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I'd like to "feminize" my filipino nose by...

I'd like to "feminize" my filipino nose by reducing the size overall and building up my bridge for a more attractive defined shape. I have a VERY bulbous tip and flat bridge. I feel like it looks like the nose of the Disney character Shrek. I have always been self conscious about it since middle school, even more so in High school, i got over it a couple years ago but now i am considering surgery again.


sorry, just so people know, I was talking about my breast implants when I said I had an urgent matter to tend to.
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ALSO, I checked in my consultation records, and the exact amount I was quoted was actually $ 13,765.
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ok, here's the update: I have NOT been able to have my surgery with DR YOO because I had an urgent matter to tend to... I had to get my implants removed and I got them redone a month ago. So this entire time I've been healing from it all. My rhinoplasty is put on hold until either the end of this year, or next year.
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I went in for a consultation on 4/29/13. Although Dr. Yoo looks very young, he is very experienced and educated. As said in a previous review i read from another person on here, he is very handsome, respectful, and informative. He took the time to explain EVERYTHING to me in lots of detail and did NOT rush me at all like most doctors do during consultations. Not once did i doubt his expert opinions. I have definitely found the right doctor to do my Asian Rhinoplasty! Now i just need to save the money for it! lol I will post pictures of my nose for the "before" pics.

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