Tubular Breast Correction with Crescent Lift and Augmentation

I recently had a crescent breast lift and...

I recently had a crescent breast lift and augmentation in order to correct my tubular breasts. According to my plastic surgeon, I had mild pstosis which he suggested fixing by one of two types of lifts, lollipop or crescent. I chose crescent as I did not want the scarring.

Overall my experience was great, I loved my doctor and he was very straight forward in the fact that my condition IS hard to fix and that although I could not expect perfection, he would do is best to come close to it.

I'm very happy with the results only one week post op. I have always felt there was something wrong with the way my breasts looked since I was a teen and now knowing I am not the only one with the issue is relieving.

Updated on Jan 1, 2010
I had tubular breasts with mild pstosis before my Crescent lift and BA. I opted for the "mini" lift due to the fact I did not want scarring. Overall I love my new breasts and will most likely go a little bit bigger in the future. My doctor did not want to take the risk of my stitches popping my going the full size that I had originally wanted with was a 650cc HP Saline Implant. I opted for 500cc's.

My surgery was exactly 6 days ago and my nipples still seem to be a little low, I was just wondering if they will raise a little as the implant drops or is this pretty much close to my end results? --Updated Jan 1, 2010-- So I recently found out I had popped a stitch about 2 days ago on my 4 week post op appointment. I went in and she cleaned it up and used a qtip like stick with a brown end to rub something onto it. I should have asked what it was but it dried up the area that was leaking and sealed it. 2 days later a small area cracked open...about the size of a tip of a pencil and has begun leaking again. I don't know if I should be concerned about it since it is so small and is beginning to dry out. Has anyone had this experience?? Or can any doctors tell me exactly what she placed on the incision?

Do you have more current pictures on how they turned out?
Hey! I will take some pics and post them. I had some complications as two of my internal stitches popped due to me trying to be more active then I should have been. So, my scar is a. lil thicker then id like. Overall I'm very happy, if I do go back in I think I make get a benelli lift to make my nipples a little smaller. Pics will be up by the end of today
Thanks so much for responding. It's so nice to have a website like this because the recovery process I'm learning can be such an unsure thing. I think I judged to early, I'm two and half weeks post op now and although like you said, the areola is on the larger side, now that they've dropped some the tubular shape is disappearing and I'm quite happy. I do think later down the line tho I will have another lift since I am expecting them to sag a little over time. I'll be posting pics as soon as I can, and I too was surprised at the price but very happy :)
Dr. Robert Rey

He stresses the fact that perfection can never be guarenteed and it is very straight forward in the pro's and con's of all procedures. He is definitely not one to sugar coat anything

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