NEVERRRRR Gotten Surgery Before- Beverly Hills, CA

Hii.sooo I haven't actually done the surgery yet,...

Hii.sooo I haven't actually done the surgery yet, but I went in for my consultation and it went reallyyy well. I'm nervous. I live at home with parents still and they CANNOT know about this, so I'm worried about the first 3 days. Will I be in obvious pain? Help somebody. I need to get this done asap

Just got it done today!!!!

So I just got it done and surprisingly I feel completely ok.after the surgery I went to grab a bite to eat at chipotle.i was EXTREMELY SLEEPY after so I went home n took a nap.i just wokeup with some pain, but not tooo bad, just sore like I've been doing ab workouts lol.
My stomach is making these weird noises like I'm hungry or something so I ate a banana.i can get up n walk n go up n down stairs normally.its painful, but I can handle wearing a garmet with some foam and maxi pads under for draining.i love my garmet it makes me feel skinny, I was scared it'll be uncomfortable, but I don't mind wearing it for 6 wks.ill keep you guys posted on tomorow! Oh n I'll show pics of my before :]

Oh ya forgot to mention

I forgot to tell you guys what I had done haha oops.i got my stomach and waist done.i attached a before :]


so while I was changing the pads, I looked in the mirror and my stomach was already flat !!!!!!!


In a little pain, but not too bad.i notice im in a lot more pain when laying down, so I've been walking a lot more.

Post opppp 2 days

So far obsesssed with my results.i've never had a flat stomach, till now


How do I change the "not sure" to "worth it" at the top of my profile? I've been trying to figure it out for daaays now

Day 4

I'm nauseous and I want to cry.

Is this normal

I'm swelling in the pelvic area lol gross.i read that it's normal, but I'm really paranoid because it looks nasty.anyways I'm still nauseous.and I bruised up a lot since yesterday because I bumped into a corner of the wall while walking :( funny, but not cool lol

Daaay 5

I feel goood.i stopped taking the painkiller pills, they were making me nauseous.i do have a little pain, but not that moving around at work, and everything is going far my results are ok, I'm still super swollen. I'm just glad I'm not in a massive amount of pain, and nobody can tell :} I go in for my post op on Monday, I'll post pics thenn

Day 6

Can't wait to wear a tight shirt lol

Went in for my 1 wk post op appointment

It went awessome.the dr said I'm doing great and that my body's healing perfectly.he was surprised I wasn't in too much pain, he even asked if I was taking too many painkillers hahah.he gave me a smaller it's suuuuperrrr tight! I can't wait till 5 more weeks! So excited!!

2 weeks down, 4 more to go

Can't wait to take this garmet off! The doctor said even if I'm doing really well, I should wait 6 weeks to work out because if I work out before that it'll cause me to swell.soo I'm listening to directions but I'm getting so ancy I just want my body to be perfect already

3 weeks in

So far so good


OKAAAY GUYS IM BACK.soooo, I'm not sure how many weeks it's been, I think it's been about 3 months from now, but my results look so happy seriously.when I'm standings stomach looks flat my waist looks tiny, but only problem is, when I sit down I have this my upper stomach rolls over my lower stomach? And I feel like I have this little fat right on top of my belly can't tell when I'm standing, but when I sit I look like a fat girl.has anyone had this problem?

Pics of what I'm talking about

It goes from perfection to defection.what do I do guys


I didn't get my butt done, buut I guess since my waist is smaller my ass looks collosaaaaal!!! It looks really round and bubbly lol it looks nice too when I wear fitted dresses
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everyone gets rolls when they sit a certain lool fantastic. girl, you are as bad as me about perfection..guess that's why we went to beverly
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Haha thank you! Beverly Hills has the bestt doctors ever I love my results, but I just want to be perfect lol
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You look great!!! Amazing!!!! So glad to see someone so far out on the healing and so happy with the results. Yay for you!!!! :-)
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Thank you sooo much! This procedure wasn't scary at all, and not at all as painful as other people have my results so far!
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You look amazing. I'm so happy to read that you had a good experience. My procedure is scheduled for July 10th and I'm getting anxious. Was your procedure done under general or local anesthesia? Mine will be under local and the idea of being awake scares me a little. If you were awake, can you tell me what it felt like and what medication cocktail you were given prior to the procedure?
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Thank you so much! I was under local and yes I was awake the whole be honest, it's not an uncomfortable feeling at allll I was totally comfortable, I even took a little feels like nothing lol you'll be fine trust me!! I'm not sure what medication was given to me, I'm really bad at that but whatever it was made me feel good
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So glad that things r going well, I think it may take awhile for skin to tighten.
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I hope waist looks great standing, but I just hate the way it looks sitting down
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got back from beverly hills where i had mine done last sunday...i'm 10 days post op and am absolutley loving my results. dr rollins at elite body sculpture was beyond amazing!!! hope you are healed up and rocking your abs....( :
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Omg your results look AMAZING!!! Wow.i was just looking at all of your pictures and you look great!!
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thank you!!!! so far so good...
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Congrats on your procedure and positive results!
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Thank you!
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we want more pics!! ( :
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Hey there, I completely understand that feeling of taking off the CG :-) You're doing great though. I can only imagine how curvy you'll be looking in a few weeks. Don't worry, 4 weeks will come and go before you know it. Keep up the good work! :-)
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i understand about the working out thing... i wish i could come straight home after surgery and go to a personal trainer 3 days a i'm going to get my body RIGHT! haha i guess i too will have to wait tip at least the beginning of august to start that program, but i am determined to be perfect by the New Year. post some new pics..we are all dying to see ( :
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Perfection always takes a while longer.
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Sounds like u r on the fast track to perfection. Congrats
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Thank you so much! I'm just trying to keep positive.when you think positive, positive things happen thank god
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i think you got a great price for a beverly hills doc STARTS his rates for abdomen and waist at 10,000.00 and i don't have much to remove at all..that combined with flights and hotels etc....this is costing a small fortune...i hope the results will be worth it..
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Oh WOW.why so much!? I thought how much I paid was a lot, should have a consultation with my doctor.hes amazinggg and in Beverley hills, has awesome reviews everywhere.i barely had any pain after the surgery.just nauseous one day and so far my results look awesome
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too late...i already set everything up..i'm going to dr aaron rollins at elute body sculpture. he was just on that show The Dr's last week...i had seen him alot in the media and then in OK magazine a couple of months ok...He had done work on Shanna Moakler and she did a spread about it... So..i feel great about him and his reputation, however i think all the media coverage is why his rates are so high....i'm really hoping i don't have pain either and get results like are looking so good after just a few days. WOW!
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Don't worry, I'm sure you won't be in that much pain.he sounds like an AMAZING doctor.your results might be better than mine, think positive! :)
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Hi can I ask you a question? For the amount you paid for the SmartLipo, do you think it's based on the area or amount you're getting worked on? Your results are great!
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Aw thank you! To be quite honest with you, everybody's body is different and reacts differently.i got my abdomen and waist done, I've done my research on some doctors, and he's the onlyyyy one that had good reviews everywhere.pricey, but honestly, you get what you pay for
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