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I had Thermage done by a doctor who I personally...

I had Thermage done by a doctor who I personally know and trust. I have very sensitive skin being a natural redhead.He had done this procedure on a friend of mine 3 months before(also a redhead). She raved about it ! I had to admit that she looked fresher and had tightened her jowl area substantially.So I thought why not for my 50th Birthday ! I have had Botox done 3 times over the last 6 years and was pleased, but of course the effects do wear off after 6 months.Mostly forehead for me.

I was given 2 pills to take 20 minutes before to relax me and for the mild pain to follow. The visit total took over 2 hours. The pain was mostly bearable and confined to the area around the sides of my mouth, but after 15 minutes or so he decided to give me one more pain pill. I felt warm and fuzzy and we talked most of the treatment. I had the entire face done including upper lip. He used 2 different tips. Over 600 pulses.

Results are amazing ! My skin had NO redness or swelling, great skin texture afterwards. Immediate tightening. The week after I did experience some oilyness as if my skin had woken up and was reproducing like it used to. I cleansed well and that passed. He used a very small amount of Botox on my forehead too, but really a tiny amount. Everyone noticed how "fresh" I look right away, and I was told to expect further improvements for up to 6 months.

Bottom line is know your doctor and people that have had the same procedure with that doctor ! Can't wait to send him the 3 month after photos ! (I don't live in the same city)


OK, It's now May, 2010 and still no response as to who this Dr in Baltimore is. Having this information could be very useful to me because I am also a redhead. With all the nightmares being reported I am inclined to think that the problems experienced are a result of any combo of three things: 1)shin type, 2)Dr's experience/expertise, 3)the device used. IT would appear that this doctor has all 3 covered. C'mon Red, give up the Doc.
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What is the doctor's name?
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Did you have a full face thermage treatment including the neck? What doctor did you go to? The price you listed $1800 is half the price of others I've seen.
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