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I had a wide, bulbous nose. No one has ever said...

I had a wide, bulbous nose. No one has ever said anything about it to me, but in pictures it tends to be the focal point. I just wanted it smaller less noticeable. Also, I new there was something up with the bottom portion of my face, but I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I have a protruding mouth, but I like it and I don't want to change my smile so I didn't mess with that. One day I was watching Vanderpump Rules and Stassi talked about her chin implant and that was my "Ah Ha" moment. That is what I needed. So far, I'm pleased with the results, but I just had my procedures performed on March 13th, 2014.

Video Diaries of my procedures

Post Op
Wow! you look very beautiful. He did an awesome job. Congrats. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you, Zooster. The pics are computer generated. I just had my surgeries March 13th, but if the doctors make me look a least 75% of how those computer generated photos look, I will be a happy girl. I will do an update video on Wednesday, March 19th hopefully with no cast. :)
Still I can see your nose looks better already. Hopefully you will be happy with the results. My revision rhinoplasty is next Tuesday and I'm hoping to get the nose I've always wanted. Thank you for the videos. Very helpful for others.

Dr. Peyman Solieman

This site is only allowing me to list Dr. Litner as my doctor. I want to make sure it is understood that this review is for both Drs. Litner and Solieman. I LOVED the fact that there were two doctors to consult with and that I was comfortable with both. I felt an added sense of security that two doctors were in my operating room. Instant second opinion during the procedures...doesn't get any better than that.
Loving your video updates! Your computer imaging looks amazing. I hope you love love love your results, pretty lady. :)
Thank you! I like those computer generated "afters" too. If they can get my face close to that, I will be a happy camper. I uploaded reveal videos, just now. Check them out. I don't quite look like the computer shots, yet, but I LOVE my chin, it came out perfect and it is still swolen. I like my nose, it is obviously still healing and I know it takes we will see. :)
Thank you so much for your post and videos! There sooooooooo helpful! I'm having my sugery on May 6 and my nose looks a little like yours. One thing that I think is GREAT, which you pointed out, is how important it is to ICE THOSE EYES! Yep, I pretty sure I will "over do it!" lol

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Post Op Day 7- Reveal & helpful recovery hints.

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Post Of Day 7 - Reveal & helpful recovery hints.
Your nose looks great though it's still very swollen. Thanks for the helpful videos.
Thank you and you're welcome. :)

Post Op Day 8

Be patient. Nose tends to change shape and size constantly. Different parts swell at different times.
Quick question..... Which do you think is better: Open or Closed Rhinoplasty? I have two dr's that I'm considering with two different methods.
I let the doctors decide that after our consultation. I told them what I wanted and I listened to how they thought I could achieve my goals. I did research, but in the end they are the doctor.
Oh, I didn't see the last sentence in your comment. None thought that Closed Rhinoplasty would work for my goals....hmmm. Is your nose as wide and bulbous as mine was?

Post Op 3-Weeka

Post OP 3-Weeks

Thanks for the update! Your nose looks very nice and it looks like it has de-swelled a lot! I see your concern about the nostrils being uneven. My nostrils are uneven too and I think it's most probably swelling! I will see my doctor in a month for follow up and I will bring it to his attention if they are still uneven. I agree about the inconvenience of working full time after surgery. I came to work last week and I would get very exhausted easily. I wish I toot last week off!


Looking good! I think you picked the right size chin implant too. Maybellineo

After (3-weeks)

For some reason this was a good...minimal swelling day, so I snapped a pic. :)
Hi..i was wondering how you felt after the surgery. Was the pain excruciating or bearable? How long did you have to wear the bandage and was it obvious to others?
Ur result looks very good thus far...any new updates?
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