on thee same day as my surgery the 12th it works out great for me. Iam flying down the day before into bur instead of lax because i liked the time of flights available better. Its also about the same distance to beverly hills to i think. Iam doing my surgery at La Peer which is located across the street from Dass's office from what i understand. I havent booked my hotel yet but was thinking somewhere in between Dass's office and the airport area.......iam staying tell sunday and then flying back (5 days after surgery) its a 4 hour flight with one stop (layover like a hour). So i hope that will be ok. I go back to work on the 21st just 9 days after surgery but my work requires me to stand so i hope that will be fine.
Yeah its almost here feels unreal sorta..........super excited! Hope iam not in to pain afterwards......mostly cause i wanna go do things while in LA. All the reviewers say its totally worth it so iam not scared at all really......i heard a couple reviews say its like being real sore after a hard workout......................4 more days :)
I'm feeling like that too and I still have kind of a long way to go still until my day. Lol. Hopefully the pain isn't too much, so you can look good while you enjoy LA lol
Hey, your day is almost here!!!! :-)

Iam now almost there and a little scared now.........

iam now almost there and a little scared now........been drinking a liter of water every day to stay hydrated, found arnica gel at walgreens, arnica extra strengh at the health store and womens one a day. I still need to buy my pillow to sit on and my docter clearly said not a boppy pillow but a square pillow. I thought that was some kinda special pillow so i googled it and onlt found regular pillows :) lol i called Dass's office and the lady said the best is a memory foam pillow . So i need to buy one asap.Tha lady was so sweet to me like dont worry everthings going to be great Dass is the best and his work is so so great. I feel so happy with my choice of docter!!!! :) I believe my results are going to be like the best iam really confident in my docter and i feel hes going to do his best job on me. Oh yeah i bought maxi pads to for drainage? i think? But when i had my consultation he said the surgery for me will be like 2 hrs and he said he dont think he will put tubes on me. I will post everything though............
Sounds Great !
Hey mama I'm scheduled for my bbl March 12th too!! Isn't this exciting !? OMG please keep me updated with your results I can't wait to put post op pics up!
Yay you are!!!! You're making me feel like I'm going for mines any day now. Lol. It's super exciting. I can't wait to see your post op pics! Good luck hun. :-). I will keep you updated.

Iam confused about what to pack like will i be...

iam confused about what to pack like will i be able to fit jeans how swollen will i really be? So i havent packed my suitcase lol need to get that done flying out tomorrow afternoon. Oh and even though the doctor told me i didnt need to gain no weight ive just been eating like unhealthy and whatever i want and i gained like 3-4 pounds (: xtra for my booty (: I also wanted some injected in my hips so thought it wont hurt to gain a few. The doctor said he could diffently do that he will inject it wherever i like. Hes great! (:
I'm so excited for you and to see your results ;)
Hey lady hope it went well for u and that your recovery goes up ;*)
Did you get the procedure done?!??! Are you ok????

My preop apt with Dass was 3/12/13. The apt went...

My preop apt with Dass was 3/12/13. The apt went very smooth and he was so sweet to me. Dass took lots of pictures of me we discussed what i would like and what hes going to do for my body answered all my questions. I signed some paper work with his assistant and she showed me her booty my mouth droped i was like woooooow! Beautiful!!! She is super gorgeous and she was nice towards me so easy going and had her butt done by Dass and it looked like a sexy master piece (: Dass also drew lines on me in the preop visit since my surgery was scheduled the same day. After my preop i walked down Rio Drive or whatever in Beverly hills for shoppping theres a stretch of some higher end stores. So that was fun bought my girls some summer clothes and my sister ate for lunch. (I still coulnt eat or drink not alloud to before surgery) The weather was so nice of course love the hott weather (: When it was almost time i started to walk to Lapeer Surgery which is located next to Dass's office.
How long will you be in LA til you fly back home?

When i got to Lapeer surgery i filled out...

When i got to Lapeer surgery i filled out paperwork and waited for my appointment. I had to show up a hour early. I was more excited then anything. I was greeted by my nurse her name was Fredda she gave me my gown n brought me to my room. She was so super sweet to me very friendly....made me feel really comfortable (: She was getting ready to put my iv in and i told her iam so scared of needles so she was like one moment she went in got somthing came back and anyways she numbed me before she put the iv in so i didnt feel a thing at all! Then i was introduced to couple of the other nurses who were friendly also. Then when it was time they wheeled me into the surgery room on my bed. There were alot of nurses in the room everyone seemed nice. Everything was very comfortable i was never nervous or anything i felt very safe. The anesthetist introduced himself he was the only one i was woried about but he said its safe and not to worry at all everything will be fine...he told me to go to a nice dream he put the meds into the iv and i told myself to relax think happy good thoughts (: (normally i get aniexty when worried or scared) But guess what i was calm! Yeeaaah for me! Next thing u know i was waking up back in the room i started my recovery room and i didnt wake up alone thank goodness my nurse was right there Fredda (: I felt pretty good, felt like i just barely closed my eyes and next thing u know i was awake. My sister came into the room after i woke up the nurse Fredda and Ivan rewrapped me back up cuase theres alot of blood alot of drainage. The other pads were already soaked that they just put on. (So diffently wear loose dark clothes like black) The nurse called the taxi for us i was only in the recovery room for like a hour. I wish i woulda brought my pain meds but i had left them at the hotel, it was a 40 min taxi ride because of traffic. When i got to the hotel i had to lay plastic down (so make sure u bring plastic coverings) I was looking in the mirror all night even though i had the garment and lots of pading i could tell the doctor did a amazing job. Which didnt surprise me i knew he would do a beyond amazing job! Complete confidense in him from the begining! (His work is better then the best i can see proof of that when i look in the mirror) i slept fine that night and have been sleeping pretty good............... i showered 48 hours later and was finally able to see my body without the garment it felt so good and wow my body looks to die for, a dream type body! LLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEEEEE my new body thanks to Dass the best Booty doctor i swear! He created the best butt ever........theres no words to say how thankful iam to Dass he truly made my dream come true (;

Dass came by my hotel 3 days post op he took some...

Dass came by my hotel 3 days post op he took some pictures of my results and examined me said i look really good. He told me he took 5 liters out and put a liter into each buttcheck of pure fat (: His assistant leslie was also with him shes had her butt done by Dass also and she loooks really beautiful. Dass showed me comparission pictures of my before and after side by side the results are amazing. Its really crazy what he was able to acomplish with my body. My pictures i took do no justice.......iam going to hafe to take some more so everyone can really see. Iam so in shocked this is my new body.....i keep staring in the mirror.......i have hips now......i have a big butt.........i have a tiny waist now too. Iam sure its only going to look better n better as the swelling goes down.
Congrats! Where did he lipo from?
Hi how much fat did they inject to each of ur butt? Did they inject fat to ur hips?tnx hope to see more post op pics coz i also want this procedure.we have the same weight. Tnx
1 liter to each buttcheck and yeah a little to the hips :) its way worth it

Feeling so much pressure under my garment :( my...

feeling so much pressure under my garment :( my left leg is swollen so iam laying on my back with my leg up.........iam feeling scared there might be somthing wrong..........i might go to the hospital......whenever iam on me feet for a few hours i swell up so bad i can hardly move. I called my doctor and he told me i may need to get a scan to make sure theres no blood clots in my i may go tonight
Girl, definitely go get a scan! Better to be on the safe side! I hope you are okay!
Blood clots is that normal?
no not at all iam hoping its water retention only....... blood clots are serious if a clot gets to your lung u can die. thats why flying after surgery they tell u to flex ur foot and move it around walk if u can. Your dooctor will tell u to move cause they are concerned for a blood clot to form.

I work in a facity where i breath second hand...

I work in a facity where i breath second hand smoke 8 hours a day....ive been reading about smoking complications and iam at a higher risk for blood clots and my fat has lower chance of left ankle is still the same amount of swollen and ive had it elevated most the day. Iam so scared of a clot ive been crying...thinking of dying because a clot can go to ur lungs and u can die! iam so scared i dont know what to do and i feel so alone :( ill call my doctor again tomorrow. iam 7 days post op now and i go back to work in 2 days........where i breath in 2nd hand smoke for 8 hours a day. I will also be on my feet the full 8 hours and iam concerned cause i get so swollen. it feels like my body is going to rip out of its skin thats how tight it gets and theres alot of pressure around my lipo area. I hope everything is fine and iam just over thinking! Iam not in no pain at all just pressure around lipo area i believe thats normal. I wish i had all the knowledge and info i feel cluless :(

Well today when i got up i was feeling perfectly...

well today when i got up i was feeling perfectly fine the swelling went down a tad in my left ankle/foot. I think i just need to take it easier on my body......i always wanna go go go. I think yhe pressure and swelling that happens with my lipoed area is normal after being on my feet for more then a couple hours. But yeah i feel alot better today reading all that stuff on the internett about blood clots was freaking me out bad! Ive always been one of those people that worry alot. My doctor must not be concerned he didnt call me. Oh well i feel good today :) 2 more days tell work...........dont really want to go back yet, but i do think iam ready. 2nd thought 2 more days off woulda been nice. A few of my girl co workers knew why i went down south and like my boss and a few of my so iam sure alot more heard. Of course they will notice when they see me. Iam not ready for the questions and i dont want no attention iam of a keep to myself girl. We will see how it goes guess i better be prepared for questions and peoples opinions theres no way to hide this butt! I went from no butt at all to boom u know :) Happy!
Phew, glad it was just swelling :)
yes i think i over thought the swelling....if u type in swollen leg after surgery on google alls u see is things about blood then u type in blood clots and all u see is a bloot clot can travel to your lungs and u could die........... Very scary!!!!
Why don't you call your drs # they should have a 24 hour service and call you back it's free??!!!????

Thinking my garmnt is to tight its a size small......

thinking my garmnt is to tight its a size feels really tight around my hips and it covers my butt i hope its not affecting the fat that was injected. I want to start massages but my doctor said wait tell 3 weeks.whu does eveyone else start right after surgery? Oh and i noticed tonight that i have fat that my doctor did not lipo below my bra strap....he said full tummy flanks and middle back. well whats considered middle back? I thought for sure below the bra was middle back. I wanna get that fixed asap may hafe to ask Dass i took a pic u can see it.......
Wow they got plenty of fats from u,you weight 122lbs.right?you look great with your result. What about if u want ur arms to be lipoed? Would they do that? Do they do charge u extra for dt? Tnx

Went to work last night was on my feet for 12...

went to work last night was on my feet for 12 hours i did pretty good half way through i was hurting so i took a pill and felt much better. I made it through i must say i was worried i would be able to but i handled it well. I felt stiff and after awhile around my stomach started to hurt. Oh and my doctor did call in check up on me other day ago......that was nice of him. he said if i ever need to i can call the office. Hes a nice guy i like him. Oh and u know the other night i was feeling so upset with how tight the garment was around my butt i felt strangled lol and fusterated of how tight it was. So i grabed the sicsors and cut a slice where each buttcheck is....i finally feel like my butt has room now. Feels 100% better then before and i wish i woulda done that earlier. Si i recomend ur butt to have enough space it made a big difference for me. I also noticed last night theres some liquid build up under my skin its like a pocket of liquid weird right? I may hafe to call the doctor and ask about that...its strange.and i want to know how to get rid of it. I feel pretty good though and i feel a higher level of confidense in myself so happy to of had this procedure cant wait to be able to take this garment off though it drives me crazy! (:
Hey how are u doing
Hey, you look amazing!!! Do you feel like the second hand smoke affected your results? And when did u start back smoking? Any necrosis or lumpiness??
Any updates, or new pics? You look great so far!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Found Dass online........did alot of research on other doctors as well but i was really impressed with Dass. When i did my consultation i was cofindent after speaking to Dass that he would be the ONE (: Yep i made the perfect decision hes worth more then the 5 stars. I feel super sexy now! Thank you Dass you make dreams come true! (:

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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