Finally I'm Doing It! - Berwick, Victoria, Australia

Hi there everyone, Gee how to start… Well a...

Hi there everyone,

Gee how to start… Well a lot of people on here seem to give the bio first so here goes.
I’m 23, Australian, my current day job is in retail as a manager. I’m not terribly wealthy and my parents would be horrified if they knew I was gonna do this. But it’s purely for myself that the decision came about.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time. I’ve always been a very confident person except when it came to my body. I’ve never been happy with how I look. Especially my breasts and especially since i lost about 5kg. A lot of the weight came directly off my breasts and they have become a lot saggyer since. So the time has come to do something about it, I’ve saved all my pennys and it’s go time!

I’m booked in for my Breast Augmentation on the 4th of March 2013. With Tim Brown at the Tim Brown clinic in Melbourne.

Firstly I think this site is amazing! For me reading all the stories and looking at pictures people had put up on here helped me make my decision to get my augmentation, and so I’ve decided to share my experience and hopefully help some of you.

So for my first step I’d made appointments in a few places early last year. God it was the hardest thing calling around. Having to tell the person on the other side that I wanted a Breast Augmentation. I soon after found this site and was relieved to find that many other people felt the same as me :P

So I went to my first appointment with a guy that was a cosmetic surgeon. (Cosmetic surgeons are at uni for less time, but apparently have more time in the field, and Plastic surgeons go through the same qualifications as a doctor.). Unfortunately was really really weird. He got me to undress pretty much in front of him, no screens nothing.

He also didn’t have a lot of photo’s to show me. I had found better on the internet. I also had a little list of questions about what I thought I wanted (so useful to be prepared) and he pretty much didn’t answer any of them.
Needless to say I went away pretty unsure and disheartened… I was hoping and praying that the next one wasn’t gonna be like that.

It was a couple of weeks before my next appointment (they generally do take a while to get into) and after sooo much more research and worrying that all my surgeons would be like the first. I went to the Tim Brown clinic (he is a plastic surgeon). OMG soooo much more professional! Tim talked me through everything, answered all my questions, drew little diagrams about what we expected to achieve etc. I even had a nurse, Tracey helping me with getting dressed/undressed (behind a screen!) and trying on different implant sizes, she will be with me when I go under. She’s really lovely and it’s nice to know that I’m gonna be in safe hands.

So My specs are: round Gummy bear implants, no lift (I thought I would need one), I can’t remember the size.. but its just enough to give some fullness on my chest, I’ll let you know exactly sooner to the date lol.

And so a few days after I booked in!
Since then I’ve gone back to the clinic to double check my sizes and get my Fiances opinion. I was tossing up between a slightly smaller size and a slightly wider but bigger one. I have decided on the wider larger one, as this is the one that Tim suggested and their wasn’t much difference between the two. I hope they turn out the way I want them too!

I hope to have time to put more updates as I go along ?


OMG, I got all the payment stuff in the mail the...

OMG, I got all the payment stuff in the mail the other day. Scary! Heaps of consent forms, I havnt worked up the courage to fill them in yet lol. Keep running through my head 'should I go to another doctor to get another opinion about not getting the lift aswell' but then reminding myself that I really like my doctor. Sigh! I need to just do it!
Lots of info on after care. I CAN"T GO TO THE GYM FOR A MONTH! That's gonna be soooo hard, I go everyday pretty much! I can see lots of doing nothing coming my way after the op lol :P
I can't believe its only a month and a half away!

Omg I just paid for everything! I've never spent...

Omg I just paid for everything! I've never spent so much money all at once!

So I had my nurse ring on Friday telling me I was...

So I had my nurse ring on Friday telling me I was booked in for Monday 6.30 am... It is now Sunday. Freaking out a little, excited but a bit scared. I've never been into hostpital before, except when I was being born... A little worried as I haven't taken arnica yet, I may have forgotten about it actually. Been trying not to worry myself. Might have a extra look over my papers when I get home..
Went to the beach today, as like a final farewell to my other boobies :)

Ok so it's go time, I'm just about to go to...

Ok so it's go time, I'm just about to go to hostpital it is 5.15am. Freaking out a fair bit now! Surprisingly slept a bit last night! With the help of my fiancée cuddling me...
I'm gonna be one of those weepys when I have to say goodbye arnt I? I think I'm just more worried about not waking up again. I've never been put to sleep before...gah scary times!
I packed everything last night. Without fail I have forgotten something imperative lol :p well wish me luck! See you all on the otherside :)

I'm on the other side! And man I'm sore! ATM my...

I'm on the other side! And man I'm sore! ATM my boobies are there but HUGE! My doc says once the swelling goes down they won't be so big. Thank god! I look like a cross between a barbie and a puffin! Could be a couple of weeks tho :( hopefully their better by the time I go back to work, next Wednesday. I haven't told them that I'm getting a boob job the think I'm away on hols... Hopefully they don't notice as I've been wearing padded bras around them for the past few weeks.

I don't wanna look at them until the few weeks is up! I'm just scared they'll be horrible and ill start crying! Lol I might have to as I will have a shower today, doc says I'm all good to get em wet.

So for those that are freaking out about their op.
I got admitted at 6.45, signed paper work my fiancée got given scripts for me. We then went to my room, a nice private one with a view!
Then waited there for about an hr. thankfully my fiancé was allowed to be with me for that time :)
I then met my aneithiatist, and my nurse took me around to theatre. She'd a few tears when I said goodbye to my fiancé but my nurse was lovely and put me at ease.
We got to the pro op room, and they put compression socks on me. 15mins later they wheeled my into the OR. Saw my doctor, nurse and aneithiatist, got a drip put in my arm and I don't remember the rest.

I then woke up in the post op room, to a different nurse and some other patients around me. They said everything looked good, looked at my boobs nearly chundered when I saw how big they were. And then got wheeled back to the room about 10.30.
I then slept til about 12pm and called my fiancé, who was pissed coz the nurse said she would call him when I was finished but she didn't. So he came in, I was still druggy and sleepy, but the nurse said try not sleep until the night otherwise I won't sleep through. Omg, so hard not to sleep! Constantly getting antibiotics through out and having my vitals checked. Felt pretty horrible, threw up a few times but felt amazing after I did! Last night had a few pains and had to get my nurse to give me a strong pain reliever at about 2am last night.
Yesterday was pretty depressing as I thought my boobs were stuck being this size... As I didn't get to talk to my surgeon until this morning. He told me that I will shrink THANK YOU!

I just ate my breakfast and am waiting for my fiancé to come in and pick me up :) can't wait to go home! Although its been so nice having people help me with everything :) just wanna have a shower :p
Update more soon! With pics hopefully :)

So i'm day 3 post op, I'm not as sore as I was...

So i'm day 3 post op, I'm not as sore as I was yesterday. But I am bruised sooo badly, quite swollen also. Feeling better today however, no more nauseousness (couldnt keep my dinner in my tummy last night). I really want the swelling and bruising to go away so I can actually see or imagine how my boobies are gonna look. I really dont want to post what they look like right now maybe in a few days. They just don't look how I want but crossing fingers they shrink and tighten in a few weeks.
I don't want my posts to be so depressing, but hopefully it helps some ppl with their decision, just wait for a few weeks and we'll know for sure how they'll turn out. :)

Wow. So this morning I had my follow up review...

Wow. So this morning I had my follow up review with my nurse.
I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! She assured me that my nipple size will reduce back to normal, my breasts aren't going too drop much, the implant will drop tho forming a much nicer shape! Omg so relieved! Frankenboob will eventually go away! *happydance* she also gave me a heaps comfyier and slightly less ugly bra, woooo! Tho she suggested getting some Lorne Jane ones as their apparently amazing!

My surgeon told me that my girls wouldn't be perfect strait after the surgery but I was not expecting this frankenboob catastrophe! I couldn't find any post op actual boob photos on here or anywhere for me to compare just ones in bras. For those of you that might be going though the same thing, I will be posting pics of my current boob state tonight, so you can see what you look like after surgery and maybe you won't be as freaked out about frankenboob as I was!

Anyway, today is also my first day back at work. So i have to go buy some bras and also a new work shirt as my other ones are bursting in the bust lol. Wish me luck!

P.s. oh FYI, running for ANYTHING is BAD! I ran for the train yesterday and omg! My boobs hurt so much for the rest of the day! Also my nurse informed me this morning, that you can also burst blood vessels running too soon and bleed to death! more running!

Wow I've had a big weekend! First one since the...

Wow I've had a big weekend! First one since the surgery. Two nights of partying! They came off pretty well! I was making sure I didn't do anything stupid, like jumping up and down of putting myself in the position of being squashed, but I thought they'd be sorer. In saying that I'm going to have a night easy few days for them... As their a little sore, not heaps but a little ;)
Found its starting to get easier being at work for a whole day too, I was getting quite tired still pooped when I get home, but not as bad which is nice :). I'm thinking ill get some more of my sports bras from Big W found some really good ones there.

I'm still wearing my compression bra at night as it is comfyier if I roll around. Been rolling and sleeping on my side a bit which I don't think is the best, but it's so comfy! However I think it's making my right one swollen... So annoying!

So i'm at 6 weeks and i've started noticing a...

So i'm at 6 weeks and i've started noticing a drooping in both breasts... I'm starting to feel that their looking similar to my original breasts but bigger. The whole point of doing this was that I look good naked, not feeling it right now. I wanted my boobs to be perkyier and asked specifically for this when I had my first consultation, debating whether i needed a lift.

I have my 6 week post op appointment tomorrow, so i will be consulting my surgeon about it then to see what can be done. I mean i've done everything my surgeon recommended and I've been very good with my recovery, I havnt done anything i'm not supposed to..

Has anyone had this experience? Do they get better? Or will they continue to sag and be around my belly in a year?

1 year on

Implant size

Hey guys for those that want to know I'm pretty sure I went with 420cc :)
Tim Brown

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hi everyone! I'm sorry i've been so slack in replying to your comets for those that have done it well done! and it gets better :) Mine are much better than they were, still not exactly what I wanted but their better than when I started. I'm gonna put a recent pic up of them, one year on. Hopefully this will help you make the decision to do it or not and see there is some kind of light at the end of the tunnel :) x
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Hi how are your boobs now ? I have an app to see him next month they advised me I wouldn't need a lift either but I'm scared I will I want big perky but not barbie boobs .
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Hi I've recently seen Tim also and im pretty sure he's my decision in regards to getting my ba done. Also just to say, seeing your images and reading your story have made me feel soooo much better. They look amazing. How many cc's did you get?
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Hi thanks for your post, I'm getting my ba in June. With tim brown going 505cc extra high profile
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Hey there, I had m surgery with Tim too, I'm at 3.5 weeks in so following your experience closely! We had the same cc's - mine look smaller than yours though, I didn't have as much to start with as you. Let us know how you go at your six week apt? I know 3.5 weeks isn't long, and they're definitely softer...but don't look real naked at all! Torpedos is what I think of from the side...! Interesting about the nipples too...i'm concerned mine aren't going to go back to how they were (never small, but smaller than this...) Oh, and, have you started exercising again? It feels soooo long since I've done anything, I feel like such a slob and it's taking away from the joy of having new boobs!
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How are your boobs with tim ..? I'm booked in also but I'm a little unsure with some of his pictures ..? :-/ feeling worried
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Hi! Yeah mine are still not quite what I wanted but their better than they were for sure! You do need to know that mine looked pretty terrible for a long time and I was very upset for a long time, but i think I should have gone over the muscle not under.. Tim is a really great surgeon, very professional and skilled. But he didn't have a lot of pics to show me either, especially ones that related to me anyway. I think it will depend on what your boobs are like, mine would have been fine if they had been smaller. Ill post a pic of how they look now, hopefully this will help you make yu decision :)
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Thanks for your reply mine are tiny I can just cup them :-( been un happy before kids and now there embarrassing feel like a boy in bathers hope to see another pic I think yours look very natural looking :)
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I'm sure yours will turn out wonderful! I saw a lot of pics of littles going up with fantastic results! I'm sure yours will ten out like that too :) Trust me no matter what people say about it being vain and your wonderful they way you are, it just makes you feel better about yourself. Well it did for me and I really hope it does the same for you :) all the best!
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Hello I am really happy with mine, a year on! Definitely not torpedoes anymore :) So natural that when I confide in people they are genuinely surprised. One male friend who knew a couple of girls who had in done in Thailand was stunned at the difference - said these ones were so much better to touch! *blush* My scars are fading nicely, and i've had no pain or discomfort since the operation (which was barely painful anyway...). The only aspect of getting it done that I didn't like was having to pay for a standard follow up appointment...and I can live with that :) PS Try not to freak out when you come around after the op... they will be HUGE with swelling and I was scared out of my mind at what I had done, even though I knew I was swollen I was still petrified! (mostly because my partner reacted with an Oh, Jesus! when he saw me)
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hi :) what size cc did you go for ? I get sized in 3 weeks I'm dreaming boobs so excited :) do you have finish shot of what tim did ? A friend last week got hers done also with him they look amazing but she got e size I just want a c
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It's super exciting isn't it! I went for 435 cc in the end I think - the middle of my three options. I think there was 395, 435 and 455 on the table, or something similar. They were high profile, and i'm apparently quite broad across the chest so they were also quite wide I think, to get a nice curve for my silhouette. Tim will measure the width of your breast bone and pinch how much flesh you have and then go from there. Tim says not to think so much in terms of cup size, and I see what he means - I now fit a DD - E cup (it sounds terribly big, but not at all) I originally said I'd want a C, and I certainly don't look near an E - I wonder sometimes if it's the shape of them for bra fitting, being a bit different perhaps to natural? I emphasised that I didn't want big boobs, I simply wanted to be in proportion (I've always been an 8ish on the top and a 10-12 on the bottom), I like to run and big boobs certainly weren't an option for that! I don't have any photos to hand but I can take one later and send it to you.
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Hi yes it is I've always had tiny boobs and I'm so excited to get them done I got two doctors I'm looking at , tim one and another Simon rosenbaum there still few weeks away :( first app I good get all I can think about is boobs even when I'm sleeping be nice to actually wear a bikkni and not have to cover in singlets and t shirts I love to see pic if possible just like to know what different looks is av in his website there's not alot of photos I'm normally a size 8 tops and 10 bardot jeans ect What size tops do you fit into now ? I'm quite small frame so everyone tells me don't feel it though after having two kids Appreciate the feedback :)
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Hi there! I bet your so excited! I was exactly the same! I even asked people I knew that had fake boobs if I could touch em lol. I did post a 1 year photo a few days ago. Let me know if you can't find it :) I am a size 10 bum size 6-8 waist and probably a size 10 up top. It hasn't really changed my clothing size just my bra size. I went from a deflated 10 D to an 10 E-G. I'm sure you will go up quite a lot in the chest size. But be prepared to have a hard time finding bras! Lol :p
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I hope you and your Docter can figures things out. They are a wonderful size but I understand about drooping as head also droopy before so I made it a point to my PS that perkiness was very important. Size was second. That's when we decided to go with a lollipop lift and aug. I'm very satisfied so far with size and shape.
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did you do above the muscle or under? what kind of profile did you get? :)
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I got a sub facial (over muscle) what do u mean by profile? I went for a natural look if that helps :p when is or was ur augmentation?
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I think you and I are close to the same size checkout my pica tell me what you think
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Yeah we do look quite similar. Do you have and before pics? I was quite long and had a lot of extra skin, which I hope has been filled :) also how far are you post op?
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I do have some before pica I need to post those lol! I'm 1 week out!
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Lol! Cool how are u feeling? Do u like them?
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And yay!!! New boobs :D
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I feel great and yes I absolutely love them.
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You look good very natural results
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Thank you! I wanted them to be natural, but I'm still hoping everything will lift :) kinda starting to think I should have gone the pornstar look lol
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