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When you can't walk with friends, when you know it...

When you can't walk with friends, when you know it hurts to not e able to go on amusement park rides and when you have constant bak aches due to weight. It's definitely time to do something about it. No more of the "if you only lost weight" comments. I will be healthier as I once was.And I will live.


Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

I think everyone of us who have had some type of WLS can agree with you. We all want to look great in clothes, but it's the little things, like walking and taking part in things your friends do, that mean the most.

Good luck with your surgery and please do keep updating your review and letting us know how you're doing!

When do you start your pre-op diet?
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Thank you so much. I am starting my pre op diet. Around the 1st of April but. My Dr and I still need to discuss what she thinks would be a good length of time to start it. I am ready but still, a but nervous.
My pre-op was 3 weeks, all liquids, no solid food. It sucked and it was hard, but it was worth it to get the surgery and begin a healthier life.

Two more days

I am almost complete with my 2 week liquid diet and tomorrow I do the antibiotics and cleansing. I've lost over 19 lbs and feel great. (See photo) and I'm so ready for the journey! April 1st, I will have the Procedure.


Congratulations, Damien. Started my Journey b of April. Still a few months away from surgery. I was thinking the Sleeve but, Support Groups, 99% had the bypass. It's the Gold standard and VERY RESTRICTIVE. Doctor recommends the bypass, but, will do what I want. Support Groups have been dynamic. Listening to and asking questions to individuals to had a surgery. Will look forward to following your Journey. All the Very Best. It's for you, and, you and all of us have so much support here. Michael
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Good luck!! I was lucky pre op diet was 2 days before for MGB low cal no fried food .
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Dr Glover

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