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This is my story… I am 40 years old, mother of...

This is my story… I am 40 years old, mother of two ages 10 and 5. I have wanted a breast reduction for about 15 years now. In college, I was thin and size 36c…perfect perky breasts. I started to gain weight after college and into marriage and after having two children, found myself spilling out of a 44DD. Ugh. I hated them…nothing fit right, wearing a bathing suit was mortifying. I would not make love to my husband without a shirt on. Sleeping was getting difficult as I am a stomach sleeper and they always seemed to be in the way. My self esteem was so low I couldn’t take it anymore.

A friend of mine had her br last year and I was so jealous. I had often thought about it but thought I had to lose lots of weight before I could do it. I even called a ps once but was told I was too overweight to qualify. So…I forgot about it. Well, my friend is not thin, not fat but not thin so I thought if she can do it, why not me?

I went to see the ps and he said I should qualify…turns out he wasn’t’ the ps for me…his office was so slow, not friendly and he ended up being a jerk. After 2 months of me thinking my claim had been submitted, I called for a status only to find out that he didn’t submit it yet, he wanted to see me again.

At this second meeting, he said he didn’t think he could meet my insurance company’s requirement of 750cc per breast. He never explained to me why, what size that would leave me, etc. He just said I wouldn’t be happy. Whatever…see ya.
So I went to a second ps and I am so glad I did. He was awesome. I loved him immediately, loved his staff and just felt so confident and comfortable there. I told him about my first experience and he said it was unfortunate but that he would take care of me.

He measured me, (first ps didn’t do that) and we talked about insurance requirements, scarring, the procedure, etc. he showed me before and after pictures, and then he said he’d submit it and see what insurance said.
I received my approval 3 days later! Holy cow! I was so excited…so I set my date for June 1st and off I went!
I went for my pre-op and he examined me again. We talked cup size. I said I’d like to be a C. Not a C spilling over into a D but a C. He said he uses shoulders as a guide to get the proportion right.

So now it is June 11…I am 10 days post-op and could not be happier.
Here’s my surgery story:

Friday: I went to the hospital around 6:30am for a 7:45 surgery. They took me right back, got me into a gown and started my iv. Anesthesia came to visit and then my ps came in to mark me up. I thought I’d be embarrassed but at this point, I was full of adrenaline.

I walked back to the OR and laid down on the table. I laughed and said the last time I did this, I ended up with a baby…(c/section). They put something in my iv and I remember saying that I feel it working already. The next thing I remember was waking up in recovery. The first thing I asked was how much did they take off…1050 cc from left and 850cc from right. Average of 2.5 lb each I think. So…the first ps was full of it!

My pain level at this point was a 7 out of 10…not too bad. My throat was scratchy and my lip hurt like hell. I either bit it or they scraped the tube in my lip because I had two cuts, a fat lip and numbness (which I still have today).

I was given something in my iv and was more comfortable. I felt like a mummy all wrapped up in the surgical bra. My husband came in and then I started drinking water. I was so thirsty.

Once my pain was under control and I ate a graham cracker, they let me go. I was home by 1:30…live about 15 minutes away from the hospital.

My pain was never too bad…I took Percocet every 4 hours religiously. I had no drains and was pretty comfortable sitting up with lots of pillows surrounding me. Especially the beanbag type pillows under each arm like a recliner…those were great.
I drank lots of water with lemon and ate raisin toast with margarine. Nothing else appealed to me but I knew I had to eat.
Saturday was kind of the same…I iced with the big reusable 3m ice bags…took Percocet and switched from the bed to the couch every few hours for a change of scenery.

On Sunday, I was bored…so I spent most of the day on the couch…I slept much better there and napped most of the day. The Percocet was giving me terrible headaches so I just took Tylenol for pain and Ambien to help me sleep Sunday night.
Monday (3days out) was awesome. I sat on the couch all day, only took Tylenol for pain. My mom washed my hair in the kitchen sink which made me feel so much better. She took me to my post-op appointment in the afternoon. The Dr. took off the bandages and said all looked fine. He told me to wear whatever I felt comfortable in…sports bra, surgical bra, cami, etc. He said to try to wear the bra most of the time but if I needed a break, don’t’ sweat it.

I looked down as he took off the bandages and felt so flat. Lol…it was surreal. I was told that since I was no longer taking paid meds, I could drive if I felt comfortable and had full range of motion. I appreciated that but was not ready yet.
That night I took a shower for the first time…it was so weird. I felt so flat and childlike. The incisions make me squeamish so I didn’t touch or look at them. I was able to wash my hair but couldn’t bend over to shave my legs. I just let the warm water fall over me and it felt really good.

I needed my husband to help me dry off my lower half because I couldn’t bend.

Tuesday: day 4…again, much better. I spent the day on the couch…went for a mani/pedi with my mom and 5year old. I even went out to the store with my family in the afternoon…I drove…no pain…just uncomfortable. I couldn’t believe it!
Wednesday: I told my husband to go back to work and my mom to stay home. I took my kids to school and went shopping! I tried on new clothes…down a pants size and shirt size…tried on bras…44B! I know I said I wanted to be a C but this is great! I cried in the store…the saleslady hugged me when I told her my story…lol.

I even bought a negligee…first time since my honeymoon!

Shaving legs was difficult as I still couldn’t bend. I got a Tupperware bowl of water and used my intuition razor while sitting on toilet. It was much easier!

Thursday: and Friday: more of the same…Tylenol for pain if needed…taking it easy but functioning. Loving life. I went to my 10 year old’s school picnic…loved the reaction from the other moms!

I get tired earlier in the night but other than that…sleeping well with Ambien and lots of side pillows.

So today is my first day back to work…10 days post-op. I feel great. I still have some discomfort but no Tylenol even needed the past couple of days. My kids were with their grandparents all weekend so hubby and I went out to lunch on Saturday and lunch and shopping all day Sunday. This has definitely sparked our romance…Sunday morning was fun! I was cautious but it was nice to surprise him with the new negligee.

Pre-br I weighed 215…I’m down to 199 today. I can’t believe it. I honestly feel like a different person. My self-esteem is through the roof. I look forward to getting dressed…seeing people, etc. My kids keep telling me how skinny I am…I am eating better, drinking lots of lemon water and just making such an effort. I had no motivation before my surgery. Now the sky is the limit!

Items I was glad I had:
Wireless doorbell: I got it at home depot for $12. I kept the button with me, hubby kept the bell side. He slept on the couch if I was in bed and vice versa to give me room…so it was nice to know he was a bell away. It worked great.

Button up nightgowns : 2 from

Zip up sports bras: 3 from (just my I bought my same band size, A/B cup instead of C/D. Fits great and is so comfortable.

My nipples are very sensitive…seatbelt hits it in the wrong spot so a small pillow between my chest and the seatbelt is very helpful!

3M icepacks…large…two. In hindsight, I would have bought 4 so I could have 2 on and two refreezing.

Squishy pillows for under neck and arms.

Heating pad for neck if it gets sore from sleeping elevated.

Resusable plastic water cup with bent straw for drinking in bed…use lots of lemon…diauretic!

Colace: started this day before surgery…no bowel problems whatsoever. I took it when I took pain meds.

Second opinion: if you aren’t 100% sure you love the first ps you see…don’t be afraid to see another!

Cell phone charger and kindle charger right by bed…made it easier to stay connected!

If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know! I get my steri-strips removed tomorrow…I am not sure about the sutures.

Ok so I know the dr. was going to take the steri...

Ok so I know the dr. was going to take the steri strips off this afternoon but I couldn't wait. They were hanging there so I took them off in the shower this morning. I thought that would be less irritating. The look great...I will post a before picture later but here is my day 11 picture.

So I went for another post-op yesterday. I had...

So I went for another post-op yesterday. I had already taken off the steri-strips so all he did was cut the looped stitches. The others will disolve. He said all looks good and is healing well. I am still swollen laterally so will thin out a bit.

Other than that, I have clearance to swim, exercise (no heavy chest lifting or anything), etc. He said to keep a bra on most of the time to help the swelling go down. Ice at night for a while.

My pathology came back and while it is not bad, it is not 100% normal. I have atypical lobular hyperpasia. He said there are some questionable cells. Does not mean cancer or pre-cancer, just for me to be aware and make sure I do self exams regularly and never skip a mammogram. I am going to fax the report to my GYN for her second opinion on that.

I asked the nurse to email me the before picture so I can post it since I didn't take my own.

Still happy! Each day is getting easier...and my weight loss continues! woohoo!

oh...and i got my true numbers of what was removed...1075 grams from left and 855 from right...holy moly!

I faxed the pathology report to my GYN. She...

I faxed the pathology report to my GYN. She called me back within the hour (that can't be good) and said that this means I "may" be more susceptible to breast cancer. Given the fact that I am adopted and do not have medical history, she wants me to see a breast surgeon to have them review my report and prior mammograms. She said they may want me to come in for semi-annual breast exams in addition to my annual mammogram.

So, I have an appointment next Wednesday. Oy vey...damn boobs, still haunting me.

Day 13...feeling great. Still using a bean bag...

Day 13...feeling great. Still using a bean bag pillow to sleep on my side and under my seatbelt to drive. Other than that...discomfort is minimal.

My ps emailed me my before picture...holy cow! Plus, I never realized my left was bigger than my right, strange.

Ok, so over the weekend my boobs changed color.....

Ok, so over the weekend my boobs changed color...especially th bottom half of my right breast. And, it felt hot and more sensitive. The color isn't really bruiselike, it was like a burnt orange, strange color. I called the dr. and the on call dr. called back. She started me on antibiotics again and said to call the office monday if no improvement.

This morning, my dr. office called and asked if any change, I said not as sensitive but still discolored. I made an appointment for tomorrow at noon and texted the picture to my ps. He texted right back that it is most likely brusing but he will see me tomorrow.

What do you think...just brusing?

Ok, so i just went to see my PS again. He asked if...

Ok, so i just went to see my PS again. He asked if I missed him, lol. Seriously though, the discoloration is just bruising. He said the bottom of the breast is the last place for the swelling to settle. He said not to be surprised if the discoloration goes even a bit below the incision. He further said that if there was an isolated spot of redness/hotness, that would more than likely be infection, this is just normal bruising. woohoo!

I still go see the breast surgeon tomorrow about my biopsy results. Will keep you posted on that.

Ok, so I saw the breast surgeon today about the...

Ok, so I saw the breast surgeon today about the ALH biopsy results. It was sobering. Based upon the risk scale (factors such as bmi, onset of period, first childbirth, family history, etc.), I have a 32% 1 in 3 chance of developing breast cancer. The average woman has a 1 in 8 chance so I am at high risk.

There are things I can do to lower my risk, lose weight, eat healthier, exercise.

Precautionary things are to have a mammogram yearly and an MRI yearly (6 months after mammo) to stay on top of any further developments.

I also have to see an oncologist to get recommendations of further precautionary routes to take.

Scary place but very imformative.

On the plus side, she said my boobs look great and incisions healing nicely!
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We are now in Myanmar and I had a last visit with the wonderful Dr Komwit. There was some redness on one site & as we are going further "bush" he gave me another course of anti-biotics & suggested I paint with Beterdine before and after showering which my wonderful husband is doing. I found out he & I are the same age & the "tissue" is left with the patient before being disposed of so you can see what you've lost! He also suggested if I continue to lose weight I might like to think of a tummy tuck in the future. I really have not felt any pain at all - discomfort yes, pain no. Now I have to massage "firmly" & it feels a bit like when I was breast feeding and overdue to feed - a bit tight & a bit sore but really the blister on my foot is causing me more pain! The bruises are fading fast, the eyes look super but feel a bit "sticky" - he says I should think of 3 months for everything to be normal but maybe a year to really get over it. I feel good - still not 100% sure about my boobs - they are all me right, but they don't feel like me .... yet!
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Thanks for your honesty and putting your story out there. My surgery is scheduled for Aug. 15 and of course I have many of the same concerns as you. My doc just sent me for a pre op mammogram. I am nervous and excited at the same time. Much continued success on your new journey...
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Monday 9th here in sunny, steamy, smelly Bangkok! Just seen the wonderful Dr Komwit who took all my stitches out -both in my eyelids and my boobs without any pain! He pronounced himself very happy with everything - said my healing was excellent especially around the nipples & tells me that everything will get even better and by 3 months, it will be perfect. He pronounced me fit to go to Myanmar on Saturday but suggested I come and see him one last time on Saturday morning so everything is fine!!!!! Hurray!!!
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OK - here goes. Although I live in Australia, this site has been terrific for me. I have gained a lot from reading other people's stories, motivations & triumphs. In Aus we have a fantastic health care system - no one goes bankrupt because they get sick & everything necessary is covered which I think is the idea behind Obama-care but that is another topic. I am now 60 years old with a 20 yr old and 16 yr old, still working full time as a teacher and this is my story. Having had big boobs all my life, I could have found a specialist to say they needed to be reduced which means I could have gotten a rebate on the surgery. However as we have never had full private insurance - see above- I would have needed to first find the right doctor, then pay for the operation and then claim a refund which as far as I can gather may have been $3000 off the $11,000 cost of the procedure. And I would have had to wait. These are rough internet figures as first you have to visit your (free) GP & then he/she sends you to a specialist who charges about $180 (your refund might be $75) & then get a second opinion etc - spending more $$$. Anyway I looked at medical tourism in Thailand and here we are at Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok!

I have several doctor friends amongst others who I did NOT discuss this with fearing they would advise against it- citing horror stories, lack of 1st world support, a long way from home etc, plus of course why chop bits of yourself when it is not necessary, but my husband and I did some research. We went to 2 different presentations but we didn't feel either of these companies were "us"and eventually we chose to organise the whole thing ourselves directly through the hospital and email !!!

We arrived on Sunday July 1st, saw the doctor on July 2nd & I had surgery for breast reduction and droopy upper eyelids on July 3rd & my husband had LASIK eye treatment on both eyes yesterday at 4pm. One of the reasons I am writing this at 6am is a) we only told a few close friends and b) I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! As I say we have a great health system in Aus - we have never had any complaints but we have never been sick except me for 2 Caesars & 1 son with a hernia aged 2. Neither of us have ever seen anything like this hospital - I was born in England & lived in London & we have travelled the world including a year in Canada/US & this is like something from the mid-21st century with international patients.

The actual email bit was the hardest because although they spoke English much better than I speak Thai, there were some inconsistencies. Also you are allocated a doctor rather than choose one and of course we could not really choose one anyway as we didn't know any of them or have any recommendations. Also we were stuck with the dates that we chose - we have a 2 week mid-winter school break in July (yep that is our winter!) so we took an extra 2 weeks of long service to make it a month off work. We - or really I - started this correspondence/research in the middle of last year & contacted 3 different hospitals but we decided on Bumrungrad and they did tell me last year that their prices were going up July 1st this year by about 15% which gave us a bit of incentive!

So we paid up front before we arrived - mine was $5,800 for both ops which included 2 nights in hospital, Greg was thinking of hair implants - this hospital does EVERYTHING!!! - but cost was against us so he stayed in my room and paid about $2,500 for both eyes as opposed to $5,000 each eye in Aus. Again had we had full insurance we would have been covered for 70-80% but we have chosen to use the public system for our minor health care needs and use the extra $$$ we saved on the mortgage and travel.

We decided that we would NOT go ahead if anything was "iffy" or we felt worried when we got here but I cannot speak highly enough of the hospital - everything worked like a precision engine. We had appointment times, we were never even a minute off schedule, and ALL the staff from the porters to the nurses to the cleaners and the doctors were so incredibly caring and gentle. I went to my first appointment with Dr Komwit & just knew he was going to be good - he asked me lots of questions & made some suggestions - I had a mole at the end of my eyebrow that he agreed it should go, ditto skin tags under my arms and I inquired about lipo on my sides at the end of my boobs. He advised against going from my current DD or maybe EE ( I gave up checking long ago!) to B as I wanted & suggested C or D and in the end I decided to let him make the choice as to what was right for my build and of course the person that has developed around those big boobs! When I bought my bras in Aus, I talked to the sales lady & she advised C or even D and said she had had customers who had gone much smaller (b) & been very unhappy with the results. Too drastic I guess or maybe just looked wrong on their frame.

I am about 157cm and around 75 kilos (overweight at the moment) so I guess I needed some rounding. After seeing Dr K, I went and had blood tests, x-rays and an EGC - due to my advanced age! We were escorted to each department by a smiling beautifully dressed young Thai, we never waited more than a few minutes & everyone treated us as if we were the most honoured guests in their country. The results of the tests were almost immediate - the technicians told me about the ECG & X-ray results as they did them although of course they were then also sent to the doctor.

Feeling relieved and somewhat reassured but still anxious, we set off for a quick trip around our nearby surroundings. Thailand is a 3rd world country of that there is no doubt and amazing 21st century buildings rub up against very basic problems that would not be tolerated at home such as broken pavements - think holes 2 foot deep! -electrical wiring hanging down to head height and open drains and it is very easy to write everything off as "not as good as at home" but the hospital was .... Words fail me! We had been here before but only as tourists - we now looked at all the "foreigners" and wondered if they too were here for treatment - certainly the many, many nationalities we met at the hospital were and the hotels in the vicinity were full of patients too. Especially noticeable were the number of middle easterners many wearing traditional dress –men usually in loose comfy western tees, shorts & sandals although occasionally with long white robes with various types of headgear but 100% of the women in traditional black robes, some with just hijab headscarves but many with full burka face coverings which just gives a slit for the eyes, some with 100% cover – not even the eyes revealed behind their multiple layers of gauze – one had bits of metal in like a hanging L shape covering her nose and mouth – all in that lovely cool shade of black here in the 35 degree heat. Many of them carried the discreet, classy brown cardboard bags with light and dark green writing and green handles - the Bumrungrad take home medical kit containing information about what to expect, any medicine needed - in my case including large swabs to apply the antiseptic cream to my eyes and Greg had 2 rolls of tape to attach his eye guards at night - so that we could tell who was a patient at a glance.

OK after a sleepless night we arrived at 5 am, & I had some lovely touchy feely nurses who really made me feel that I was in safe hands and then Dr K arrived. I was sitting on the bed and he was kneeling in front of me drawing on me in purple pen when I asked him what caused the skin tags. He was a man of 50 ish - hard to tell but I am going to ask him! - & he didn't answer for ages. I thought maybe a) the question was too frivolous to be considered, b) he didn't have the right English word or maybe he just hadn't heard me. Suddenly his shoulders started heaving and he said "Degeneration" - he laughed and laughed while at the same time patting me on the shoulders - maybe it was the pre-op but is suddenly seemed that we were in this together & laughed uproariously - very odd considering the situation! I had my eye-lids done first under local and yes the needles stung but as he promised "no more pain now" after the needles although it is still not something I would want to do on a regular basis - or ever again! Then I had a gauze pad over my eyes and the anesthetist had said he would come then and give me a general prior to the surgery. That was the worst bit - I could hear people but not see them, they all had their roles to play -putting the surgical stockings on my legs, securing my arms and I was really scared and very alone. Then the anesthetist was talking to me, telling me he was going to give me a good dream and not to worry and some anonymous nurse found the time to hold my hand ...then my husband was offering me a drink & I was in the fantastic bed with all the moveable parts and the special overlay that moves - I guess to do with circulation, a nurse was putting ice packs on my eyes and boobs ..... and….. it was all over!

That was about 4.30 pm on the 3rd (op at 7 am) & I don't remember much, just kept getting the icepacks changed. Dr Komwit came about 2.30 on the 4th and told me he was very happy with everything, he had taken 450 grams of tissue from one side and 475 from the other and 1000 gms of fat and to prove it, it was all there in a big plastic bag on the floor! And there it stayed until we left - not sure why, I did sign a thing that asked the hospital to dispose of it - maybe to prove it had been done, maybe I might want it replaced, maybe a souvenir - who knows?? I used a bedpan for the first night but was up about 6am on the 4th still with drains in but Dr K took them out on the 5th in the morning before we left at 3pm to move to a hotel 3 minutes from the hospital which at $60 a night is cheaper than the hospital & their "residence" but close enough for emergencies. The hospital was incredible - everything was thought of for our comfort with a long couch next to the bed which was fitted with sheets & pillows at night and proved long enough even for my 6ft 4 husband. I think I waited an average of 3 mins after ringing the bell at any time & was always greeted with a smile and a bow - even my rose was changed daily! There was an enormous TV at the end of the bed which could also be used as a huge computer screen - all tv channels and new release movies of course! My husband had already moved all our things - one sport bag each, the laptop and my hand bag - and the hospital offered a wheelchair and a porter to transport me but basically all I needed to do was walk to the lift, go to the ground floor and leave the hospital, cross the road and walk into our hotel so a wheelchair seemed a bit of overkill! Once in our room, we watched TV & chatted until Greg left for his 4pm eye surgery & was brought back to the room by a porter at 7.20. He had shell covers on his eyes but said they were fine which changed after about 30 mins when he couldn't stop his eyes streaming with tears and it was difficult for me to get the 3 lots of drops in - after all he had had bits sliced off his eyeball & I must admit that was the one time I wished we were still in the hospital.

Still next morning he was marvelling at the details he could see without glasses - he has worn glasses all his life and is basically as blind as a bat without them but the left eye, always the worst is now "degenerating" as Dr K would say and so he would need ever increasingly stronger lens. What they have done is to make one eye "long sighted" and one eye "near sighted" & it will take months for his brain to be able to work them both as a pair and independently - night time will initially be hard but he is so happy with the results and has pinched my "good" sunglasses & I catch him looking at himself in mirrors - he has always had to wear glasses that darken automatically & this has often proved a problem especially when skiing or driving or when humidity makes them fog up - now he can wear ordinary sunnies & take them off if they fog up. He has seen the doctor for a 1st check-up & has another check up on July 13th - in the meantime no swimming, sweating or crying plus lots of drops. Me?? Well today is Sunday, my op was on Tues at 7am so I guess today is day 5 and I am ... fine! I feel incredibly tight across my chest and looking in the mirror at the line of purple stitches across my eyelids makes me feel queasy. I have anti-biotics -Keflex and Arocosia and then can take Lorazepam for sleeplessness if I want and also Tylenol for pain. This is the amazing thing - there is very little pain, discomfort yes and where the drains came out is sore but no toothache or headache like pain at all. It is very hot and Dr K said no sweating so I have spent a lot of time sitting/lying and my back hurts a bit from all the inactivity - sit by the pool, sit in the lobby, lie and watch tv, sit and read ... for a very active person, I feel frustrated but never pain. Sleeping is a problem as we are living a very odd, suspended kind of life only going out spasmodically as the pavements are a trap for poor eyesight and those trying to not step up/down, open wound sites or make ourselves sweat but I think we are getting there. Last night we tried to eat earlier and go to bed earlier and then I was up at 6 writing this so that conforms more to our days at home - trying to not doze off during the day to make sure I am sleepy at night. The day before yesterday I couldn't sleep so got up to have my umpteenth shower & then sat and did emails until suddenly the keys started to sway and the room started to move - that was the moment we both realised that we had needed to come together - for moral and physical support if nothing else! Greg woke up at my second call and got me into bed & everything got back to normal & I fell asleep fairly soon - could have been a combination of drugs or sitting in the dark in front of a flickering screen or anything but we decided yesterday was a hotel day even for meals and today seems fine - Dr K will explain all tomorrow I am sure! We did find a lovely gelato place but unfortunately Greg's Kiwi/Apple gelato may have been made with klong water. Just as well we weren’t too far from a bathroom. Our scales show him 5kgs lighter -don't men make you cross although I really wouldn't wish that on anyone!

Feel so much better today Sunday which Day 5 and will see Dr Komwit tomorrow at 11.30 when I assume he will take the stitches out of my eyelids which will make a difference as I need to keep cream on the lids and then it slowly slides down my face! I have not looked under the bra - fairly spectacular bruises across my back - lipo? anf on my breast bone. Still no real pain - 2 tylenol at bedtime but taking sleeping pills - find waking up in the early hours makes it all seem a ridiculous and vain waste of money for little benefit. Daylight makes it all make sense! Visited the Marriott Hotel today - anywhere with good air con gets our vote! and really the hospital is so much better! Greg feeling great - tummy good -asks me to ask him what time it is a million times a day - he can see his watch without glasses! Will write again tomorrow and tell you the outcome of my visit with Dr K.
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OOPS!! Wrong forum! We're trying to LOSE dead weight; not recover it.
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While that is some overwhelming information, at least you have some measures you can take to take control of this situation. I think it is good information for all women. I don't think many know that there are things that can contribute to risk, and its not all heredity. Thanks for sharing this very personal journey through this scary time with us. It will be helpful to so many women.

On a lighter note: You've got boob experts saying you've got a great looking rack...that has to be worth something :-D
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Funny last boobs have never received this much positive attention! lol
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Wow, HM, I'm so glad you have that information. I realize it's really scary, but now you know and can really focus on prevention and screening. I don't know if the surgeon mentioned it, but BR itself is correlated with a lower risk of breast cancer. No one knows why, but the hypothesis is that the surgery removes a lot of the denser breast tissue which is where cancers develop, so you've already taken a really good preventative step. Here's to a long, cancer-free life for you!
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Good luck tomorrow, will be praying for you!
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Will be thinking of you tomorrow!
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Fingers crossed for your visit tomorrow with the breast surgeon.
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OK - so set for July 2nd!! Your story was inspirational - still not sure but am going anyway!
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I'm so glad I found this board, and what an inspiring story. I'm 44 years old and wear a 34H. I've wanted BR since I was 20, but always too chicken. I'm going for a consult on July 25 and hope I get the nerve to go through with the surgery this time.

thanks for sharing.
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Hi Missy. I was a 34H 10 months ago, and can tell you that I am thrilled with my results! Good luck at that consult!!
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I found your blog very inspiring. I am in the very early stages of possible breast reduction. I have an appointment on Thursday to meet with a ps about breast reduction. Not sure if I am measuring myself correctly, but my last bra I bought was a 42DDD. I had weighed 255 lbs, but have lost 60 lbs in the past 1.5 years. I have 40 lbs to go for my ideal body weight for my height. My breasts have not lost any since my weight loss. It's difficult for me to run because of them. I have a sports bra in an XXL, but it doesn't fit me correctly. I am very self concious of my large chest size, but at times I like them because I feel like it hides my flabby stomach. Ha! Thank you for your story!
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Congrats on your weight loss! So impressive!
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I had some discoloration on the bottom 1/3 to half of my breasts about a week or two after surgery. I had it checked out and they said that it was just a reaction to healing. It was kind of like a bruise, but since I'm so fair skinned that it was just the blood and everything right there on the surface that we could see. I don't know if I would have described mine as orange, but it was definitly not red, but almost looked irritated or something, but it wasn't really on the surface. Glad you will be checked out tomorrow. Let us know what you find out.
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Hi Happy, that color looks kinda generalized to be bruising but I'm no doctor. Go see your PS and get reassured. Besides that, you look great! Congrats on such a nice recovery.
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Wow...what a change! No wonder you are so happy :-D Looking at the new breasts in relation to the old ones totally puts a new perspective on them, doesn't it? Congrats!
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OK, so I'm thrilled for you that you are doing so well post-op, but also want you to know that you will be in my thoughts until we know what the follow up plan is for you. I agree with Piggles, that we gals seem to worry until we have covered all of our bases and I'm sure you GYN is just being cautious and helping to ease your worries. That being said, if there is something to be worried about, then this surgery has done more than just made you one freakin sexy momma and more comfortable, it found what could be an issue before it has become one...many women don't get that chance, and if its nothing to worry about...then one more thing to celebrate. Best of luck to you and keep us posted!!!
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Thank you ladies! I will keep you posted!
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First of all, I bet your GYN called back as quickly as she did because she knew you'd be freaking (to one degree or another). I really and truly HATE saying this...honestly...but when it comes to some things, I do find female physicians - generally speaking - are more attuned to those hot buttons of worry. And secondly, I truly think everyone is just erring on the side of extreme acution - and thank God they are. Keep us posted, but think of this (and no joking here AT ALL; whatever they decide is the best course for follow-up/monitoring etc. you have one hell of a lot less breast tissue to monitor. So that's a pretty big win right there :)

Keep us posted. And TRY not to read too much into this 'til you know more. (I know, I know...easy for me to say....)
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Thanks for sharing! Congradulations!.
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Looking good!!! Happy healing :)
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Wow! You're healing like a champ Happy! All terrific news. You've inspired me to start "bowel management" the day before surgery as well...thanks for that!

I'm sorry to hear about the slightly irregular path results. I'm sure this will mean nothing coming from a stranger and I do NOT mean to minimize whatever concern you might have, but I was told by a surgeon (cardiac...for whatever that's worth!) friend that virtually everyone will return less that "normal" results on biopsies to SOME part of their body. Having said that, these physicians are SO conservative, that I suspect if your PS had a second's worth of immediate concern, you'd have been referred so fast, your head would swim. Your GYN will just be able to confirm that. Let us know, though.

Hope your recovery continues to go quickly and smoothly. :)
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