Night Before my Nosejob - Berlin, Germany

So i don't know how to start but i always wanted...

so i don't know how to start but i always wanted to have a nose job as young as 6 because all the kids always laughed at me and called me names because of my big nose so now i am 20 and i have a huge insecurity about my face and i think about it all the times. I am even afraid to walk in crowd because i think people can see my nose from side and they only will think about how huge my nose is. It is a first time i am posting a real picture from my nose with no photoshop! so my surgery is tomorrow and i am so happy but also too scared that what if my nose will be even worse ??? and i am not able to afford this operation one more time. i hope my doctor wont disappoint me and i wish i dont go throw too much pain.

day of my surgery

so my surgery will start in 2 hours and i didnt eat salt for a few days and no makeup since yesterday. i am so nervous. i washed my face 5 times from yesterday( i am so scared to get infection :) ). in the other hand i am so happy that finally i can get rid of almost half of my nose and i may be unhappy with the result but i will never even wish to have my old nose back !

Right after surgery

Yes i did it ! Finally done ! It is already 5 hours after my surgery and i am already home. Absolutely no pain which is great . Right after surgery i felt too cold, they gave me like 3 blanket and i still felt freezing but it got better after an hour . So i said i want to go to toilet but just then i realized i have no clothes on except my bra and when i asked them they said they are washing my clothes so my sister had an extra shirt and i went to toilet then only i understand my teeth are covered in blood!!!! I was too scared but my doctor said that is not a big deal because i vomit too much blood( cant remember any thing) i posted a picture of me and even though i look awful i am happy cause even now my nose is half of my original nose

2 days after surgery

It is already 2 days after my surgery and i feel much more better . Fortunately i dont have any bruise but swelling is awful. Last night i couldnt even open my left eye but today it is not that bad . I can eat normally and no more vomiting . The last 2 days i was in hell and felt exhausted but now i feel i can relax and finally have some sleep

I have PONV

Well i already said i hat nausea and vomiting but my doctor on the second day said it is because of the bands in my nose so he removed them and said i will be better but i didnot . On day 3 it got even worst but i just tried to eat some lemons and just wait until it get over but it didn't. On day 4 i was not able to eat nothing i was vomiting whatever i ate or drank even water so on day 5 i went to the hospital they gave me vomex but didnt help and until day 7 i was not able to eat and just forced myself to drink water then only my friend told me she has the same problem and i have to use metoclopramaid, drink lots of water and eat peaches and crackers !!! I hate all the doctors who did not understand what is wrong with me and made me suffer for 7 days !!!!

Day 7

My doctor finally removed the cast but it is still really big ! I hope it get smaller!

1 month after nose job! Biggest mistake of my life!!!

I thought i will be pretty , i was so happy but now it is my biggest nightmare !!!! I said several time that i want a really small nose and what the hell is this ????? I waste 4k to look uglier than before! I ll never forgive myself !!! I went throw a lot !!!! Nausea for 10 days after surgery and i wasnt able to eat for 5 days and with all the pain i had i was happy ! I thought it will be over and i will be beautiful ! I cant believe this huge nose is what i have to live the rest of my life with!!! I said i want my nose to have a nice curve and very tiny and i want the tip to be very small !!!! This is not what i wanted !!!!! I hate myself and this huge nose and i dont even want to leave home!!!! Please tell me what should i do now????

3 months post up

My nose is normal and i am completely back in normal life and i got used to my new nose however i am still unhappy and i wished my nose was smaller and i even have a bump !!!! But my doctor is keep saying i have to wait but i cant undrestand how a bump can turn into a curve??? My next appointment is in 2 weeks and i will ask him for another surgery while it is all his fault that i dont have a curve and a bump instead .
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