Good experience so far, Los Angeles, CA

I read a lot of article in RealSelf and they...

I read a lot of article in RealSelf and they helped me a lot in the whole process, so I thought I will share mine.

I am 45 years old, I am not sure if it is a bit young to get this kind of procedure. I lost 35 pounds in the past year by myself with no help, maybe my diet was not well balanced. Not sure. I really didn't like what I saw in the mirror every morning. I had jowls, I looked alway unhappy as the corner of my mouth was drooping, I think I looked older than I was. I live in Los Angeles, and had my procedure done in Beverly Hills.

After over a year of research and few years of saving. I found who would be the best surgeon for me. The cost I mention includes full neck and facelift. Also includes operating room, Anesthesia. I also had the tip of my nose reduced which is not counted in there (another 6K). I also spent one night in a specialised clinic.

I lookea

As supplement, I started to take Arnica a few days before surgery as it helps with swelling and bruising.

It has been almost 3 months now since my surgery....

It has been almost 3 months now since my surgery. The swelling is almost completly gone, though the whole process seems to take for ever, but I read lot of reviews here on Realself and it depends on people, it is never as fast as one may want.

I still have a tiny bit of numbness on both sides by the upper cheeks, eyes and to the hairline.

My cheeks are very flat and I looked at some pics of myself 20 years ago and I never had big cheeks but I am thinking of getting a bit of filler in them at least to make them more even. One being bigger than the other. I am also hoping it will help with the "bump" that I have just under the right cheek, I thought it was part of the jowls (not sure how to call it) but it is still there. I slep on that side so it could be due to that.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Thanks, Lolita! WOW!!! You look fantastic and very youthful. I love your results and hope to achieve the same natural look as yourself.
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You can click on lolita2010, choose "full profile" and then check the before and after picture on "still some jowls after facelift?". I don't want to add pics to this review as it make my post bumb up to the top, and I don't like too much attention. Thanks.
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I would love to see your pics - can you please upload them to your review again? Thanks so much. :)
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I must say that you are looking stunning. That's quite a miracle for you.
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Hmmm..@garfield12. Sounds like a back-handed compliment. I think you should clean up your comment and compliment.
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Wow, you look amazing and fresh. I think i'm in love!! X
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Each picture gets younger,lucky you,and despite the cost i do believe it has been money well spent,and it makes me think that its worth saving to get the best.!
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You DO look a solid 15 years younger, at least! Me and my husband both agree on this. :D

You should be thrilled! Good job, hang in there and I've heard that by 6 mo. you will see your final results although complete healing takes 12 mo. Keep on posting! :D
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I can't say it enough, You look amazing!!
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Oh my goodness you have amazing results. ! Fantastic !
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I noticed all the captions disapeared, so I had to write on the pics...Not sure if I am the only one who has that problem or Realself is not showing the captions anymore.
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I can't wait
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Where are the pics:( what happened?
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I will re-upload them in a few days, I am out of town. Thanks :)
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I see you paid $24,500.00. I know in Canada it was the same price for all I wanted done.
Unfortunately being retired I could not afford it. So great you were able to save and have it done there. I see your face with more volume and that is what shows the aging most of all is volume loss. You look a lot younger.
So I opted for Cancun where it was 1/4 the cost. I did find an amazing surgeon Dr Velasco and clinic. But I researched a lot. So had a 2 weeks vacation, condo/meds/compression garments and all transfers to and from the airport , all Dr appts for $5900.00 USD.
It was a great choice for me.
Keep posting and wow you look great
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Me too! I see your pictures over and over again! Its unbeleivable!!!
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I can't stop looking at your picture, you look wonderful!
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Thank you!
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Wow you look wonderful I am 68 yrs old and also recently lost a lot of weight I have lost 78 lbs and my neck was horrible looking No amount of excericse will tighten loose skin. I bought videos the neck gadgets etc nothing So after about 18 months of fighting with myself I decided I worked so hard to end up hating the way I looked anyway I deserved it.. so 13 days ago I had a neck and facelift..[Not eyes or eyelids, nose or forehead] I had a reaction to the anitbiotic otherwise all was well.. I only took 4 pain pills total.... I iced SEVERAL times a day for a week.. I had very minimal swelling after day 4 and most of the brusing is gone now.. I the staple and stictches out tomorrow[kind of scard of that]... I want to post pictures but I can figure out how to do it.. My youngest son said he is going to have a hard time looking at me becuase I now look his age haha
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How are you doing? Would love to see your before and after photo. Its easy on real self on your profile. It is over the 2 week mark so must have lots of improvements.
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Congratulation on your surgery, you must feel much better about yourself already and it will get even better as things take their places. I was also affraid of the staples coming off, like it was going to hurt a lot or something as they were so scary to look at. When I went to my appointment to remove them I told my PS about my concern, he says: "they are the easiest ones to remove, you will feel even less than with the stitches". He was right, didn't hurt just like a bit itchy at removal, but since we were talking about things and others I didn't really actully feel anything. Did you post pics? Please let us know how it went.
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P.S. Please keep those pics coming--they are fantastic and you are inspiring! :D
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Hi Cathy!!

Thanks for sharing your story!! I am excited to see your results. I also went for a consultation with Dr. Calabria (you can't beat those before and after pics on his site--although, always REMEMBER, for those interested out there--the pics are of his clients before recovery is complete and you are seeing a lot of swelling, so it is not the final results. I only wish he DID present his clients 1 year after.) Never mind that, I know he's a good surgeon and I am happy for you!!

1. when did you have surgery?
2. did you experience any mild complications?
3. Overall what was your experience?

I had a facelift 2 months ago and am very happy with results! :D I was in the same boat you were in. I looked much like you and about the same age. That is why your story touches me so much. I think you did the right thing! You are ready when you are ready. There is no magic age to get it done.

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For some reason your comment was not forwarded to me, do I appologize not to have answered earlier. I had my surgery on June 5th 2012. No complication at all, but recovery time always seems longer than it should!

As you mentioned dr. Calabria has amzing before and after pics and a lot of them, that what I like, otherwise it will be hard to get an idea of what you are getting. I am almost 2 months post surgery, most of the swelling is gone and I look more human :P.

Now, I do not think I look 20 years younger hehe, but I will guess about 9 years. You be the judge. Not sure if my face is going to change more or if it is what I will look like now. I edited the pics, and posted pics 3 days before, 5 days after, then 7 weeks later...Tell me what you think. Thank you!
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Very nice results. You look about 30 now. I think the key is natural. I had my facelift 3 months ago in Cancun Mexico for about 1/4 the cost in Canada. I had fantastic results and day by day you will look in the mirror and feel so good. It does take 3-12 months to see the final results. Can you imagine better. Happy for you
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