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Arm and Breast Lift After Weight Loss Surgery - Beverly Hills, CA

I had a lot of sagging skin after weight loss...

I had a lot of sagging skin after weight loss surgery.

Now, for the quality of my surgery: This man is an ARTISTIC GENIUS.  My arms and breasts look incredible.

It’s true that I have had PAIN -- but when you think about it, this is major surgery with major cutting, so why wouldn't it be painful? That's where pain management comes into play, and Dr. Katzen is incredibly supportive about it. He does NOT want his patients to be in any pain (if he can help it) and is very forthcoming in providing the best pain meds available.

I've had ZERO regrets in choosing Dr. Katzen to perform this surgery. He is my hero and I can't imagine that I ever considered anyone else for the job! His hands are gifts from God -- no doubt about it -- and I recommend him as highly as I can recommend anyone. If I ever have additional work done, you can BET it will happen with him (and only him!)

Thank you for giving me a new life, Dr. Katzen!

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Now that I'm an official -- AND SUCCESSFUL -- post-op, I figure it's time to write a review of Dr. Katzen. Let me just say that I LOVE this man -- since the day of my surgery, he's made me feel that I'm his only patient. How, on earth he's able to accomplish this is beyond me, but he does it with compassion and gentle concern. Remember, I've taken to calling him Dr. "Zen" because of his amazingly calm, patient and comforting bedside manner. Whether he's returning one of my panicky calls on the way home from surgery, or visiting with me in one of my post-op appointments, he has NEVER made me feel crazy for my concerns -- never once. He is reassuring and very compassionate -- two things I cannot stress enough.

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Hi Such a pretty face,

I have not had my surgery as of yet. My surgeon diss not recommend me to have both surgeries done at the same time so I'm going to put it off until December. He recommended to have the arm lift first because he highly suggested to also get an upper body lift to enhance the arm lift and the breast augmentation since I have pockets of skin on my back and on the side of my breast. Once I complete those procedures ten he recommends the breast implants. How is your recuperation going so far? How long did the swelling last ok your arms and breast? How long were you out from work?
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Hi Cari
So good to hear your review. I am going in for an armlift/lipo, thigh lift/lipo on the 30th july. To read what you went thru is so helpful. Thank you for being so honest. I hope everything is looking fantastic.
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Hi Charlie,

How are you doing post op from your surgeries? I had a tummy tuck last week and am planning an armlift with lipo and breast implants in 8 weeks and would like to know how your recuperation has gone so far,
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Hello Wonderingperson123

On July 27th I had a breast lift with implants together with an arm lift. Had you had yours yet?

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Thanks Cari, that definitely answers my question. That's a great deal of very important and useful information. It's great to have people like yourself who have been through these things and can pass on advice and good practices.

I'm glad everything worked out well for you. It's a long road from WLS to the final body contouring results, but definitely worth it!

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It sure is :-)
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Hi Kirsty:

Great question! Of course, I can only answer for myself, because everyBODY is so unique in their perceptions of pain. Let me remind you that I have fibromyalgia, which means that pain is MUCH more extreme for me. Having said that, as Dr. Katzen reminded me after my procedure (funny what we forget beforehand...) there are over 700 nerve endings in your armpit, so, yeah, it's gonna hurt a bit! And, hurt it did. I won't lie. I was in a great deal of pain -- and sometimes I wondered what the heck I'd done to myself (because during recovery, you have a LOT of time to think about things like that)...but I kept reminding myself that I was miserable with my hanging skin, which is why I had to take extreme measures to correct the problem. All-in-all, I recommend that ANYONE considering this procedure do the following:

1) Take enough time off work and do not rush the healing.
2) Make sure you have an amazing support person who can help you with even the most basic things: Like pulling your pants up and down, helping you pull a shirt over your head, changing your wraps, helping you get into and out of bed, helping you build the perfect "pillow throne" so you don't hurt when you lay back, wash your hair, etc. Don't be shy, but make sure you choose someone who isn't afraid to dive in where you need them to!
3) Follow your doctor's orders and INVEST in proper compression garments. Then, WEAR THEM! I used Juzo Sleeves and they were incredible. I had them fitted to my arms at a health supply store and I'm glad I did, because I would NEVER have known how to put them on! (Hint, you don't pull them on like socks...)
4) Be patient.
5) Understand that you will get depressed.
6) Be patient.
7) Take pain meds and don't try to be brave if it hurts. Pain only diminishes your ability to heal quickly.

Bottom line: It hurt. A lot. But I have zero regrets, my arms look incredible, and people never know I had anything done...unless I hold my arms out like I'm being crucified. And really...who does that? (Everyday, I mean.) In the end, I will say it took me a good year to really feel "normal". I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. You will be tender, and you'll itch, and you won't be able to scratch that itch because your nerves get a little scrambled up and need to reassign themselves to their new locations, but eventually, all of that stuff settles down and you forget you ever had anything done. Especially if you go to Dr. Katzen. I mean that...

Hope this answers your question!
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Hi Cari, thanks for sharing your experience with us. How did you find the recovery period after surgery?

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