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I've read all the comments, and I all have to say...

I've read all the comments, and I all have to say is, "What are your doctors doing?" Obagi does my blue peel himself. The procedure is over $3,000. It requires general anesthetic. There are products you must use prior-which do make you look awful. I had it done in 2009. It takes AT LEAST 10-15 days for the peeling to stop and one can go out. Dr. Obagi told me this before the procedure. Then, you look like you've sat too close to the sun for about another 2-3 weeks. Thereafter, you look gorgeous. I'm having it done again. It took a decade off my face and cleared up so many problems. How can it possibly be done for $300-$1000? You could not have gotten the complete and proper peel.

I am researching the blue peel as it was recommended to me. My skin was damaged by a quack Duke doctor that did Ulthera and a Co2 laser treatment in the same session. I am a little scared to do anything. For sure, I would be happy to pay Dr. Obagi too much, if he wasn't 3000 miles away. The only products that have helped my skin are Obagi's. I am a believer!
the problem is people are confusing a light radiance peel (salicylic acid) which is usually done over 6 sessions (and frankly if you ask me is a waste of time) with a blue peel which is a much deeper peel done with TCA. Obagi mixes his bog standard acid with something blue so it easier to see how deep it's penetrating. You should have a doctor carry this one out - hence the much higher cost.
I have had the blue peel in the past with great results. I have actually switched to the "perfect peel". It had more ingredients in it which I feel is a step up from past products. It cost me $250 and I was back to normal within a week. After 3 sessions my skin was so clear that I was getting compliments from everyone. The only thing I can add is that doing an IPL a couple weeks before clears up the rosacia and gets rid of the dark areas under the eyes caused primarily from blood vessels being too close to the surface of the skin which tends to be very thin and translucent as we get past 35-40 years of age.
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