BA Booked! Sooooo Excited :) 300cc Mentor Flat Rounded -Berkeley, CA

Oh my gosh! Am I excited? I have butterflies,...

Oh my gosh! Am I excited? I have butterflies, there's only 4more days to go until my op. I've been wanting to do it since I was 16 since I was a late grower :( but now finally at 20years old I have the funds to do so.
Had a bit of negative energy these past couple of days as my partner and mum are not very happy. My partner hates the idea of fake breast and thinks it'll turn him off and won't be attracted to me. And my mum well, she's just worrying as a mother would but they both know how much it means to me, so I do t understand why they make me feel so bad :(
I've been reading all your reviews and it's quite comforting and I'm taking on all tips given out lol xx


So just under 2days to go, for past week I've been having these dreams. It's like I shouldn't have been reading other peoples reviews as it's starting to scare me. I full of anticipation and happiness yet scarecrow that something goes wrong.

I'm sure it won't, my surgeon Dr Enrique is one of the best he's been around the world performing BA's and I trust him solely, but there's still that though.. What if?


So it's 1:17 am 22nd January I live in UK and I am awake My op is at 5pm this evening I am sooo excited I can't sleep, this can't be good.
I'm anticipating the pain, they joy of waking up and finally having my twins.
Only thing I'm upset about is I'm not allowed to eat anything after 6:30am :( as not allowed to eat 8hrs before surgery. So I'm taking this time to pig out lol!
Good luck to anyone else getting there much wanted boobies tomorrow! X

Oh yes stats!

Sorry guys I'm soo excited didn't tell you the stats.
20years old
60kg or 9stone (same thing)
32C going up to a
32D or DD
Implants to be used 300cc mentor silicone flat rounded

Oh gosh can I not wait seeing all your updates of just having them done is making me even more excited knowing that it's going to be me soon :D x

Uggggh! In about 8hrs I'm going to have my twins Eeeeeeek!

So it's 9:21am in the UK surgery is today I can not contain myself.. I woke up feeling sick and my heart was beating so fast, but it think that was due to the excitement that's it's finally going to happen.
Didn't sleep much, so I'm going to have a major lazy day try and sleep the day away until my op... So annoying that it's so far in the day. Have to be there for 4pm but it's at 5pm.. But I guess patience is a virtue :)
Thank you everyone, reading your reviews and comments has really helped me given me the confidence boost I needed no to chicken out.
Have a blessed day and anyone going for op today Good Luck and shall see you on the other side x

1hr and 30mins away!

Oh my gosh so Im A hr an 30mins away! How excitedly am I? On my way to the hospital now :) then I will wake up with my new twins... Anyone eel feeling the excitement?... So much anticipation, joy, bit scared I'm going through every emotion possible.
I say all this now until I wake up in agony from the pain but I was told I shouldn't have too much pain. Hopefully!

All done ????????Success finally got my Twins :D

So surgery went amazing, woke up bit disorientated but nothing my hubby couldn't fix :) and best of all No PAIN literally! It's even shocked me that I feel no pain, it's now 10am in the UK and I haven't had any pain relief since last night at 9:30pm. I say that's a good sign :)
I feel normal and they look normal it have to remember I've just had surgery and that I need to take it easy but because I have no pain I forget.
The smile is huge on my face right now on my way home from the hospital. The staff were amazing!

Sorry updated 2 of the same

As you can see by picture I'm sooooooo happy x

5days post op

So since my op I haven't had one bit of pain until yesterday. Oh gosh did I feel like I was dying lol. But I haven't been taking pain relief, or taking things easy. 2days post op I was bra shopping, 3days post op I was going to meetings and went out for dinner. But 5days post op it took it's toll :( I was in pain. So I'm going to listen to doctors orders and stay home.
Most swellings gone down I'm feeling great again :) but strictly staying home x

Loving my twins!

I am loving my twins they look amazing, most of the swellings gone down :) does anyone else think their nipples are extremely sensitive and sore?

11Days Post Op and Loving Boobieland!

So I'm 11days post op, the big plasters covering my stitches came off yesterday. The gauze keeps moving which is slightly annoying but I'm so amazed at the fact I've had NO pain! My surgeon is amazing constantly checking up on me messaging me every day almost, checking I'm ok!
They look so perky, but Gosh are my nipples sore and sensitive at the same time it's weird and to add to things my nipples are constantly erect *hides face* have to wear breast pads loool.
Ok so sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not besides all of that NO PAIN! Great still looking perky, they're softening well and swellings more or less gone :D I am soooo happy! X
London Plastic Surgeon

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Hello, I just been at the Harley Medical Group for a BA and Dr. PERSSON is the one they give me. I'm glad reading such a good review of him :)
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Hello!! My surgeon has been changed to Mr Persson, was everything okay? Happy with his work and how everything has gone?! I'm super nervous as I was with a surgeon a friend went I'm on me own!! Any advice welcomed!!! Thanks xx
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He's absolutely wonderful, made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Just trust him, there is no advice needed to be given. You will love your results x
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I was super sensitive for a while too but will subside like it never happened! Was conscious that people can see the nipples standing up!! Happy healing
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Lovely twins! I had the same PS and I am loooooving my twins!!
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Did you? He's amazing isn't he? Him Nd his team are very hands on always messaging me to check I'm ok I'm so glad I made a good choice.. Just had the plasters taken off I thought my twins would drop loads but they're still very much perky as ever... X when did you have yours done?
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Good luck with your surgery!!! I'm at home resting in my bed. I'm not in major pain but uncomfortable!
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How do you feel now? I feel great I only feel discomfort when I sleep Nd Oh my gosh, my nipples are constantly erect I have to wear breast pads with my sports bra loool. Hope your healing well
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I'm feeling great, had very little pain only minor discomfort. I have some pain first thing in the morning (morning boob), but other than that I'm great! My nipples are super sensitive, I can't really feel touch but I feel sensation in them and WOW (not in a good way)! I'll be glad to be out of a sports bra so I can wear cute stuff ;) I still have a ways to go with them dropping, but they are moving along nicely! Hope your doing well!
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Aww your still having morning boob :( bless you, hope that subsides soon I literally have nothing now. Yh I'm feeling the same my nipples are terrible right now.. I know I have 2 weeks to go before can wear a bra :) I'm counting down loool I got measured the other day and I thought I'd be a 32D but I'm actually a 34E. Surgeon said that there's still a bit of swelling and it'll go down but I won't loose volume which means I'll probably remain a E-cup BONUS! I am over the moon :) xx
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I'm no where near being able to be sized yet :( but its ok, I know I have to be patient with the D&F, lol! I don't go back to my PS for 6 weeks so hopefully by then I will be closer to my "finished look"
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Yey! Wow that was early compared to my 2am in UK. Why can't you eat for 12hrs? I was told 8hrs and have to stop drinking water 2hrs before. Mine 300cc HP silicone smooth rounded Mentor? Wooow we'll be same size or I'll be 32D... Thank you me too hope goes well
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My surgery is the 22nd (it's only 9pm of the 21st here in Canada) as well! Good luck to you! My surgery is at 7pm and I can't eat for 12hours! I'm also a 34B/32C going with 500cc high profile saline smooth unders, it should out be at a 34DD! Hope it goes well and super excited for you!
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How did yours go? Seeing as we're both 11 days post op :) hope your enjoying your boobs and your smile is greater than ever!
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I know 48hrs left :D I sure hope so.... I bet I will look back and think it was worth it. My surgeon told me I shouldn't have too much pain as my skin has already stretched before so it's just filling in the breast. And recovery should be really quick. Thank god!
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Do you have kids? I didn't see that in your review, just wondering about the skin stretching before, I breastfed both my daughters but only got up to maybe a B so mine will have to stretch a little more but hopefully it won't be too bad! I have a high tolerance for pain so I'm also hoping that goes in my favor as well!
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No no kids, but I was kind of chubby at one point hence the skin stretching. But if the skin has stretched before it shouldn't be too bad no matter how big you go. If you can give birth I'm sure you can do this! I am yet to experience that pain lool x
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I haven't experienced that pain either! But my skin has stretched due to recent weight gain and weight loss!
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How long ago did you have yours done?
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Yh up same as and I think because of that I have no pain just a lil discomfort but I feel great now!
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Nerves are normal, once you wake up on the other side and goin boobie land, you will look back and laugh at yourself for being scared and worried!
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Great! I know, my mum knows how much I've wanted them, I think she's just scared to be honest. I'm getting saline and incision is under my breast going behind the breast muscle so I can breast feed if I have children. No I haven't, I'm having my last consultation today and getting my list of do's and dont's things to buy so I'm sure I'll have everything by end of today :). Thank you for All the support it's much appreciated. So are you ready? How you feeling? X
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I'm beyond ready, I had my pre op on the 2nd, so I've been getting everything together and ready since then! I don't know if I can be any more prepared! I got my entire house cleaned this weekend and I helped my hubby with the yard work. I'm kinda regretting the yard work though because I'm so sore today, hopefully it'll be better tomorrow because I don't want any extra pain on Wednesday! I'm a very active and do it yourself kind of person so the thought of not being able to do things for myself is kinda scary but hopefully I won't be down and out for too long, lol!!
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Wooooow! I'm going shopping for the granny be have to wear after :( not impressed but guess has to be done. Was told today that my recovery will bid quick thank god so after a week I should be feeling great. Lucky you! Everything's sorted already I wish I was As prepared as you but all in ductile. I'm getting butterflies just talking about it. I'm sure you'll soo great hunny and heal up very well, make sure you keep posting and updating me I would love to go with you through your journey. Xx
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I got a cute black and green zip up sports bra made by Danskin, its cute but will also do the trick! I have been wearing it around the house with my rice sizers in it to kinda get the feel of having bigger boobs, lol! You will be good to go on Wednesday, everything is gonna fall into place! I'll will keep you updated and check on you as well! We're getting boobs in less than 48 hrs!!!!!
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