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I am a 28 year old former bodybuilder. Upon...

I am a 28 year old former bodybuilder. Upon stopping bodybuilding, I ate myself into a stupor for a year. This resulted in stretch marks and loose skin. I have since been back to bodybuilding for 3 years, but could not get ride of the excess.

So on August 10, 2010, I had a tummy tuck. As of right now the pain in intense, but definitely bearable. I can see the difference in my stomach contour when I take off the compression garment, but extremely swollen. One thing I will tell those who get it done. Do your research. I went in well informed knowing that it would be a minimum of 4 weeks before I saww the results I wanted, and most likely longer. Even knowing this, the past few days have been an emotional tornado. I tend to be a cold calculating person always in search of perfection. I tend not to show emotion at all. In the past three days, I have alternated between wanting to cry for placing my body through this, to being happy my loose skin will no longer be on my mind.

During my highs, I am up walking around every 20 minutes. I walk to the door, the kitchen, I just walk. The pain is basically gone during these points. During my lows, I hate myself. During my lows, I think of the fact I can't workout for a month, nor have sex for several weeks. I know I will have residual swelling for up to six months. No one but a single person knows I have gotten this done. So that also makes itr difficult. That being said, I believe I will only get better as time presses forward.

My doctor has been active for over 20 years, has his own practice, and positive results on males. Right now, it simply feels like my life is at a standstill as I recover. I know my overconfidecne will increase even more as I heal though. I recommend it at this point to anyone, but prepared to be pulled and twisted thorughout your mind as the healing occurs


Hang in there! You can do it and it will get better. It is good to hear your story.
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Your profile name reveals your sense of humor! And I love how you describe the tornado of emotions. I've heard that it's quite common to go through many doubts, fears, regrets, and even depression. You will get back to your normal life. Hang in there!

Thanks so much for sharing your story. Undoubtedly, it'll help others going through something similar.

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So two days after my original post, and 1 day...

So two days after my original post, and 1 day after getting my drains removed, I went from undecided how I felt to saying it was worth it. The torrent of emotion still surges through my veins at times. The peaks are now higher and longer compared to the valleys. Being able to walk without worrying about the drains changes everything. I have spent much of the day with my heels against the wall, teaching my muscles to stand upright. It is a journey as I fight my abdominals from pulling me down. Exhausting, but well worth it. Few people now I had the surgery. Today I was with friends who did not know, and not a one said a word to me about my posture. I am growing more content by the moment.


Taking it easy is never easy for me :) I am always on the move. I went in for a drainage massage today. The woman who did it said she had never seen anyone up and about after a TT in one week. I am hoping to get back to the gym three weeks from today, albeit easy, not the weights I was using previously. I am planning on being back to normal on November 2, 3 months to the day of my surgery. And by normal I mean my 20 miles running, 30 miles biking, and same weights in the gym as before.
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Thank God I was feeling bad for you take it easy enjoy
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What a difference two days make. I had the drains removed yesterday, which burned, then a wave of relief flooded across my body, bringing a sense of serenity. The doc said he doesn't remember anyone being so nimble less than a week after surgery. That I believe I have to thank for being in the shape I was in prior. Today, I practiced throughout the day standing upright, I am exhausted from it. On the good side, I have taken no pain killers, prescription or otherwise, for the pain. I will take some before bed so I may sleep well. The swelling looks much better than orginally. But the difference is night and day. My stretch marks are all but gone. My waist looks like it has narrowed. I can only imagine what it will look like in 6 months. Definitely in better mind set than Sunday!!
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SO I uploaded two photos. Not of best quality, but...

SO I uploaded two photos. Not of best quality, but since basically no one knows I had this done, I had to shoot them myself. I like the results so far. On the side shot, you can see how swollen I still am down by the incision where it protrudes. I measured my waist. I was a 32.5 before surgery, and am currently at 37.5. So I have an extra five inches of swelling. Minus the extra skin I had removed and another inch may even be called for. I have been taking bromelain, and will continue to take for another 2 weeks. I'll stop on day 22. Depending on how I am healing, I may start up again at day 29 if I am still swollen. I am hoping to be down to a 34 by then


Had mt 15 day check up today. I am cleared to do cardio, workout, anything I want that does not overstress the core. My doctor said he has never seen anyoje recover as I have. He recommended that I keep the weights light for my next two weeks of working out in order to let the muscles completely strenghthen. Otherwise I am good to go!!!
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I plan on staying with compression gear for 3 months. I ordered some compression undershirts for when I am out and about. I plan on keeping the compression garment for use in the gym and when I am home. I am concerned how I will feel working out again. The healing for both of us seems to be going well though
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One strange side effect of liposuction -- and probably a tummy tuck -- is a migrating bruise that can spread to unexpected places and even cause blue balls.  A bruise formed on my lower neck and upper chest and remained there for almost 2 weeks.  Strange bruises and sensations are part of the recovery process apparently...

Take it easy at the gym and definitely wear something to keep compression on during the workout.  The first time I swam laps (3 weeks after chin lipo) there was a strange pulling sensation on my neck when I turned my head to breathe.  I was worried I'd make the swelling worse so I only swam a few laps before switching to an elliptical machine. I swam again last week and the pulling sensation was less obvious but still apparent.  Hopefully that goes away completely...

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SO today is day 16, and I am feeling great. Still...

SO today is day 16, and I am feeling great. Still pretty tight, but I am working on that by laying flat on the ground and breathing. I am slowly working my way to having my arms over my head. I am back in the gym, but light and easy for the next two weeks. Here are some extra photos. If you take a look at the side, you can see the swelling has really subsided. There is still some serious swelling under my belly button. My waist is still 2 inches bigger than pre surgery. I weighed myself today, and am 2 pounds lighter than previous. Overall, I am extremely happy


So I have had a busy few days, and some serious swelling under my belly button as a result. I'm actually icing it down. And you are right it is a process akin to getting in shape. It is a process
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The recovery process for surgery is similar to the time and focus required to get in great shape. It's worth it in the end.
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It will be a long six months. I really thought I had popped a stitch in the plication. All I did all day was walk so that shouldn't be the case but I was still worried. I should expect this though, I am not even three weeks out and I am active. How it looks when I am not extrmeely swollen, such as today, gives me great hope. I know it will only imptove for the next 24 weeks
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SO I went for an unplanned stop at my doc's...

SO I went for an unplanned stop at my doc's today. I'll take the photos tomorrow to show why. The short of it is I have some serious swelling I wanted to make sure was not a seroma under my belly button. It is normal swelling for my activity level along with scar tissue so everything is still healing fine.

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So here are my photos, a little late.

So here are my photos, a little late.


Your scar looks great--nice and low. Do you mind sharing who your doctor is?

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My scar lies right under where my boxers lie on my waist. As for the pubic hair, I keep everything shaved so I cannot answer. I have my six week check up next week and will post some more photos then
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Hey, thanks for posting about your experience. I'm in a similar situation and am glad to finally read a male perspective. I was just wondering, now that the shaved hair should be growing back, do you think your pubic hair is going to cover most of the scar? Would love to see pre-op photos if you PS gives them to you. Thanks!
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So I am trying to post the before and afters from...

So I am trying to post the before and afters from my doc's office.


Any new photos or before photos from your doctor's office? I just scheduled my surgery...thanks for all the info.
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So it is a little over 7 weeks, and I am loving...

So it is a little over 7 weeks, and I am loving the work. The swelling is gone in the monring and afternoon. There is still some there at night. Today was the start of my second intense week in the gym. Last week I did my normal split, ran, biked, and finally sneezed wihthout worrying!! For those of you debating, find a good surgeon and go for it!


Adonis, thank you for your pics and all your comments. My surgery is already scheduled for December. I workout four to five times a week with weights and cardio. I am happy to hear that it helps with the recovery. I don't like taking pain killers either and hoping I don't have to take too many. You look great and you probably look a lot better by now. I wish you the best and thanks.
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We recently moved over this male tummy tuck story from our male breast reduction section. Feel free to give him some encouragement!

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Updated with new photos!!!
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So it has been just over three months now. I still...

So it has been just over three months now. I still had some swelling and hardness (scar tissue) until the last 7 days. Last week, I started feeling uncomfortable below my belly button, where much of the hardness is located. I especially hurt whenever I used the transverse plane of motion.

It last for two or three days. I woke up one morning, the swelling and hardness was basically gone!!! MY abs are as flat as they have been since my bodybuilding days. I could not be happier with the results!!! That being said, follow your doctors orders and you will be okay


Awesome result! Thanks for sharing.
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You look amazing! I am a 22 year old looking to get a tummy tuck in the UK and I would love to have the results you have! Thank you for posting about this it has helped settle my mind :D
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Just out of curiousity, did Dr. Nathen Rothenberg do your surgery? My doc is in Bergen and also cost is 6,600. Im having it done in Queens at the surgery center on Jan 4th
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