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I've waited 20 years for this surgery. I'm super...

I've waited 20 years for this surgery. I'm super excited and I'm counting down the days!

I'm an active mother of one. I workout upto 6 days a week and nothing I do will make my tummy flat so, I'm having a full TT with MR and Lipo of the flanks.

I've got to admit that as the weather gets warmer...

I've got to admit that as the weather gets warmer and the sun is shining more I'm starting to question if I made the right decision waiting to have my surgery in November...

I'm continuing to diet (booo!!!) but I know its a necessary evil if I want a good result. It will be worth it in the end I'm sure.

I'm also starting to freak a little because it seems like a lot of the women that had their surguries in March are still having problems and its almost the end of April. So maybe making the decision to have surgery in November is better off. I wont have the pressure of wearing less clothes because of the woman months. I dont know, my head is all over the place.

Go Rosie!   This is just the thing you need to boost your confidence level.  It is a long recovery period but if you go in telling yourself it is all temporary and you will get better; things will be great.  You need to have patience during the recovery.

I do not think that there is really a bad month to do this.  What ever works best for your life and schedule is good. 

Keep posting and updating us.  November will be here so fast.


Thanks so much for posting your story and photos in our wonderful review community! There's probably no one exact right decision. They'll be good and bad aspects to either timing. Congratulations on working on so diligently! Please do keep us updated on your process and when you decide to do this.


Still working on my goal of getting down to a...

Still working on my goal of getting down to a lower weight before the surgery. I know for some its not worth the hassle but for me its very important that I get the best possible resuts and in order to do that I know I have to drop a few pounds. Besides, its good for me to have something to focus on the worst thing that could happen is that I gain weight before the surgery. My after surgery goals are HUGE so I have to keep chipping away at this body fat.

Now that its getting warmer and people are starting to wear less and less clothing Im wishing I had done the surgery sooner. Although this will be the LAST summer with this funky jelly belly I wished that I coud actually enjoy this summer instead of look forward to next summer.

Oh well... Gotta learn to have patience!!
I bought a new bikini top this weekend too. And I have that black set on the way. I can't believe I will be able to wear it. Seems ridiculous to me.

Very close friend had her surgery a few days ago...

Very close friend had her surgery a few days ago and I've been getting texts here and there and she seems to be in a lot of pain and its making me question myself. Do I really want this? Is this REALLY worth that? Then all the other funky ideas come into my head, what about complications or worse. Its shaking me for sure and its making me nervous. This is something I wanted for so long I cant even remember when the thought first crossed my mind now Im questioning if I really want to do it or not...

Rosie - oh yes all normal to question yourself. 

With any surgery comes pain and risk.   This is all temporary and will pass.  I assure you that the results are all worth it.  You have wanted this or you never would have scheduled.  So don't let fear get the best of you. 

You can do this girlie!  Pain is different for each of us.  Your friend might have a lower pain level than you do and what is horrible to her may not even bother you as much.

Focus on the positive and end results:) 


Thanks Kim :)
Hey Rosie,I think we all question this decision at some point in the process. The thing is, if you cancel, are you suddenly going to find yourself happy accepting of your tummy? For me, the answer was no - nothing would change about my tummy or my feelings toward it if I cancelled, except that I'd also be ticked that I put myself off schedule and would just have to reschedule and wait longer.

It's a big deal, no doubt about it, and there is a substantial recovery. However, if you make sure you have adequate pain meds and take them on schedule in those first days, it should help your recovery. My sister, who is an RN, gave me several lectures prior to my procedure (July 4) on pain management. She said often that there's no need to be a hero - you have the meds for a reason, so use them. I did what she said (she would give me so much trouble if I didn't!) and at Day 4 I'm doing well. Tired, and there are some blisters under my binder that I definitely didn't invite to the party, but otherwise much better than I would have thought.

Take care, and good luck :)

Its been a while since I've checked in. I've been...

Its been a while since I've checked in. I've been chipping away at this weight before my surgery.

I've been dieting and exercising like a mad woman. I'm down to 138 (from 152). STILL hating the looks of my middle but thats what surgery is for right? I just feel like its the responsible thing to do to at least try to get off as much weight as I possibly can before my surgery in November.

I have to say that at this point, Im having major second thoughts. I wondering if Im making the right decision and if I should actually go thru with this whole surgery. Yeah, I've given a pretty hefty deposit which is non-refundable but I dont know if that would make me go thru with it.

Im HOPING that after seriously giving 100% (no gimmicks or cheating) to dieting and exercising that at the time my surgery approaches I wont want to do it. Truth is Im terrified. A very close friend of mine had the surgery and she has given me the play by play since day one and I gotta say it made me question my decision to have surgery. Its probably about 7 weeks post op for her and she's still having issues with swelling and not feeling 100% herself. Im wondering if its all actually worth it? Im sure I'm going to re-think this 1,000 times before the actual date. I guess thats the bad thing about booking my surgery so far in advance I've got TOO MUCH TIME to think...
RETHINKING A 1000 TIMES ROSIE! I can understand that. You also got to know we are all different! I n the long run every women whom i have talk to said they are going through heck but would do it all over again! So what are you doing to diet I still have 50lbs to loose and I cant jump start this for nothing frustrated with that! Well I got scared a few weeks back too had a girlfriends sis get sepsis when she had a brazillian butt lift and she had her butt hands and feet amputated!. You know I had to realize I am doing this for me and i want it! I just need to loose the wieght now! I waver all the time!
I am having a bad swelling day and glad I read kimmers comment. Just what I needed to read today!
Hi Rosie, listen to Kimmers ........ be prepared for a lengthy recovery time and you have to be at peace with your decision. I had a consult a year ago and put it off for a year because I was not quite emotionally ready and I was scared, but you will get to the stage where u overcome the fear and want it so badly !!! I am 5 weeks post op and have no regrets, the pain for me has not been an issue, but rather the slow process of healing. Once I decided to go ahead, I booked my surgery one month in advance and I found that wait too long LOL .... so you do have a lot of time to process your thoughts and work through your concerns. You will be thrilled with your results and it is a life changing experience :) Even tho I am only a few weeks down the line and have a long way to go with recovery, I know I did the right thing. You just have to come to terms with the fact that you will not be rushing back to the gym anytime soon after surgery and you will have good and bad days following the surgery ! Look to Realself for support, we are all here to help and encourage you. Good Luck and as Kimmers says "Never let fear control your decision" !!!

Well here it is, almost a year later from my...

Well here it is, almost a year later from my original surgery date. I decided not to have the surgery last year. I started losing weight and felt that I wanted to wait a bit longer before I had the surgery.

I started at 152 and as of this past weekend I am 125. Do I still want the surgery? Yes. I have an appointment with my doctor this week to re-assess. I no longer want lipo suction. I've heard too many people say that the fat winds up distributing itself some place else on my body. No thanks. I'd rather diet and exercise the old fashioned way.

I've also decided to possibly have a breast augmentation.

WOW! Way to go on all of your hard work. You look amazing and deserve to have your hard earned abs showing because by the looks of your arms, I'm sure there is a six pack under there just waiting to happen. Good luck with your decision and happy healing if you proceed with the surgery.
u will look great
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