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Surgery date was December 15, 2012. I had lipo in...

Surgery date was December 15, 2012. I had lipo in 6 areas, breast & brazillian butt augmentation. I initially was supposed to have a breast augmentation 4 years ago almost to the date... but on my surgury date I found out I was pregnant. Now I have a three ½ year old and I have decided to have cosmetic surgery. I am 5’3, weighed 135 lbs. Physically fit and I gained about 18lbs for the fat transfer. Once I made the decision everything else just kind of happen very quickly.

I decided to have a BBA via fat transfer with Dr. Matlock. He was able to get 570 ccs for each cheek.(I must say he is the BEST. After researching doctors in California, I came across the E TV program Dr. 90210 and he is THE BUTT Dr! Dr. Matlock has traveled to Brazil over 18 times, and performed over 7,000 BBA procedures. For my Breast Augmentation I went with Dr. Diaz, I wanted Full C’s for my body frame therefore I went with 370 cc’s silicone. (Dr. Diaz is the best too) Being that I am a single mother, and this was my first cosmetic procedure I had developed alot of anxiety. For about three weeks straight, I was trying to gain weight in a healthy manner (with moderation, I allowed myself to have fast food and carbs but I also drank Muscle Milk and Ensure Protein Drinks 2x a day). But ,I was still nervous about the thought of going under... but then became excited once I thought of finally achieving the results I’ve wanted for so long. I was nervous about going under (procedure started at 7:30 AM and ended around 12PM). It took a couple of hours to come out of anesthesia, and then I recovered at a recovery center for 2 days.

I am at the 3 week post op mark and returned to work after 2 ½ weeks post op. I am in a job where I am required to sit for 8 + hours a day, therefore I am glad that I had the procedure over the holiday break. My recovery is going well. Breasts have already started to fall and look natural. The bruising from the lipo has almost already disappeared (I took Healing supplements pre and Post Arnica and Bornica /Querin) I highly recommend this. Scaring: I have the type of skin that can scar pretty bad and possibly develop hypertrophic and keloid scars. Note that my incisions for my breast (so far are very flat), and the sutures for the lipo have already disappeared out of 8 lipo entry sites, only four are now visible and healing nicely. Note, no drains or removal of sutures were required.

Recovery: I still sleep on my sides, and my Brazilian butt augmentation is still healing. It still feels very tight. In the beginning it felt like I had two cement slabs on the top of my butt. But, I was able to walk around and shop two days post surgery. I did NOT do any heavy lifting or carry my child. Out of all of the procedures combined, the most difficult has been the areas that were aggressively lipo'd (abdomen, flanks and part of my back). There is still a tingling sensation, and those areas are itchy. I was told it is a natural process of my skin trying to re-attach to the fat, but it just feels very uncomfortable. Yesterday was my first lipo massage. It was very soothing. I highly recommend it.

I wish all of you ladies who are considering this operation the best of luck. Be sure ton do your research, and make sure you have enough fat to transfer. It is not worth it if you have less than 500 – 700 cc’s. For those of you who question if you can combine the two procedures, (breast aug and BBA), you can. But for the first few days of recovery please be sure to lay with your back propped up, and your knees to one side so you are not applying pressure to your butt. I still sleep on my hip (alternating sides), and will do this for the next two months. ? l also heard about the boppy pillow, BUT my doctor advised against it because the sides of the doughnut applies pressure to part of your butt augmentation.

Lastly, I am definitely at the 4 week convalescence stage (information provided to me by my plastic surgeon about different psychological recovery stages), where I constantly stare looking for results and get paranoid thinking I may have lessened the results from sitting down for 15 minutes, or from sitting down when driving. These stages of recovery are natural. My follow-up appointment is in a couple of weeks.

I will post pre-op and post op pictures soon. (i’m really bad at uploading pictures, hopefully this years NY resolutions will change that!) Again I hope this information helps.

Dr. David Matlock

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Hi there, you look great! It's been about 2 years are you still happy with the results.
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Hi this was 2 years ago. Are you still happy with the results! You look great! Thanks!
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Hi there lol awesome by the way...did u do both the bbl at the same time?? If soo how was it during the recovery?
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Hi, i want to get this done but i have never seen results in real life and the ps that ive gotten consults with cannot get a patient to meet with me. Before i got my breat done i got to see many girls with them. If you are willing to meet with me i will compenste you. Desperately seeking a post op patient.... my email is thanks jennifer
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I want 700 to 900 cc's I don't want my butt too big
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Hi so u said its not worth getting less than 500-700 ccs??? U feel u should have gotten more???
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Thank you because I've been trying to figure out how many I want to get...I want it to still look natural but I want it very round & full
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Hey there : almost 600 ccs into each cheek;) I hope this helps.
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Hey how many cc's did you get in your butt? Thanks:)
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Congratz you look great,how many cv's did you have in each(sorry you may have said I didn't see it)
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Hey Ms Mack and Brat 2846: I got almost 600 ccs in each cheek which is equivalent to 4 liter bags of fat into each. I hope this helps :)
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how many inches are you around again? how many inches were you before surgery?
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@Mrs.Billionaire I was about 38 1/2 inches pre surgery. Post surgery 41 inches.
I recently lost 5 lbs and my measurements around my butt remains the same. :)
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For some reason I don't see the new photos?
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how many cc's per cheek? (you look grat btw) Also, you said something about for the first few days after recovery to "lay with the back propped up." You were laying face up with the BBL? I would aldo like a BA with a BBL, but most people say it's impossible. :( I would want to do anything to affect the implant and def not my butt. Tips please :)
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Hi Sabrina-

Your post have been so helpful! I am interested in getting a BBL done. I was wondering how much was the bbl out of the $8000.00 you paid. That seems like a very reasonable price for a bba and a breast aug. you had 6 areas lipo'd? Do you mind sharing which parts? And how are you doing now? Thanks!!
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Hi Questions 111 - sorry if my review was misleading.

Breast augmentation.(Silicone) - 8k
Lipo'd areas cost 2k per area - 12k
(abdomen, flank, inner thighs,upper back, mid/lower back)
BBL - 4k

Note that I did not have alot of fat on my back, but it was important to have this contouring done so my back would have that S shape. This is critical for helping give the illusion of a shapely behind.

I am doing well. I'm at the 4 week post op. Breasts feel awesome, they have dropped and feel natural. (my nipples are super sensitive!)And my booty is starting to soften up.
I am still sore from the stomach and flank areas that were aggressively lipo'd. But it is SO worth it, the swelling has gone down and I am starting to starting to see the final outcome. I am very pleased!
Be sure to do your research, I know that there are doctors that will do this procedure at a cheaper price. In fact, I was quoted 9k by one of them (BBL & Breast Aug!).
Dr. Matlock is well renowned, reputable and one of the best in Beverly Hill, CA.
I wish you the best of luck in your journey. :)
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Glad to hear you're doing well. I'm sure the soreness will go away soon and you'll be left with the body you always wanted!

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Can you post what your results are now? What was your hip measure before and after? I've had BBL with Dr. Matlock 6 years ago and now my hip measurement is 40. I want to go bigger and I'm thinking of going back to him for another round. He is costly though. I also inquired about Dr. Salama in Florida and he is 8,000 cheaper than Dr. Matlock. I don't know what to do? I've had great results with Dr. Matlock before though.
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So was all the pain worth it? I wan u to do ba with bbl but feel that it might be too much pain for my body any advice?
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google ledge pillow.... i had breast/butt done and it was a life saver for me.
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Hey bosslady - you are a life saver. I just googled it and it just so happens I have one. Although I'm already at week 4 post op, I am sleeping on my tummy tonight. I enjoyed reading your Review. You crack me up, and your body is banging. Good for you. I hope you are still doing well.
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Hi Sabrina,

Thanks for sharing your story with us. It sound slike you had a lot to dela with, having both procedures done together. I'm glad it all went well though. Hopefully you'll be seeing your desired results soon!


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Hi Kirsty,
Thank you for your note. I am thankful for Realself I wish I discovered it before I had my procedures. :) The ladies on the site are very cool and I find that their experiences are helpful. I will be posting pictures soon.

Take Care.
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