Better for Deep Lines

I first had Radiesse for very deep frown lines...

I first had Radiesse for very deep frown lines (marionette?). People often told me I looked mad. One syringe of Radiesse did not much for me. A little bit better.

When I retured two weeks later for a check up, I had already decided I needed more. They talked me into Perlane saying it would last longer and fill the lines a little better. Boy did it. My mouth is now even across with no frowning. It took almost two syringes. It did hurt a little more. With Radiesse they put lidocaine in the syringe so it didn't really hurt. No lidocaine with the Perlane. I could feel it pushing up through the lines. Almost feeling a sort of poping sensation. It was a little uncomfortable.

I have had a clitoris piercing, tattoo on my ankle, and have had cortisone injections in my shoulder. I would put it right along those lines. Sorry, I didn't have any kids so I can't rate it against that. The pain afterwards was much less than with Radiesse. Hardly any bruising.

If you have really deep lines, I would recommend it.

I have been fighting low self esteem for most of my life. I am 48 years old. Now I am fighting the Nasal folds and marionette lines, along with upper lip thining. My budget does not allow for this luxury. Know any sponsors??? Just Dreaming.
I have low self esteem and now that I have gotten older I have gotten better, but now have wrinkles around mouth and nasal folds. I have no way of affording this luxury. Seems vain but wish it was more affordable.
Salem Plastic Surgeon

I had a breast reduction several years ago with him. I have seen a few other women who have had it done and mine look better than most I have seen so I trust him and his decisions.

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