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I had the classic cute very deep dimples heart...

I had the classic cute very deep dimples heart shaped face when I was younger, which was great because it always made me look younger, but seemingly overnight, at age 40, I started to lose that youthful fat layer on my upper cheeks (I am told this is normal), which with my small jaw, caused a "flattening" of my cheeks below my eyes, leading to slight jowling on either side of my chin.

Frankly, it made me look much older than my actual age. Over 3 years, I researched procdures for jowls on the internet, and saw through pictures what seemed to be the best results through "threading", or through cheek implants.

So I consulted a plastic surgeon, who was wonderful, and honestly told me that "threading" was a relatively new procedure, and I might want to wait to see how people are satisfied long term. He did not do that procedure, and did not try to sell me on anything he did do, or stop me from seeking a Dr. that did that procedure, just gave me information to help me decide. I then asked him about the implants. Again, he was very honest, told me that with my facial type and shape, he thought I would be pleased with the results on my upper face, but was unsure whether I would be satisfied with the jowl area. He said a midface lift might be a better solution, but that I didn't really need that yet, and that if I planned that in the future, it often involved cheek implants.

If I did the cheek implants now, and I wasn't satisfied with the jowl area, the midface cost would be less expensive later, because they would already be done. I didn't have the downtime available, for a lift, and he was honest about my not needing it yet, so I decided to try just the implants. Well, I can tell you that I was thrilled with the results, and five years later, I am still thrilled!

The procedure was very quick, they were put in through my mouth, and I had less pain and complications than having wisdom teeth pulled. I had a lot of swelling for about three weeks, but I am prone to swelling so I expected it. The results were wonderful! I didn't go for the big implants, just enough to fill out the area that had the fat loss, and it brought most everything back into place.

People thought I had lost weight, been on vacation, gotten a good nights sleep, no one dreamed I had implants done. It was a very natural improvement. I have only the slightest jowling starting, after five years.

The only complication I had was a spot of scar tissue about the size of half a marble under my left cheekbone, which was uncomfortable, but can't be seen, and did lessened with light massage starting a couple months after recovery.

All in all, for the money, the recovery time, and the cost, it was a great investment. It has made me comfortable with my aging. I am planning on the midface lift in the next couple years, and glad that it will be simpler and less expensive because I had the implants done and enjoyed the results already. I am 48 now, and people frequently guess my age in my mid thirties, I think that is great.

On my experience, I would recommend the procedure.

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where are the pics
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I wonder if that would help someone - like me -who's always had pretty flat cheekbones and a rather "downward-leaning" face (fleshy lower cheeks, corners of the mouth pointing downwards)....
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I too have been researching for the same issue that you described. A PS told me about 10 years back that there was nothing they could do about it, but that was a while ago. I've always had cheeks (since childhood) that were a little fuller in the bottom half of my face creating marrionette lines / sad expression and under my eye area is really flat now that I'm older causing a sunken look. I also have a small chin and very narrow jawline, which only makes things worse. Was wondering if you had local sedation for the procedure? Also, whether you considered fillers instead? My only concern is that the change will be too drastic. Were you able to get the PS to customize the implants so they were less subtle? Have you had any issues with them since? I'm considering the jaw implants too. Any info/advice is greatly appreciated.
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Hi, what kind of implants did you have? I'm thinking of having this procedure done. I've recently had Perlane in my cheeks, but it goes really quickly, and I want something a bit more permanent.
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Thanks, for info. What is the implant made of? I just had purlane filler and it was an improvement, but not good enough. Does not give you the overall results. It also is temporary and it costs a fortune to maintain it. I don't regret it but as soon as it dissipates I will consider having a neck lift (face lift) with some type of implant. (A fat transfer was suggested). But, I want to learn more about the implant to decide.
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Just wondering how your cheek implants are doing? I live near you in Wisconsin and I am considering cheek implants as I have the same issue you had with fat loss in my upper cheeks. I think I will try dermal fillers first to see how I would like the fullness....then next spring try for the implants.
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Also wondering if you had fat grafting with your implants? I am a bit concerened how my under eye area will respond after cheek implants. Just wondering how your under eye area handled it, if you had more lines or wrinkles or if that area was ok....thanks again....
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