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Have had saline breast implants and silicone....

Have had saline breast implants and silicone. Completely night and day. The silicone look and feel more natural. They actually lay down when I do at the beach and don't have a wavy appearance like the saline did. The saline also did not adjust to my body temperature, it was odd. If the water was cold and I got out and the air was hot, they stayed cold even though, I would warm up. Not a good thing.

Love the new breasts.

Should these happen to wear out on me, just like a set of tires, I will replace them.

This is really useful feedback. I hadn't thought about the temperature being an issue. I am always cold as it is. I'm trying to decide if silicone is for me and you made excellent points!
Looking goood what size are they???
I think they look great, I've seen a lot of work in person and think that they did a great job! I think life is short, do whatever you want with your body, it's YOUR body;) People judging others for what they want is just tacky:):)
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