BBL Review Dr. J - Beverly Hills, CA

This is my review, submitted to share my...

This is my review, submitted to share my experience hopefully to help others on the same journey!

I met with Dr. J at his Beverly Hills office for my initial consult. His coordinator Grace was really nice I call her Gracie. She was warm and friendly plus she was personable. And chatted with me about her own personal liposuction experience. Well I did get a since of calm from the office atmosphere and the doctor so I decided to choose this doctor for my procedure.

This will be my second BBL and I am hoping to have a Minaj this time around. I am posting my before and after for all you ladies to see. Here's what I've learned the second time around the block.

#1 Women of color we scar easily and our scars turn dark so... here's a great tip to fix that. On your surgical scars incision sites please of course after they have (fully-healed) apply lemons (fresh lemons) to the scars twice daily to lighten the hyper pigment. I use lemons on my knees and elbows and it make a (huge) difference. Remember to wear protective sunblock!!

#2 About Endermologie: What Is It? The Endermologie® experience is a comprehensive, non-surgical approach which uses a patented technique proven safe and effective. Endermologie® stimulates local blood circulation with deep, soothing motions that are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Several doctors have told me to have this done after my surgery to smooth out any (lumps or bumps).

#3 And just before your surgery 1-2 weeks eat a lot of fatty rich foods. This will help you gain a good 10 pound of fat to transfer.

I will post my photo before really soon! 5/18/12

Someone recommended this zipper-free garment. They...

Someone recommended this zipper-free garment. They said the wrong garment can cause unsightly bulges around the tummy and rolls is this true? Don't know but here's what they told me to purchase what do you'll think???
The price is really high $100.00

I wanted to go with this garment though It was made by the people who supply liposuction tools. This was my first choice.
And it's only $60.00 what a great price!!!! I am going to buy two a small and medium

IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR GARMENT IS SMOOTH WITHOUT ANY RIPPLES AND NO BULGES .... I GOT MY GARMENT FROM DESIGN VERONIQUE (CUSTOM MADE) THIS TIME AROUND. The garment the doctors give you will not work because you measurements will be so weird with a BBL like imagine a tiny waist but huge what garment will work with that? Like you have to get your garment custom fitted that's hugely important with a BBL.
Dr. J

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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@ass_like_Serena: Hi, I mean Dr. Jarrah-Nejad thank you.
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Good luck girl! We're the same height,only difference im $170lbs trying to lose b4 surgery date. . i have it in my head to go for round 2also i really wanna huge bubble butt and hips, only thing they have a limit to how much fat that can be taken out in state of Florida so round 2 definitely will get me right
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O yeah and your booty will look better then Nikki's because yours will actually move! Lolol
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@Meelee: Oh, (laughing) that's so sweet, gosh thank you... I kinda like jiggle, you know a (hard-stiff booty) is scary!!
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@ meelee: thanks girl!! I'm so excited! really I didn't know that they had a limit in Florida all the doctors I know there be injection 1000 cc of fat in each butt cheek. I heard that here in California the limit is like 700 CC (i think not for sure tho).
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@bebekim i look amazing omg!!!hope i all tha luck on ur plans and so fourth do i have a email i would love 2 ask u some questions about sx im gong to campos in the next 4 months or so.
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@patlinumbootay: Hey girl, yes you can message me (personally) here on real-self. Please contact me asaap. Let talk about it, I wish you the best of the best results!
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When u say Dr.J are u reffering to Dr.Jimerson?
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You looked great after your 1st BBL, so I can only imagine how you look this time around. I just had a bbl in March and while I like the results, I am considering going for round 2, but I was wondering where did you get the fat from to transfer? Was it the same areas as the first bbl?
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@IWANNADONK hey lady! my weight was around like 150 llbs something like that. Sorry I forgot was last year in August.
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You look great! Btw who was your Dr for 1st bbl? I live in LA and have been researching. Please give me his info, thanks!
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WOW!!! That's all i can say what was ur pre op weight
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@renewmesoon: Good luck I heard great thinks about Smart Lipo and Tickle Lipo!!! Thanks!
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Great advice! I'm getting my upper & lower abs + flanks done. My Smart Lipo procedure is schedule next month. However, im thinking about a bbl; havent made up my mind. I will especially look into the message. Good luck on ur bbl procedure.
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looking great! how many cc did u get
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@bagshoelover: My first doctor gave me 700cc in each butt cheek.
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Omg I love ur shape already girl...good luck
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Honestly, your pics are my wish pics!
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@Bellamafioso: Awwe... Mami thank you! You know I want that Minaj effect LOL!!! you know what I mean?? Thanks!
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