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Hello Ladies, I have been so ashame of my...

Hello Ladies,

I have been so ashame of my butt, I do not want my bf to even touch me there. I have big boobs, big waist and NO butt and you can only imagine how awkward that make me feel.

With all that being said I have high hopes that everything will turn out lovely.

I plan to put up b4 and after pictures soon.

I must say this website has been extremly helpful..thank you all.

Today was my pre-op appointment and I was able to...

Today was my pre-op appointment and I was able to get a clear understanding as to what will take place on my procedure date.

I must say it made me very nervous signing papers for the different side effects....these were the top 3 that bothered me...

1. Death (scared the shi@ out of me)

2. Nerve Injury

3. Disfigurement

It seem like my hole body got everyone keep me in your prayers.

I can't believe it's finally getting...

I can't believe it's finally getting closer for my BBL to take place. I'm extremely excited and yet anxious to know what the end results will look like.

Below is a picture of the boppy pillow I purchased...

Below is a picture of the boppy pillow I purchased. There are so many boppy pillows to choose from. Is this the correct one? If not, can someone please send me a picture of the correct one.

Well I must say it's been a great experience...

Well I must say it's been a great experience for me sense I never had surgery. When I first went in layed on the bed all I remember him asking me about Hawaii and the next thing I knew I'm in the recovery room saying I'm alive and the entire staff was cracking up. I will put up pictures soon. Thanks everyone for your support. Oh I almost forgot I receive 600cc in each check. I'm very happy with that number and he said I had a lot of good fat so hopefully I get to keep it all.

Today was my follow up visit with Dr. Evans he was...

Today was my follow up visit with Dr. Evans he was very pleased with my results. It turns out my skin did really well and he do not show any signs of me having loose skin...I'm so excited.

Today make 1 week and 1 day post-op. I'm...

Today make 1 week and 1 day post-op. I'm starting to get more feeling in my lower back. Right now my stomach and back is itching like crazy so of course that's a sign of healing (yay). Also, I forgot to add in my previous post I fully stopped drainage on October 3rd, which was 3 days after my procedure.

Today I am 2 weeks post op. For the past 3 days...

Today I am 2 weeks post op.

For the past 3 days I have been experiencing discomfort in my left cheek to where I could not walk and when I did walk it was with a limp due to swelling. I contacted my doctor Monday 10/10 and he precribed antibotics for me to take and as of today I am feeling much better. Although I was not scheduled to see my doctor until next week he requested to see me today just to make sure I am heeling properly. He was very pleased with my cheeks and told me there are cases where 1 cheek will heel faster than the other. I have attached a new photo that was taken at the doctor office today.

Hello Everyone! In 1 day I will be 4 weeks...

Hello Everyone!

In 1 day I will be 4 weeks post op. Just when I thought my left cheek was healing the problem had worsen in between 2 and 3 week post op due to the infection. Doc had to put me on a stronger antibiotic and as of 4 days ago it appear to be working to help clear the problem. Left cheek is finally softening but still remain swollen and my right cheek is doin great. It's a miserable feeling but I manage to deal with it sense I have the support from Dr. Evans and his staff and I feel that's a major plus. Just a word of advice: I strongly encourage you ladies to get the BBL done near your home because complications can occur (unless you can afford to fly back and forth to see your doc) cause out of concern I've seen my doc already 7 times sense my procedure taken place on Sept 29th.

Thanks to all who prayed for me.

Wow! It's been one crazy day for me. As you...

Wow! It's been one crazy day for me. As you all know I have been experience major problem with my left cheek. Yesterday I had a discussion with my mother regarding my left cheek and she told me to send a picture (which I did do), so about an hour later my mother told me I had a boil filled with infection that needs to come to head, so she told me to apply peroxide to it and I did that for about 3 hours and later that night I get in the shower I applied warm water to the infected area, once I get out the shower I noticed I was leaking yellow fluids so I applied gauze. This morning when I get up I texted my doctor and explained to him the problem he immediately ask if I can come into the office (of course I went), once I get there he went right to work (OH MY GOD this was the worst experience of my life). What happened was the infection was finally ready to come out. First he dead it then he lance/cut the area he wanted to drain out of and oh my goodness I had so much fluids come out it was crazy. I was in so much pain, I cried, screamed and yelled. It took about an hour and half for this yellow fluids to come out. He kept on mashing it and that was the worst ever. I can tell you this its such a big relief. Oh he did pack the hole so it can continue draining, its a bit uncomfortable but hell anything is better than earlier episode. I do not wish this on nobody just thinkin about it brings tears to my eyes. I posted a before picture showing before drainage took place today. Again, thanks for all your prayers.

Good Evening Everyone, I can honestly say I'm...

Good Evening Everyone, I can honestly say I'm feeling relaxed. Im still draining a slight bit but not much. Tomorrow I go and see my Dr. and he plans to clean my open wound as he did on Tuesday, it wasn't all that bad I just pray when he cleanse the open wound he want have to packed the open area again and just stitch me up and send me on my to I just got out the shower and removed the packing (as instructed by my doctor), and decided to take a picture of my cut. I do apologize for my ashy butt. As u can see my skin peeled from using the peroxide but hey I don't care about my skin peeling my misery is over my skin will heal. Again, thank u all for your support and prayer.

Hello Ladies, I know it's been a while sense I...

Hello Ladies, I know it's been a while sense I post anything. Anyhow, I am doing fine. After all I been thru with my left cheek I can finally say things are back to normal (smiling). I will be 5 months post-op on Feb 29th. My left cheek is a little smaller than my right cheek but hey I'm not worried anything is better than my before pictures. I plan to re-do my left cheek in September 2012. I have uploaded new photos. Let me know if you have any questions.
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Hi, i want to get this done but i have never seen results in real life and the ps that ive gotten consults with cannot get a patient to meet with me. Before i got my breat done i got to see many girls with them. If you are willing to meet with me i will compenste you. Desperately seeking a post op patient.... my email is thanks jennifer
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I planned to go to Dr. Evans but I want to see more of his work. Im new to this site and I'm not sure how to access your pictures
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cheeks how are you doing? i was just trying to find out if this doc did bbl procedure? how is the cheeks? Can you send some updates? Also, im wanting a tummytuck and bbl but, im trying to see the price. one lady on here paid 7k for a tummytuck and that is reasonalble for me
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Where have u been? How are u feeling?
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Hi....I'm around. Thx for ur concern. I'm feeling better I can't say I'm all the way 100 but I'm getting there. :)
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Cheeks, your pics are gone again lol
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Lol, girl I know. Sharon sent me a message tellin me it had something to do wit my android phone and there team is looking into it. Also, she plans to upload pictures o nce the problem has been fixed.
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dont worry , and The area where It was cut you cant make it look better in many treatment if its leave any scars or small hole
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Actually its healing nicely already. I can't wait until doctor okay to let it close.
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the problem Transient and the matter will be gone
god bless you
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Hi Friends73, I must say I feel a hole lot better. The area where I was cut it's looks better too. I'm finally onto recovery. Thank you.
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Sending prayers your way hope your healing better now
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Thank u, thank u. I feel great now jus a little discomfort but nothing I can't handle.
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Check with Sharon the moderator of this board... she might be able to tell you what happpened.
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I don't know what happened, Sharon claimed they wasnt deleted by them and she said they can be restored.
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Thanx up for update Cheeks, but I can't see any of your pictures.
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I don't understand what happened to my pictures they were deleted and I didn't delete them. I will have to reload and I may not have my b4 pictures.....dang it thats kool.
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Oops corrections "dang it that's not kool this happened"
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Hi Cheeks,

Our system shows that they were deleted yesterday (not by us). We can restore them if you want. Just let me know.


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I know I didn't delete them. When I went to do an update and went back to my page they were gone. Glad to know u can restore them. Can u please restore them. Thanks a million.
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All fixed. :) Not sure what happened but it was probably just a fluke thing. If they disappear again, just let me know.

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Pictures are now up.
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Felling better Cheeks??
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What I find SOOOOOO intersting is that I didn't realize there were SOOOOO many females out here that feel/felt like I do... LOL or had the same disease as myself.... noassatall
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Are u talking before or after your BBL?
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