I will turn 41 years old on the day I'm...

I will turn 41 years old on the day I'm scheduled for surgery. I am the mother of 1 child, he will be 21 in a few months. I've battled with my weight for years, its been a rollar coaster. I'm weiging 212 now and I have just decided it's time. I've never been thin, but I would be thrilled to be a size 12 or 14. I'm excited but yet I'm nervous about this surgery. I'll post before pictures next weekend. Thank you to all you ladies for the helpful information you have provided. Many of my concerns have been answered by this website. Best of luck to all of you!

Suzanne your day is coming, enjoy everything now while you are can, cause it does knock you down but the results are worth it, with all I went through I would do it all again in a minute to have this flat tummy
Only one week to go I'm so excited!
I agree about the roll under and on the sides of the boobs, ughghg, I want that removed, but I guess he will fix that when he does my boobs in the future, I got a lot of work to be done! Exercise is good I was a 16 in August and weigh basically the same but can now wear a 12 all from exercise it makes a world of difference, I read that a pound of fat takes up like 3 fists, a pound of muscle 1 fist,so the more muscle you can build the better, I know it is crazy to be so scale obsessed it just seems impossible to get under 200 I am 5'10

Here are the dreaded Before pictures.

Here are the dreaded Before pictures.
Well here it is 1 1/2 days till surgery. I'm having mixed emotions, excitement, nervousness and anxiousness. I guess this is normal. I had my husband take my before photos tonight, wow are they an eye opener. Jillian Michaels has been my friend for the past few months, her and I have some major work to do after this surgery. Legs, butt and arms will be our focus!!! I know I still have a long journey ahead of me, but without this extra fat and skin hanging in front of me I will be able to work harder and feel better about myself. My husband is on vacation this week and already is making sure everything is ready for my arrival home Tuesday. We picked up my grandmother's spare walker just in case I need it. Started my Celebrex today. I think I am ready, I'm having a hard time sleeping at night I think it's just the emotions.
Bejewlme- we will definately do dinner this summer. You look amazing and have been such an inspiration for me. i'm so glad things are getting better for you!
Suzanne you go on 3/13? Tuesday? OMG I will be thinking of you, are you going to post pics? As hard as this has been for me it is still worth it, it will take a few months to really see the new me but darn this summer we will meet up for dinner and be looking fabulous!!!!!

Just got the call, my scheduled report time is...

Just got the call, my scheduled report time is 7:30 AM tomorrow!!!
Hey hun those pics suck but just wait til yo look back at them with your new flat tummy!! I was looking you are lucky most of your stretch marks are on the lower part that will be removed so you are going to look great!!! I will be thinking of you!!!
Hi Suzanne, ur day is almost here, good luck to u and keep us posted!

Here I go!!! : )

Here I go!!! : )

Well surgery went well!!! I've been home since...

Well surgery went well!!! I've been home since 11:30, took pain meds and fell right to sleep. Just woke up and I'm feeling pretty good!
I'm dying to see my tummy!!! : )
glad ur well. hope ur tummy is amazing
Oh my Happy Birthday what a great gift to give yourself!!!
Thanks ladies!!!

Today seems to be another good day. I have a...

Today seems to be another good day. I have a little spot on my hip that burns but no real pain yet. I think I am more hunched over today. Been able to sit on the front porch both yesterday and today to enjoy this wonderful weather. I haven't removed the wrap yet but I am dying to see my tummy! Maybe tomorrow night I will check it out. So far things are going better than I expected. No regrets.

Well here I am 2 days post op and still feeling...

Well here I am 2 days post op and still feeling really good. I am hoping to shower today so I can see my tummy. I'm dying to see it! My husband has been my saving grace. I'm blessed to have him home with me. I'm starting to get myself up alone he just stands with me as my spotter lol.

Well I just removed all my dressings and showered....

Well I just removed all my dressings and showered. I got to see my tummy for the first time. WOW! I'm impressed. I'm still swollen but what a difference.
Hi Suzanne, looking good girl!
You sound like you are progressing nicely! Do you have drains?
Hey hun, I hope you get to see that new tummy today, it is so exciting unwrapping it and seeing the new belly!! This weather is just gorgeous, it feels so good to sit in the sun for a moment!

3 Days Post Op - Just showered again and I feel...

3 Days Post Op - Just showered again and I feel pretty good. I even had enough energy to fix my hair. I had my first BM this afternoon and that wasn't near as difficult as I expected. I will say I'll be glad when these drains are out, but I realize they serve a purpose and I want them to be in as long as they have to be. I uploaded new pictures and realize that I have some love handle work to do once I'm able to exercise again. My husband has been so wonderful through all of this, I am going to owe him bigtime! I'm still swelling as each day goes on, I'm trying to ice it a few times a day I'm not sure if that helps or not but its worth a shot. My BB is very tender so I'm washing it out and drying it with a Qtip.
I owe all you ladies a thank you for all your support and reading your posts is very helpful for me, I know I'm not alone. I'm afraid of the day when the depression sets in, I have a feeling it will be early next week when my hubby goes back to work and I'm sitting here all alone... : (.
I hope everyone is healing and healthy!!!
Looking amazing already! I hope that you continue to heal well, congrats girl!
You Look Great!!! Congrats!!
Hi ladies! I have a question about your compression garments. At this time the only garment I was told to wear is the thick Velcro wrap. Are you ladies wearing something different? Less bulky?

6 Days Post Op - Well here I am 6 days post op,...

6 Days Post Op - Well here I am 6 days post op, last week at this time I was gearing up for my big day. I don't have any regrets at all. I feel pretty good for the most part, I am tender around the drains and my BB seems to be tender too, but I don't have pain. I am so anxious for these drains to come out. I was feeling really good on Saturday and totally over did and paid for it that night. I won't be doing that again. I realize that I need to just take it easy and relax and this process will go much smoother. I believe when the drains are out I will feel much better. My swelling is way down in the morning and then by mid day I start to feel like a balloon. I know that goes with the territory, I try to ice it a few times a day I don't know if that helps or not.
My son has been in Hawaii since January 1st attending the Univeristy of Hawaii at Hilo for the semester. I miss him so much and I can't wait to visit him on May 15th. I need to take this recovery nice and slow so I am feeling great when I get to see him and enjoy a vacation in Hawaii with him and my wonderful husband.
I can't thank my husband enough he has been wonderful. First for even letting me do this due to the cost and secondly for being here for me and taking care of everything while I'm recovering. He's back to work today, I had a melt down last night and just cried and thanked him for all he does for me. I am so blessed!
I hope everyone's recovery is getting better every day! All of you waiting for your big day, good luck to all of you!
B, Good Luck today! I hope your drain is removed and your feeling better. I can imagine your ready for the next step. Best of Luck!
I am still in the velcro wrap thing at day 17! I am hoping that when I go today if the last drain comes out I can switch to a stage 2 compression garment or spanx I tried wearing a spanx before and it just tugged on the drain sights and was so uncomfortable I couldn't do it!

7 Days Post Op - Well I figured I was doing too...

7 Days Post Op - Well I figured I was doing too well, last night the bomb dropped. I had pain that I didn't have since the beginning and I was very sore. I ended up taking my heavy duty pain meds. Today I feel much better. I'm still not sleeping in my bed, I tried it Sunday night and it lasted about 45 minutes before I was back in my recliner. I miss laying in bed next to my husband.
Today the nurse called to say that they will take one drain out tomorrow, so I am looking forward to that. I'm trying to just relax and take it easy but I feel so lazy...I just want to do the things that need to be done here while I'm home. I hate leaving everything for my husband to do.
I was scheduled to go back to work next Monday but I think I might extend that date, I work 9 hour days so when I do go back I think I will ease myself into it part time. I don't want to go back at all until both drains are out.
Keeping my fingers crossed that maybe Friday the second one will come out...
B, I'm more excited to see my son than I am a vacation in Hawaii. When I get off the plane and get to give him a big hug and kiss then I will enjoy my trip. I know I count my blessings every day with my husband, I don't know how someone would do this without help. Yes when your husband has knee surgery you will be able to make it up to him and once your strutten around in your bikini and lingerie that will be payment enough...lol. He won't be able to keep his hands off of you!
I can't wait to get into a different garment, this one is so bulky and big it drives me nuts. I am having one drain pulled tomorrow, I think I will try to beg them to pull them both... : ).
How exciting you get a trip to Hawaii to show off the new belly! I bet you cant wait for your son to get home!! OMG I know about the husbands, thank God we have good ones I read some of these girls that get no support I dont know what I would have done! I will never be able to make it up to him! I guess I will when he has his knee replacement which he needs! yes rest that is the best thing you can do let yourself heal! I am a new woman with that drain out and a tight garment! Its amazing the difference!

Day 8 Post Op- got up this morning took my good...

Day 8 Post Op- got up this morning took my good pain Meds because I was afraid of the pain from having the drain pulled. Got very nautious, felt terrible from them. Had the drained pulled with no pain at all, got a new garment and I feel almost 80% normal. Nurse said maybe they will pull my other drain tomorrow!!!! Yippee I can't believe the difference in me already! I want to exercise its killing me, I think I have to wait till next week when I see my doctor though.
Wow, you look great!
The drains going make a world of difference! Yeah maybe tomorrow I will keep my fingers crossed!!!
You know I hated my drains but honeslty now that I waited I am less swollen wearing a tight garment, they suck but so worth it! Did you watch Biggest Loser last night? They were in Hawaii, I thought of you it looked so beautiful!!!! Good luck today!

Oh my god...what a relief! Both drains are out...

Oh my god...what a relief! Both drains are out and I'm in a Spanx!!! I feel like a woman again! I'm down 10 lb's, to 202 today. When I look in the mirror all I see are those big inner thighs, love handles and hips, now it's time to get rid of them. Seeing my tummy gives me the incentive to get back into my exercising. I actually miss Jillian Michaels, I thought I would never say that.
You look great congrats on the new you.

What a night!!! Last night was the first time...

What a night!!! Last night was the first time I've been back in my bed since surgery. Fresh clean sheets and blankets and right next to my hubby!!!
It's the simple things in life!!!
WOW hun you are looking great!!!! Look how flat your tummy is!!! Yeah for getting back in bed, that is the place I love, I have slept really well in my bed! Love the pic of you too!!! Happy healing!!!!

12 Days Post Op - So hard to believe it's been 12...

12 Days Post Op - So hard to believe it's been 12 days already. I'm starting to feel good other than the swelling that occurrs during the day. My steri strips have all come off and my scar seems to be healing nicely. I did notice that it isn't straight but I'll take that over the flab and skin that was hanging before. I'm walking on the treadmill at a very slow pace trying to work myself back into exercise. I have 6 weeks till I leave for Hawaii so I need to get in gear. That's when I will see my son for the first time since January 1st, so I want him to be surprised.
I get to see my doctor on Friday for the first time since surgery, I'm anxious to hear what he has to say. I hope he says I can start some minimal exercise and I need to start tanning so I'll be covering my scars.
It's back to work for me on Wednesday, I'll work Wednesday and Thursday 4 1/2 hour shifts just to see how things go then maybe the next week I can go back full time.
Amber, my swelling seems to be in the center of my belly under my BB. It's like a round pouch. I'm trying to ice it but I don't know if that's helping. It's just uncomfortable. I'm going to try to drink more water and maybe wear my binder on top of my Flexee's when I'm home.
Thank you! No I didn't have lip, I should have though. The recovery time might be longer if you have lipo, but I think in my case I should have done it.
Good Luck!
You look sooooo good, did they perform lipos as well? I am having my TT april 2nd, thinking abt having lipo as well tomake the outcome better. wht do u suggest. u look so good!

14 Days Post Op - Back to work tomorrow, part time...

14 Days Post Op - Back to work tomorrow, part time...I'm ready but yet I'm nervous. I know I'm going to swell up sitting at my desk. I still have no regrets, I know once I can exercise the reward will be even more incredible and life changing!!!
Again, I can't say enough for my husband. He has stuck by me through all this even when I know I was miserable. I'm so blessed to have him!
I hope everyone is healing well and anyone counting down the days has the best of luck! You won't regret it!
Good luck with work tomorrow! I go back to work on day 15. Hoping I won't be horribly uncomfortable. Fortunately I can probably cut an hour off or two and no one will mind. You look great, btw!!
Yes that is where all mine is now too, right under the BB and its like a huge pouch you described it perfectly, he drained me last night a bit and I could feel it filling back up not as bad and I was down this morning on the scale but as I sit I can feel it rushing in. I just saw your update, you are lucky to work 2 half days that will be manageable, I am here about 4 hours and think OMG 4 more, LOL I am so over this head cold too, like what else! My muscles are finally feeling good though so that is good! One step at a time!
My ps is not recommending lipo, i am so afraid of getting those dog ears tht ppl talk abt. but now after seeing ur stomach I am not scared anymore. u look great! I am hving my surgery april 2nd...cant wait!

Back to work for me....worked a half day today,...

Back to work for me....worked a half day today, I'm glad that's all I had to do. I came home for an hour nap. I will admit it will be good for me to get back into the groove again, I just hope I don't swell up like a balloon. I came home and put my binder right on.

Well second day back to work...today I've been...

Well second day back to work...today I've been getting some weird pinching, twitching feelings all over my stomach. I hope it's my body healing. I'll have to ask the doctor about that. I noticed too that I still hunch over a little bit. I'm gonna work on making sure I am standing up straight.
I had a nightmare last night that 1/2 of my incision split wide open....woke up and pulled off the binder just to make sure it was a nightmare. Shhhwwww.....
I still feel like I'm swelling, or maybe that pouch under my belly button isn't going to go down. I'll ask the doc tomorrow.
Well I am praying for Fri, I just read your review today, I watched that darn show on TLC, about people having the circumferential body lift and the one guy had this nasty open incision OMG I had the worst dreams I was freaking out that my scar was going to burst open, LOL I think that is a totally normal dream we all have at some point. Have a seroma and still have the pouch under my belly all will go in time, have to go in every few days and get them both tapped out. I do hate sitting for 8 hours I like laying out so l try to slouch down in my chair I am trying to walk straighter. One guy at work commented I was walking straight today all that muscle pain is finally gone it is just me being slouchy if I am not straight!
Amber, I don't think I'm ready for full time. I work 9 hour days and then have every other Friday off. Tomorrow just happens to be my day off, so I'm looking forward to it. I can just imagine that you have to be exhausted. You've had a very long week. I hope things are going better for you.
Hey hun, glad your first day back was OK! Nice to be able to work half days I know I wish I could have used another week or two but like you said I think it helps to just keep on pushing and get it over with. I am counting the days til the weekend!

17 Days Post Op Had my first follow up with my...

17 Days Post Op
Had my first follow up with my doctor today. He was very impressed, he said things look great. (He told me I have a sexy tummy...lol.) I am allowed to use the treadmill and in 2 weeks start jogging. No Jillian Michaels for another 4 weeks, no ab or core exercise...I don't want to tear what he repaired so I'll have to wait. He said the little pouch is fluid and that will go away, he said I will still see my tummy go done further and further over the next 6-12 months. I'm just so thrilled with what he has done for me. This is a life changing experience. No regrets at all.
It is true I have 10 virgin pounds of weight loss so far and I am eating more than ever all healthy but I am hungry and eating carbs I swear healing burns calories, I worked out like a freaking nut, and could not lose a pound, I needed this to push me back to weight loss, I want to get 20-25 more off so I am going to keep on going!
Amber, my doctor told me that with all the hormone and chemical changes that my body has gone through, for the next 2 months my body will be my best friend for weight loss. He said there is no better time then now to "work it". Lol. I'm gonna take full advantage of this opportunity. Look out Reading, here we come!!
yeah you had a good report!!! And I agree this is life changing for peeps like us who have struggled our whole lives with weight loss and dieting. We are going to be Reading's sexiest mamas this summer, LOL

Well I'm 20 days post op and back to work full...

Well I'm 20 days post op and back to work full time. The 9 hour days are going to kill me this week. I came home tonight more swollen then I've been since surgery. I got on the treadmill for 2 minutes and decided I was not going to overdo so I got right back off of it. I am in bed with my binder on and an ice pack on my tummy. I feel like a stuffed pig. Even my BB is sore tonight. This is going to be a very long week. I've decided that I'll wear my garment and the binder tomorrow to see if that helps. I'm going to force myself to drink even more water. I can't wait for this swelling to go away.
Well I knew it was too easy so far, my doctor told me swelling could be 6 months....
I hope everyone is healing and healthy!!!
Good I too think when I went back to work and was sitting 8 hours that is when the really severe swelling started, glad youa re going to get checked!
Thanks Denell!
Congrats....I love ur results!!!

22 Days Post Op: Well last night seemed better...

22 Days Post Op: Well last night seemed better than Monday night. Today is about the same with the swelling. I'm going to see my PS tomorrow afternoon just to be sure this swelling is normal. (I'm sure it is, I'm just not being very patient.) My schedule this week consists of working then home to the recliner with an ice pack.
I still find myself looking in the mirror in disbelief that that is my tummy. Even with the swelling it's absolutely amazing what can be done.
TMI-It's funny how we are all thinking about the sex after this surgery. We did it for the first time this weekend and I have to say it was great. Both of us are afraid and very cautious, I'm sure that won't last long... :).
I don't regret this surgery at all!

Back to see the nurse today. She said she really...

Back to see the nurse today. She said she really feels that most of what I am concerned about is normal swelling. The one spot may be fluid that can be drained, my PS will take a look at that next week. She gave me a smaller garment, she doesn't believe the one I was wearing was giving me much support and I have to agree. They feel snug at first but then lose their tension through the day, and just feel like underwear by lunchtime. She thinks that if I wear the smaller compression garment and just rest most of that swelling should be down by next Wednesday. She also wants me to stay off the treadmill completely. That doesn't make me happy but I understand and am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of this swelling. I think I rushed getting back to work, I should have waited another week. I'm sure this is all normal and I need to be more patient, I'm trying...
Hope everyone is happy, healthy and healing fast!!!
I am so happy that you are feeling much better. You definitely look amazing.
Well like I said ON would either make me feel good or make me laugh and laugh it was. I picked two bikini tops out to try size XL...there was no way my boobs were fitting in them! I had spillage out the top, bottom and the sides, I almost took a picture so my husband could laugh too. I think I'll have to special order a top for my boobs. I told my husband the next step might be a breast reduction and lift. He just laughed and said, "I knew the TT was going to start an addiction". LOL
I'll give you a call next week one night so we can talk more. Have a blessed Easter holiday!
Enjoy your time with the hubby!
Hun yeah that first week back I was so swollen, then once I could go back to a tighter spanx and my body got used to working again and sitting this second week was better, I still have a ton of swelling but like this morning I was flatter than in some time, so it does get better, I cant walk because of the seroma and you know its OK, like it took me so long to feel good I dont want to mess it up so I am taking it easy. Did you get a suit at ON? They had a leopard one piece I will have to try on, I have no idea what size to buy, I hate that, like when I was fat I knew get the biggest thing you can find,LOL It is still not easy to try stuff on so I like to grab stuff then try it on at home when I feel like it. I still get tired but way better this week! Have a super holiday!!!
Sounds like you have plans for him!!! LOL Enjoy your time off and have fun!! I go for my check up this afternoon and then I'm stopping at Old Navy. Maybe that will make me feel better...or it's going to give me a good laugh, one or the other. (I don't think I'll work too hard tomorrow.)

Happy Easter to all you ladies!!! Enjoy your time...

Happy Easter to all you ladies!!! Enjoy your time with your family.
I am spending this day with all my family, the only one missing is my son and I'll be Skyping with him this afternoon. Only 37 more days till Hawaii!!!
I finally did it, I hit 199 this morning! I am so excited, you have no idea how long it's been since I've seen that. I would love to be 190 for Hawaii, so I'm hoping when I see my PS on Wednesday he will give me the release for the treadmill again. I went out last night and bought a few more garments in smaller sizes so they hold me in better. My swelling was definately better yesterday, my fear is going back to work on Monday. I really think sitting all day is my enemy, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I posted updated pics, I still have swelling but I think it's definately down from this week.
Have a great day!
Congrats on your weight loss - I hope you get clearance for the treadmill! I'm dying without doing a little cardio - I feel flabbier by the day. Oh well. Last week I was back to work and I discovered getting up to walk is essential - if I didn't I felt like a taught balloon and was very stiff at the end of the day. Even if you can't get on the treadmill - bring your walking shoes and try to get out a lunch if you can. That's my plan for next week :) Happy Easter.
Happy Easter hun!!! I am so glad you hit 199 OMG it is the best feeling in the world, it will keep coming off too if I can refrain from the Easter candy!!!! LOL Sorry about the bathing suits, the blue one I ordered from Venus that top is way more sturdy! I need a breast lift too!!! GIve me a call would love to chat, you look fabulous!!!

Well it's hard to believe but its been 4 weeks...

Well it's hard to believe but its been 4 weeks already. I was back to see my PS this afternoon for him to check out my "pouch". He told me it is definately swelling and not fluid. He promises me that my tummy will flatten out...I'm gonna hold him to his words. LOL.
I know that the sitting is all day is a big part of this. I'm going to check with my boss about a standing work station, others have one so I don't think it will be a huge deal. In that case, I would have a high stool that I could rest my butt on if I felt the urge to sit. I'm really struggling with the swelling part of this, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes for it to go away.
I was cleared for the treadmill again he said just listen to your body and if I notice excessive swelling after I use it then I need to cut back or stop again. Definately no exercise workouts till May 1.
Lord give me patience....
What a transformation. U look fabulous. I hate waiting swelling stinks.

Well I have to say I feel much better knowing I'm...

Well I have to say I feel much better knowing I'm not alone with this swelling. I measure every morning and every night and there is usually a 3 1/2 inch difference. My boss is having my desk raised so I can stand rather than sit at work. I have a stool to lean on or sit if I feel the need. I'm hoping that helps. My PS told me that the swelling may come and go, good days or weeks and then out of the blue a bad day or week.
I need to get serious about a diet. I hit the 199 lbs. on Sunday but I've eaten chocolate every day since.
One day at time....
If a call is all it takes, I'm in for that! I'm sure if you put something sexy on and strut around you'll get just what you asked for! Good luck! I'm thinking the same thing, I'm gonna make a nice steak dinner on the grill and go from there...lol. Looks like we're going to have a beautiful weekend, Enjoy!
LOL I guess we need to call each other I didn't wake up flat but we have a good mirror here at work in the ladies room and I was like man all that complaining I am pretty flat now! LOL I told hubby we dont have the kids, I want a romance night, LOL We will see if I can pull him away from his kindle!
The chocolate is in the trash!

Amber your right, even if it's a few months it sure beats what I had before. I woke up this morning very flat and feeling very good. Just taking one day at a time, I know how fast it can change. It was really nice to talk to you last night.

Here I am 5 weeks post op already. I'm feeling...

Here I am 5 weeks post op already. I'm feeling really good. I'm back on the treadmill and working on these legs and butt. There is only one thing that I'm batttling and that's the darn swelling. I don't want to beat a dead horse but this swelling is driving me nuts. I'm beginning to wonder what is swelling and what is going to stay after I'm totally recovered. I sure hope it's ALL swelling. I have less than 4 weeks to get rid of it before my trip. If anyone has the secret to reducing it, please tell me....LOL. I can't believe that my skin won't hang after the swelling finally goes away, it has to be stretching.
I'm not going to let it get me down, it sounds like I'm not alone so it must be part of the process. Have a great rest of the week!
Happy Healing to all!

Has anyone found the perfect garment??? I have...

Has anyone found the perfect garment??? I have about 8 now and I just don't think any of them are the right one.
I would love one that went from under my bra, just down over my thighs a little bit, and isn't snug in the legs. Or even a bodysuit type that went up to my bra. It has to have a lot of support, I don't think anyone that I have really feels tight enough. I'm really struggling with this...URGH.

Has anyone had a lymphatic massage? This is suppose to help with the swelling. I'm thinking about going to see if it helps.

I uploaded pictures of swell hell last night.
I can't believe that someone hasn't mastered the perfect garment. I try all of mine on and revert back to the one from my PS and I don't think it holds me in. The others roll down or cut my legs....I'm right there with you.
IM so done with this selling.. garments stinks.
I have really tried to keep a positive attitude but when I sit down and see the small watermelon around my BB it's so depressing. Im terrified now that my butt legs and thighs will blow up even more before my trip...
I'm glad to hear your going to Myrtle Beach, that is my favorite place on earth!! When I retire in a 100 years that's where I want to live. Wow till July you will be 4 and a 1/2 months, you should be in great shape! I'll be wearing a Moo Moo in Hawaii! LOL.
This is just a process and I need to be patient. I still look better than the before pictures so I do have that to cheer me up. I need to keep reassuring myself.

Well last night I slept in my binder when I woke...

Well last night I slept in my binder when I woke up my measurements were pretty good. So I'm wearing the binder and a control top panty today to see if this works. I've been standing all day now for the past 3 days and I think that definately helps me too.
Thank god it's Friday! It's been a long puffy week. Better days are ahead of us.

Well it's been 6 weeks, hard to believe. This...

Well it's been 6 weeks, hard to believe. This week the swelling isn't near as bad as last week. So that makes me happy. I think the standing at work has helped.

I had a stitch pop on Saturday, that made me a little nervous but I talked to the nurse today and it's nothing out of the ordinary. I also questioned the doctor about Lypmphatic Massage and he suggested I wait till my 3 month check up.

I've been back to wearing the velcro binder that I started with to help reduce swelling. I even called to order a smaller one because I have this one pullled as tight is it goes but I don't think it's tight enough.

Only 3 weeks till I leave for Hawaii I can't wait!!! I really wanted to be down another 8 pounds but I don't think that is going to happen. Maybe once I'm back to exercise the lbs will start to fall off.

Hope everyone is healing well! Each day is one day closer to our final results!
I am wearing the stupid one from my doc too, but it seems to help I think you are right abour standing, sitting is what seems to make me really swell unless I am reclined out but sitting at my desk driving it all makes me really swell! I know this is a long road so I just have to work on getting better, and hope by July I feel good!! You focus on Hawaii, that is a big motivator!

Getting ready to head out and do some shopping and...

Getting ready to head out and do some shopping and get my very first tattoo. I think I'm going through mid life crisis! LOL I put my jeans and a t-shirt on and thought I'm going without a garment tonight, just putting my panties on!!! Well that lasted about 20 minutes before I went back into the room and put my garment on...I believe it has become a part of me that I don't think I will let go for a long time. I often think before I go to bed that I will sleep without it, it never fails I always wear my garment and binder.
I'm still swelling but I'm feeling very good. I'm going to try my Jillian Michaels video this weekend and see how that goes, I definately won't be doing any type of crunchies or hardcore ab moves but I'll just feel good to back in the routine.
I hope everyone is healing and happy with their results. :)
LOL I hear ya on the mid life crisis, honey turned 50 and got a car I got a new tummy, LOL OMG a tat, I am such a wuss with needles, I could get a huge one on my numb belly I wouldn't feel it, LOL You will have to show us! Maybe a belly button piercing maybe that will be my mid life crisis, LOL I posted pics, 8 weeks is worse than 6 weeks, I swear it is so funny you said about going without your binder I just said today I might just go out in my compression tights, LOL But here I sit feeling naked without it!!!
IM with ya on the mid life crisis. You look great. Good luck with tatoo. Can't wait to see

Almost 7 weeks now! YAY! The swelling is still...

Almost 7 weeks now! YAY! The swelling is still hanging around but seems to be much better. I started my 54 minute Jillian Michaels video, I'm so happy. There were two parts that I wouldn't even try...the Superman and the Cobra pose I just won't risk ripping my ab muscle. It felt so good to get back into it. I'm now wearing clothing that I haven't worn in years and I'm down 15 lbs since surgery. I would like to lose 7 more lbs before my trip to Hawaii on May 15th. That means I have to bust my butt!
I'm posting updated pictures and also a picture of my tattoo. The tattoo wasn't near as bad as I was expecting. It's a leaf with a lady bug and my son's name.
Patience, patience is the name of this game...it's a long road for all of us but we will all make it and be thrilled!
Happy Healing to everyone!
suzanne omg u lok amazing like a whole other person u must be thrilled w ur results!!!=)))im right behind ya girl cnt wait to take the cg off for good!!!
We'll get past the swelling and be thrilled with our results. Good things take time. A Vette and a new tummy, it doesn't get better than that! You'll be the hottest chic in town! Take care!
I am struggling with the swelling too! I guess everybody does. I will be glad when it stops. You look amazing and I feel you on the midlife crisis. No tattoo here but my hubby did buy me a Vette in February. Take care and happy healing.

Wow, 8 weeks....doesn't seem possible. Feeling...

Wow, 8 weeks....doesn't seem possible. Feeling great even with this swelling...till the end of the night I look pregnant. I haven't been wearing my garment during the day at all, I just wear the binder to bed. Maybe I'll go back to the garment during the day. I just don't want to feel dependent on it like I was. I enjoyed being able to slip my pants/shorts on with a pair of panties.

One more week till I leave for Hawaii, I can't wait to see my son!!!
I hope everyone is doing great!
Take care, Suzanne
I hear ya! My ps said I was flat and tight on the table, she's like what happened. She tried to asperate twice while drains were in and said really nothing was coming out. I see her Friday and hope she affirms that it's just swelling. I increased my water and I massage three times a day. Still not walking straight and I am getting a BA & BL done as soon as she can get me back on the table. I work from home so I don't have to worry about that and lately I haven't been working, lol. I overdid it today and gave myself a fever and a headache so now just resting and will do that all day tomorrow. I was drinking sooo much pineapple juice for swelling, I thought I was going to poop a pineapple. I have also read that the pooch may come from muscle weakness. I will ask her about that too.
Finally I find someone with results like mine. Swelling in the same areas and not totally flat! Healing takes time! Thank you for sharing!
The swelling is frustrating. Mine almost looks like I'm 5 months pregnant. I was flat at first. I see the nurse tomorrow and I'm going ask her again if my swelling is normal. I'm not very patient and I'm afraid this won't flatten out.

This past week I was pretty swollen, but by the...

This past week I was pretty swollen, but by the weekend it seemed to settle down. I stopped with the nurse this week so she could snip one of my popped stitches. She reasurred me that I am still swollen and that my pouch will not be there in a few months.
I'm down another pound or two. I did some shopping for my trip to Hawaii and I was able to buy size 14 shorts!!! Wooo Hooo, that was my goal a size 12 or 14. The exercise is paying off!
In 2 days I will be in Hawaii with my son, I am so excited and very nervous. Five months is a long time to not see your child...I can't wait to give him a big hug and kiss.
I'll post new pics when we return.
Aloha Ladies!!!! Have a great week!!!
you look beautiful!!!! Hey, where did you find a bikini to hole those boobs??? I can't seem to find one that will cover mine :)
Thank you!! I got the bikini at Kohls, I have a hard time finding one that fits.
I must say. The before and after pics are astonishing. I cant freaking wait to get mines done.Happy new Bod HUN!

Been awhile since I've updated my status. My trip...

Been awhile since I've updated my status. My trip to Hawaii was wonderful!!!! Great family time and my son came home with us. I'm so glad I had my surgery prior to my trip. We did a lot of hiking on lava rock, that extra flab hanging on my gut would have been made me miserable in the heat. I gained a few pounds on vacation so I'm working on getting them back off. I'm not sure if I'm swelling yet or if I pulled something in my stomach but I have a bigger pouch above my belly button now. I hate it because when I put pants on I have a roll above my jeans...my belly looked much better at 7 weeks PO, that has me puzzled.
I go back to see my doctor at the end of the month I hope he has some answers for me. I am exercising but I need to seriously work on my diet. I'm wearing size 14's now very confortably which makes me happy, haven't been in that size in many years!!! I'll try to get some new pics uploaded soon.
I hope everyone is healing and happy with their results.
How are you feeling after a year?
How tall are you??
Hello Suzanne13. You look amazing!!! I'm getting TT with lipo to flanks and scapula on Dec 6th 2012. I cannot wait. Your body is very similar to mine, I would be thrilled to look like you when this is all over. So many things to worry about. Thanks for sharing your story!!!! You're gorgeous!!
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My doctor and his staff have been wonderful with me. Everytime I go into the office all the girls stop over to say Hi, and see how I'm doing.

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