Skin Rejuvenation - $650 for Minor Improvements

She gave me the strongest Obagi regime and my skin...

She gave me the strongest Obagi regime and my skin soon started peeling like a snake. I asked about weaker levels of retin A and was told that the .1% was the weakest. I now use .25% and there is also .50 % available.

She talked to me like I was a mutant and needed lots of work. I felt like ugly, I felt like a looser and when I left I'd spent $650.00 for minor improvements in skin tone and freckle / sun damage.

Obagi is a good system, she should have started me on a weaker system. She had me use Tolerene, Exfoderm Forte and the highest level of Retin A. I now do not use the Tolerene, use the regular Exfoderm and the .25% Retin A. Should have known by the super-surgically altered look of my Dr. Be careful of what this woman tell you that you need.

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

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Thank you!!! Now I know another awful derm to avoid. Just last week Dr. Lee had a Groupon sale for $149 MicroLaser Peel (a $300 value) -- not that I wanted to do it but it was interesting to note. I hope you're doing better and found another derm who cares about your treatment instead of $$$.
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