Explantation of 400 Cc - Berlin, GA

I had my explantation before a week. i had 400 cc...

i had my explantation before a week. i had 400 cc perthese under the muscle...that was too big for me, because i am tall but very thin...

and i wanted to become more natural, everybody saw that they were fake boops, permanent jokes or allusions, even under the shower by other women at the gym.
i think it is more trendy to be natural, where i live in Berlin.
i breastfed my two daughters alltogether 2 years...and after seeing my boobs hanging and being tiny i decided to get the augmentation, but the luck persevered only a few month....and they always were in my way...i did not like the feeling of foreign bodies in me...
i am now happy that they are out, but the scars and the redundant skin fear me...all in all i have more breast tissue, but i think this is because of the op (swelling). i think they will become much smaller than they are now.
sorry for my english !

Day 11 Hi ! Thanks for this community....it is a...

Day 11
Hi ! Thanks for this community....it is a blessing for me....today i am very happy...the scars are healing beautiful....i used a gel called Kelo-cote and i think that helped a little to close the gap on my left side´s areola.
all in all i can say that i hope that "all" this breast tissue stays, as you can see before i had not so much breast tissue...of couse i know that they are saggy, but on the other hand i have got breast tissue at least.
yeah i am happy...
i am feeling very young and sexy too, not in the least masculine like before when i wanted my implants...
thanks for sharing, you all are great and beautiful and i ´d love to read your posts and stories....
Dr. Kauder

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Congrats on your explant. You look great already!
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Looking lovely already :)
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Congrats love...you look lovely.xx
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You can even tell your breasts are beginning to rise from the pictures :) Did you find this website AFTER explant? Did you have your explant in the states or abroad? Congrats for getting back to the natural you & best of luck with your healing!
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hey! thx for your comment. i found this website before my explantation after the last consultation with my doctor. I had my explant in Berlin.
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Ich wünsche Ihnen Gesundheit und Freude!
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Hallo! Vielen Dank und ich Dir auch. Liebe Grüße.
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I think you look really lovely! A week is nothing- you have to wait months to see the true results! So nice to hear that natural boobs are in style in Berlin. :-) Now we just need to make that happen in Los Angeles where I live- probably not gonna happen! Keep us updated on your progress!
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Thanks for sharing your story with us! You have a lovely figure and I hope you can find peace with your (still really nice) body.

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You have a beautiful figure and your natural breast suit you so well! Just remember that your breasts nourished your babies, they are beautiful! Check out theshapeofamother.com for some motherly body love and inspiration. I think you look gorgeous and will continue to fluff a bit!
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Hey thanks for the webside...very brave and it is giving me a good feeling, because i know that my body worked hard all the time throughout my whole life, especially concerning giving birth to my daughters and afterwards feeding them. i know what i have done....and looking like that does not really make me sad...thank you for all your comments, this gives me very much, although we do not even see each other in reality....i feel your positive attitude....:)
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Guten tag explant queen :o) A massive well done to you! It upsets me to hear about the other ladies at your gym. I think, people who make jokes at others, tend to be insecure themselves and that's their way of making themselves feel better. Its hard but shows how strong you are by going through with your explant. And you look absolutely beautiful Au Naturale! I explant on 1st July. What I've seen on this site is that with time, your boobs get better and better. Also the support from all the beautiful ladies on this site is wonderful. You've done the right thing joining! Keep us updated x
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I hope all goes well with your explant. I am in my 60's and I wish I had never let people's remarks about small breasts affect me so much. Now I have breasts with 450 CC high profile, like my look but am I happy? Not so much. How crazy is that? How I wish my mom was living, I just want to cry in her arms. Take care and keep us posted. I will pray for you . Mary6151
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Thank you Mary. People can be so mean. I think when remarks are said, its them that are insecure and perhaps lash out at others to make themselves feel better. It was hard not to be affected by it nonetheless. I, too, like the size of mine. That's all. But I can't live with them. I really can't. They're a constant reminder of the past, I hide everyday in fear of anyone finding out I'm 'fake', and I worry about the health issues. I have 12 weeks to go until explant! I hope you're doing ok and you can make a decision that you're happy with. Keep me updated. You're mum is with you every step of the way. She's in your heart and she's a part of you. "You'll never walk alone"! love x
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Hi my lovely! Well done you for going through with your explant. It looks as though you have developed more of your own natural tissue and which will carry on getting even better as time goes by. Seriously, time is your friend as all the brilliant ladies here will say. Wishing you all the best with your healing :) x
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hey loobeedoo! thank you for your reply...from afar my breasts look actually good, but the scars are...oh my god! the lift side is still not grown together...it looks like there would be a gap between the areola and the brigther tissue.... the problem is that the skin of areola buckles over the scar....it looks really strange.... thank you for your wishes, i know i must be patient....i am glad to share all of this with you....because i know i am not alone....
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Yes, I was glad to share with the girls here as I didn't even know anyone in real life with implants, let alone going through explant. I would suggest wearing a tight support bra to try to help them heal in the position you want rather than let gravity decide for you. If there's a gap do you need to get it checked? I had a gap and I had an infection at one point. You can always ask questions to the surgeons at Realself too - they're very good at responding x http://www.realself.com/answers
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