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Well i decided to finally make a consulatation...

Well i decided to finally make a consulatation after wanting BA & tummy tuck for a while now. So i did about two months ago. I'm going to get my breast done first & hoping to get my tummy tuck in 6mos. to a year. Since it's too expensive for both procedures at once. Although this doctor is pretty well known on tv for his work. He does do a very good job on everything iv'e seen him do.

Well anyway, I'am 25 yrs. old & have two kids. I'm ready to feel sexy again. However, i'am still questioning the size of implants. I wanna go between 450-475cc Silicone, but since i'm getting a lift, they are telling me that it might rip the stitches. So they are saying to go for 425cc will be pretty big still & better for me. By the way I'm a 34b/c. So if anyone out there has gotten breast implants w/lift, I would love your feedback please. I will be posting before pics soon. Thank you!

I'm adding before pics that i took about a month...

I'm adding before pics that i took about a month ago. I recently lost 10 lbs so i'mma bit thinner now. been working out before surgery as much as possible. I'm 5"7 weight 135lbs as of now...I still don't know what size implants i'm getting. I do know i'm getting Silicone & anywhere 425cc-475cc's. My pre-op is the day b4 surgery, so until then i'll keep u ladies updated. Wow 5 more days till my surgery...getting nervous! ;)

Oh BTW i'm only getting a minimal lift.;) I think...

Oh BTW i'm only getting a minimal lift.;)
I think is called crescent lift.

Finally got my prescription filled, wow only 3...

Finally got my prescription filled, wow only 3 more days i'm anxious to get it over with already. I can't believe i'm finally doing this wish me luck ladies.

QUICK UPDATE: Hey ladies!!! Sorry i haven't been...

Hey ladies!!! Sorry i haven't been on here in the last couple of days. I'm 5 days post-op & i feel great!!! Well let me make this quick...Right after surgery the anasthesia definately took control of me. But i had no pain at all, It was more like soreness & just being uncomfortable. Rather than that it was ok. I ended up getting 475cc's silicone w/ a crescent lift. So far i'm very happy with them! I will be posting pics soon, i feel like i've just been goin & going. I really need to rest. I just wanna say that Dr. rey is the best!! He gave me exactly what i wanted. Pics soon to come just have to load them to my laptop. I'll try tomm. k ladies! :)

Hi ladies! Sorry i haven't really been on here to...

Hi ladies! Sorry i haven't really been on here to keep you guys updated. Today i'm 1 week postop. & everything so far is going great! I never had to take any pain meds. I got my drains removed from the crescent lift on the 4th day after. I noticed i forgot to mention that earlier. So this is my info on my BA. I got 475cc's Mentor Smooth Round HP silicone gel under the muscle on both breast. Right after surgery i looked at my breast and they never looked swollen like everyone describes, just a bit. But they never wore high on top. I actually like them since day one. 1 week today they still look pretty much the same from when i came after surgery, just a bit bruise on my right breast & a lil bigger & they are starting to look more round as well. I wasn't able to load the pictures from the 1st couple days of surgery.=( So i took a picture with my webcam today, so u guys can at least get a peek 1 week postop. I'm still not home, i'm actually enjoying myself here at my sisters house. She's been a big HELP! Tomm. is her Bday & were having a girls nite out! =] I promise i will post more pics as soon as i get home. If you guys have any questions. Just ask! Well thanks for all the support!

So I know i haven't really been on here in quite a...

So I know i haven't really been on here in quite a while to keep u ladies updated. Well first of all let me say that i did have a quite long recovery due to some accident. I hit myself on my breast 3 weeks out, left a big bruise & my left breast was swollen all the way up to my 2 month post-op. Finally the swelling is gone as well as bruising. I think i did too much right after surgery, that i regret. So my advice to you ladies that are planning surgery is please take it easy. My problem was that i felt too good rite after surgery & thought i can do it all. Big mistake. Well overall I'm so happy with my results, i would have to say that its the best thing i ever done for myself. I feel soo much sexier in clothes, at first i'm not gonna lie...I did have boob greed. I wanted them to be bigger. But know i'm glad i didn't get them any bigger, i love my size they are just right. I went from a 34b/c small to a 34DD. I know that sounds big n they look big here in my 9weeks post-op pic, but they are not that exaggerated. With clothes they look smaller, i'll post more pics up soon. But they are perfect for me. If you ladies have any questions feel free to ask. I ended paying 9500 towards the end btw.

Oh I also forgot to mention that i ended up...

Oh I also forgot to mention that i ended up getting an allergy reaction to the surgical glue. So i also had to deal with that as well. My rash was all red around my nipple, uggh it was so bad. As u can see i still have a bit of it left around my nipple except its more like a faded brown dryness around my nipple n breast. I'm just thankful it's almost all gone. N that my breast are almost healed.

So i will be 13 weeks post-op tomm. & finally i'm...

So i will be 13 weeks post-op tomm. & finally i'm glad that my nipples are getting their color. they were pretty dark there for a while. & big now their rounding up well. lol Well i'm posting this new pic now, i'll post some more later with bra & clothes.

I finally got back into working out about a month...

I finally got back into working out about a month ago, my boob felt weird when running, but now i'm about use to it.
Dr. Robert Rey

He really is understanding. He makes you feel at ease. Answers all concerns. Even took the time out on a weekend just to make sure everything was ok, since i was over concern about a lil mishap. But over all yes i really reccommend him! =0]

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You carry your new boobies quite well! I'm afraid of going too big but I see you in your pics and feel more and more confident. Great to hear that you can run with them :)
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Same here, I am having mine done on June 13 and was afraid I was going to big. Looking at your pics I feel like I am making a good decision. You look amazing, now I'm anxious to have mine done..I can't wait!
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Your breast looked good before but amazing after!
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I'm so glad I saw your post. I'm set to get my girls put in on DEC. 5th. I've been very nervous about my implant decision. I myself am going to go with 475 HP mentor smooth round. I am also a small c/full b currently. Every one keeps telling me I'm going to have "insanely" large boobs (i'm 5'0" and very athletically built) but when I try on the sizers the 475 (for the 450 post op look) are by far my favorite. I hope my breasts turn out as beautiful as yours have!
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Your results look really nice! I wish my boobs looked like yours :)
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Thanks hun. Yeah well Good Luck!! It will all be worth it.=]
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wow!!! they look amazing i'm soo jealous i have to wait till next year for my procedures :-(
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You look amazing!! I cant wait for my BA, I have quite a bit of time ahead of me though! Thanks for updating
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hi, your pictures look great. i had a full TT w/ lipo 5 months ago now i'm going in for BA w/ lift. you mentioned drains. did you have a drain on each breast? was it painful to have them removed? lastly, how did he close the wound left from the drain. when the little hole was closed, for healing in my side, it was sooo painful! i'm pretty good with pain and that hurt so bad. so, just preparing my self. thanks!
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Hey luvcldplay ,
Yes, i had drains on each side of my breast. they were not painful at all! They usually remove them from one to 2 days. It helps reduce infection & heal faster. The hole closed on itself, the tube is very thin it's not wide. But he did put stitches on that area during surgery. Don't worry youll be just fine, Just take it real easy even if u feel great. I felt great the next day, my pain was zero. I took no pain meds, but i did hit my boob after 3 weeks & bruised. But im glad everything is good now. Good luck sweetie!=]
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I use to watch Dr Robert Rey on Teley all the time!!! He seems really lovely and his work looks really good. I think your results are really nice. Do you know if he uses the Brazilian Polyurethane Implants? My surgeon is pushing for these but I was told these are not available in the US???
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Looking Good :)
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wow, looking good after just 1 week post op! congrats! It looks so nice and natural!
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oh n 1 more thing is 10,000 the total for the implants n lift? jus wonderin cuz seems high bt then again u got the best doc..
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Thanks sweetie! yeah the price was for both procedures, I know it is kinda pricey. But i had to go with him. I love his work! I looked around for some time, but looking at his before & afters immediately loves loved his work! Yeah i like to see your most recent pics as well. Keep us posted!
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WOW u look great..i had so much swelling post op but now 3 na halh weeks post op its all gone...but dang gf u look great!! congrats on the new boobies i no ur gona love love love them..i wil update later today with the new pics i took this mornin...wel keep us updated hun!! :)
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Wow, they look great! I had minimal swelling and no bruising, so I was happy with mine from the beginning too. Wished I would have taken before and after pics though. I forgot what I looked like before. I go back for 6 wk postop next week, so I will look at pics dr took before surgery. Take it easy, and follow drs orders!
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Wow its nice to find someone with a simular story...Im 5' 7", 140lbs, I have 3 kids though :) Our stories are in reverse though, I am 1 week, post op-tummy tuck. In 6 months to a year I plan on getting silicone implants w/ a crescent lift. I hope your recovery is going well! I'll be checking back for your recovery updates, I would like to know what I have to look forward to! Happy healing!!
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Well Good Luck Sweetie! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. =]
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i think your before is pretty damn good, ill trade you!!!lol
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haha...really? thanks!=]
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Oh wow, you got Dr. Rey (Dr. 90210) as your PS? He's flamboyant but good. I used to watch that show and he's like the best one on there. Hope you're doing great w/ your recovery. Can't wait to see your pics.
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Yes i did!! Actually he is soo nice & funny!! Very understanding & help me any way possible that he could. So far i've had a great experience with him.
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Can't wait to see the pics! I'm glad your experience so far is good!!!
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