42yo Mum Finally Getting Boobs 505extra High Profile 4th June 2014 - Berwick, Australia

First of all so glad I found this site, I have...

First of all so glad I found this site, I have been reading everyone's stories since February, when I decided that it's now or never. Like many of the members here I have always wanted boobs, they never came, then pregnancy loved the fullness of my breast. Then back to small b. I have 3 adult boys ( 17, 20, 21). All working so no more school fees. I have always wanted bigger boobs , but as most of you know we make loving sacrifices and put ourselves last and it really has never felt that way because it is so worth it. But now NO GUILT TRIP this is for me and I am sooo excited. I am 5"8 130pounds b cup wide breast 15cm, athletic. ( have to workout how to post pics) not good at that stuff and can't ask my boys lol. I don't mind bit fake bit natural. My husband is supportive but not very expressive about this, I guess we put our partners in a situation where if they show too much excitement we are going to think that they have always lied to us, when they said they loved our small boobs and if they try to be payed back and supportive, we will think that they arnt interested. So bless there Georgous confussed heads. My boys are what ever makes you happy mum. Anyway all you incredible ladies that have gone through this or are about to, thanks for not making me feel so alone in my fears, emotions, and UNDERSTANDING BOOB GREAD! I have chosen a size that I am a little uncomfortable with and have trusted my ps 100 per cent.

Less than a week to go

Ok, less than one week to go, I have always wanted boobs, they never came. Can't believe how hard it is to put in words how I'm feeling right now, especially when all of you have been able to do so and I now how hard that must have been, thank you because it has helped me. Don't get me wrong I am so friggin excited . But I just can't beleive that I am finally doing it.
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Dr Tim Brown made me feel at ease from the start and he had the most caring staff. I trust his opinion and can't wait.

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