Things are looking up!

I have been considering a Tummy Tuck, and Breast...

I have been considering a Tummy Tuck, and Breast Reduction since the birth of my first child, 5 years ago. After the birth of my second, (knowing that we are d.o.n.e. with having kiddos) I'm ready! I'm 5'3, 150 pounds and my chest is a 36-38 DDD, E (depending on the bra)...which has lead to some back problems.

I have had my insurance "okay" my Reduction, so that is a great deal! I was thinking of doing both at the same time, has anyone done this? Would you advise for, or against it?

I think I have practically had a consult with every doctor in Bend, and 3 over in the "valley". I was really glad to have found this site! It has a wealth of information on it, and plan to pick and take away what I need. I really would love to hear from anyone who has had a surgery done in the Bend Oregon area. I'm new in town, so...I know NOBODY to ask about this...thanks for any and all help!

My Doctor is in Redding, Ca - you might consider him! Dr Curtis Wong.

Welcome to RealSelf! I'm so glad you found us. My search for a mommy makeover doctor in Bend came up with exactly one.

Would you be willing to travel to Portland? Here's a review from a woman who loved her P-town doctor.

I hope you'll keep us updated throughout your journey!


So I'm paid and scheduled for next week! That...

So I'm paid and scheduled for next week! That happened FAST! I go in next week for my TT finally!! I'm so happy, now time to prepare and am looking into what I need to get for the recovery. I need a list! Feeling a little nervous, no wait...a LOT nervous. But I can not wait to get it done, and over, and be on the road to recovery.
Hope you are doing good...can't wait to hear how your recovery goes

So I'm on PO day 2 and it's 230 in the am. Can't...

So I'm on PO day 2 and it's 230 in the am. Can't sleep, although I'm tired. Everything is going well. However, yesterday after using the bathroom, empty my drains...walking back to my room, my fce started to get clammy and tingle, my legs felt like they were going to buckle and my hearing went off, kinda like I was in a tunnel. Not fun! Needless to say I went straight to bed to rest. I think the ride home from my PO apt was just too draining on me. Shucks! Just when I thought I was doing really well. Hope I didn't Jenks myself. I still seem to be doing okay on pain as long as I take those lovely pills. I can definitely feel when they are running out and it's time to take one. The only other thing is I ITCH llike crazy!!! Wonder if anyone else is itchy? So far I have not seen the results. The bandage didn't need to be replace yesterday so still the great unknown which is killing me! I hope it turned out okay. I noticed one of my freckles doesn't seem to have move all that much so that has me concerned. Could just be from all the swell hell right now. I'm not sure where this post gets posted, or if anyone even reads this, but if anyone does and can think of any pointers for me, I would sure
Love them. I felt like I was takIng up too much room on the forum. Never really participated in a forum before. But, I'm so happy to have found this site, just don't want to be butting onto others relationships already formed. :-)

just take is slow and get plenty of rest

I went in for my week check up. My drains are now...

I went in for my week check up. My drains are now out and I feel like I have been freed! Pointer...even the nurse and doc liked that I used the pain-pump bag (once it ran out obviously) to put my drains in. Came in handy...
I have been really swollen today and even my doc made a comment about it. Even though he took out the drains, I have to keep an eye on it to be sure it does not turn into something serious. I'm going to try and post some pictures for the first time far feeling good on and off...
looking great! who is your PS?
Dr. Gary Gallagher
Your incision is nice and low. You are going to love it. Congrats!!!

I had a really hard time last night. Actually, the...

I had a really hard time last night. Actually, the worst pain ever. Don't know if it was because I was wearing the CG for the first time...but OUCH!! Glad to be awake and to have that night behind me. Onto a better day.

I was reflecting on my whole experience today (which really stated about 6 years ago) and WOW! I'm not sure if anyone even reads my journal, or if anyone really even cares...but if I can give anyone some words of advice, it would be to research, take your time, and pick your doctor wisely!! I was thinking back and I actually went and interviewed 10, yes count them... 10, doctors!!! I was willing to travel out of state, if needed, and I'm so glad that I took the time and did my research, and when it was all said and done...went with my gut. I can NOT say enough good things about my doctor and his staff. From the moment I walked into the office I felt like "this is the one". It just so happens that he was the 10th one too! I have to also say, I like that one nurse in particular was straight forward with me about my questions, and did not just tell me what I wanted to hear. I was wanting a full Mommy-makeover...everything all at once, and they said no way. I was receiving conflicting advice with another local doctor who was willing to do everything at once....So, so, so glad I went with my gut!

A concern on mine before I had the TT was that of...

A concern on mine before I had the TT was that of what my BB would end up looking like. After a shower tonight, I started thinking if I need to be proactive, before it closes up too much. Then again, I would hate to over do it and end up with a big hole. I have heard of the marble trick, and even placing an earplug in the hole...hummmm....the things I worry about these days....
Your pics look so great!! So happy for you!!
Aww! Thank you Path to Flat!
You look great. Are you noticing that the top of your abdomen feels more swollen?

Still feeling bloated and swollen. But, thats to...

Still feeling bloated and swollen. But, thats to be expected! Just can't wait for it to go down. Took a few new pictures today...and not going to let anyone negative get me down!
Everything looks really good, you must be so happy!!! Scar is thin and low and belly button is so cute!!!
I just read you were worried about your belly button but i think it looks really good, i think we do worry about everything after a tt (only natural) but everyday is a new day for our scar and bb appearance. You are going to look so hot in a bikini this summer!!!
Thanks so much! I hope so. I was thinking it was looking like a slit, but we shall see. I appreciate your honest support.

Today I'm feeling blue. Kinda the color of my...

Today I'm feeling blue. Kinda the color of my bruising around my hips. Ha! I woke feeling fat, bloated, and looked at myself in the mirror and I still have all of this lovely tape everywhere. I spent about an hour scrubbing with alcohol wipes, and baby oil (the only things that I have heard that take it off), and it still remains. Then my husband tells me this morning, "things really need to start getting done around here..." ahhhh..just one of those days I guess. Thanks god for this journal so I can rant and rave and not appear to be too crazy to others outside of the land of the TT'ers, who know what I'm talking about...right?
I truly do understand your pain and want you to take it easy. Yes those blue days can creep up on ya, but just come her and rant all you want. You left me a message of inspiration and now I am here to say thank you. My turn... :) You look great and the scar is shaped very nice compared to some that I have seen. Just imagine how much better your clothing is going to fit. The healing process is a mental puzzle but together we can solve it. So hang in there and surf some sites that have cute swim suits for the summer like Douse yourself into some body image gratification, it will wash those ol blues away.
Thanks so much GoBigRedhead. Retail therapy sounds like a great idea!
You are all so nice! Thanks for the comments, they made me feel better!

Yesterday I spent all day on my feet! Ya know, the...

Yesterday I spent all day on my feet! Ya know, the typical house cleaning stuff that "needs to be done". Laundry, dishes, cooking, caring for my two little ones (both under the age of 4), blah, blah, blah...good day up until I finally get the wee-ones dressed to go outside, where hubby spent the whole day, doing whatever it is he does, and once they are out the door...I settle down with my computer, put my feet up, ready for some retail therapy...excited to check out a site that was recommended. But he comes both kids in hand, right back inside-so he can go "blow out the pipes in the motorcycle". WTH! I just spent all day getting all the stuff that "needed to get done around here"!! Can ya take the kids for a minute so I can shop!!! HAHAHAH ;-)
Oh well....things are pretty much the same story today...makes me happy though to know that I should be getting some boxes in the mail! By the way the website is
Cute, cute, cute stuff!!

I have some serious swell-hell! Don't know if its from spending all day on my feet (bad, bad, bad...I also have been picking up my little one who is 22 pounds) or if this is normal. Starting to feel like its never going to go down. I even tried on my jeans yesterday...depression really set in when I could just get the zipper up...on my NORMAL sized jeans. What gives! I guess patience gives, but its hard right now! Oh Lordy, thanks for retail-therapy!

This go around I was planning on staying at a Bed and Breakfast. The owner is a nurse, and takes a ton of post-op clients. I didn't do it because hubby said he would take wonderful care...blah, blah, time around I'm going to the B&B for sure! I split the Mommy-makover up into 2 phases. So the second phase is going to be so much more "healing". Hell, I might end up staying for a month! I already told him that's my plan and he can't argue about it, he doesn't have a leg to stand on...ya know why...because it just happens to be "my" money! I know when you are married its all everyones money and yada yada ya...but, really its my money. So the next go around will be waaaayyyy better!

Okay...I have to say that as much as I have been...

Okay...I have to say that as much as I have been bitching about hubby, YES, I do love the man. He just was not born to be a nurse. I just thought that this would be a good place to vent about it, since we are all going through similar situations. Thanks to this journal I have kept some sanity since I can't go for a run! To those of you who don't like to hear people vent, don't read my journal. :-)

I know, I know...I still need to heal from my TT,...

I know, I know...I still need to heal from my TT, but its never too early to research...Im POD 12 (right..?) any how...I was for sure going to have my PS do my BL, now after looking through this site I have seen all of these ladies having a "scar-free" BL done by a doctor out in Texas. Wow! How do they stay up? I mean I have a lot to hold on up there...? I guess all I can say right now is WOW!
Now I would be interested in no scar breast lift and Texas I pretty close .. Shoot info my way if you get it.. I have alot too but not to much
Hey Sarav59, its a doctor named Hornseski...I think thats how you spell it...look below this post at GoBigRedheads review. It was her doctor, and I have seen a lot of other women on here that have had it done and they all look pretty good. I think I may be a little too large for that one though :-(
Reply Not sure how big you are but here are some photos of his work. I know I did not look like it in my photos but I was a 34 G.

So, this is what I just posted on the TT board.....

So, this is what I just posted on the TT board...

Thanks! Not good...the nurse told me that I looked pregnant, and that she doesn't usually see it this swollen...she tried to "drain" it about 4 times and nothing came out. She said something about it being still "thick". I go back tomorrow so the doctor can drain it. I saw a reflection in a mirror while I was sitting in the chair, and I looked about 5 months preggers. Yesterday it just seemed swollen, today it seems to be getting more and more by the minute and for sure now when I push on my belly I can feel it like a water-bed. No wonder my pants are too tight! I laughed and told the nurse I was wondering how long I was going to have to live in my sweat pants, she laughed and said that it was very not typical that I can't even get into my pre-op jeans yet. Total bummer!!!

I thought I was suppose to be swollen, bloated...and so on, but now at least it makes more sense on why I'm getting so much BIGGER! I tried to go "cold turkey" with the pain-killers this morning. I was fine at the doctors office, then hubby wanted to go to get some things at the store, so we walked around a little while...then, by the time I got back to the car I NEEDED those pills! Not smart to go all at once! Then it took a few hours for it to kick in and stop the pain! I'm at home now, (just heard garage open so kids are home) and am going to just try and stay down...gotta go.

So, went back to doctor again today. Did the...

So, went back to doctor again today. Did the needle test, nothing came out again. Thank god! Just really, really swollen. So I over did it, and from being impacted. Going to kick back, like I should be...(hope hubby goes along with that one). Also, going to cut back on the pills, and keep up with the MOM!! I can't wait to be back down to the size I should be at this point. I feel really frustrated, and had my first good cry session today. Thank god nobody was home because I was sobbing like a baby and would have frightened the crap out of my kids. I'm so glad that its what it is, and can hopefully now move on with the healing (and soon be shopping).

I have to say that I love my Doctor and his staff! They are so nice, and I can tell that they really care about what they do! So glad I ended up with them as my team! They even told my hubby that he needed to stay inside, and help out. Ha! Loved it!

The day started out good. Although my eyes were...

The day started out good. Although my eyes were super puffy from my two great cry sessions yesterday. I never, I mean NEVER cry, so it may have been a good thing. Thinking I should do it at least once a month from now on. Hehee
So, day started out great, and then hubby starts in again. I know I have complained a ton about him in my journal. But honestly, he has been the most challenging aspect of this whole healing process. I love the man, but gosh. Comments are really getting to be below the belt, and this whole experience has me really contemplating the importance of long term health insurance. If you are blessed with a partner in your life that is really there, loving, and supporting you through this process...please thank them.
I'm trying to stay positive. Especially for my kids. Actually, only for my kids. Because they are about the only reason we are together at this point. Ahhhh, that feels good to just get off my chest, and get out there. Maybe another cry session is in store.
I'm reading along about some of your challenges lately and just wanted to send you a big hug!!! It is so much harder on the heart when the people around you aren't supportive when you're vulnerable like that. I hope you guys can get things aired out and working for you both. In the meantime I hope you're feeling better soon. I knew this experience would be an emotional roller coaster but it seems to me like the 2 week mark hit me emotionally like a ton of bricks! Hang in there momma :)
Thanks for the hug flatbeat. Things are going a ton better today, I ended up sending him out of the house to do a bunch of my errands...pick up kids, take the dog to the vet, go to GNC (with a list of random, words like...Arnica Montana and Bromelain tablets). I appreciate your support. Hope you are also doing well on this roller coaster ride. Hugs back at'cha!
Tonight in my Psych Health class they said that married men live longer than single men and Single women live longer than married women. Because married women take on the stress of the family and is naturally a caregiver. The key is learning how to say NO! Your hormones seem like they may been culprit behind those tears. Tears are good they allow you to release the stress. You do not need the approval or acceptance of others to measure your value. You are worthy to be LOVED so LOVE you first. Get out that mirror and put on a little rouge and kiss your reflection. Be convinced in that fact that you are a beautiful butterfly and it time you fly. In order for you to be happy, be who you are darling. I better cut it out....Bottom Line is Enjoy every moment because we are Bless to have them.

Things are going a little better today, I ended up...

Things are going a little better today, I ended up sending him (hubby) out of the house to do a bunch of my errands...pick up kids, take the dog to the vet, go to GNC (with a list of random, words like...Arnica Montana and Bromelain tablets). After picking up the oldest, he came home to drop off the youngest. Guess it would have been too much for him to do! Ha, how many times have I hear, "How hard is it, your a stay-at-home mom!"!!!!
Any, home with my youngest, watching her pull everything out of every drawer in the kitchen. Awesomeness! She rocks, I love that little love-bug, I needed my drawers cleaned out. Its amazing how much love my kids have brought into my life.

The swelling seems to be about the same. Hope the meds that hubby is suppose to come home with do the trick. I took some pictures this morning and after looking back over the last 14 (or so) days, the first set of pictures seem to be the ones that I appear the smallest! The ones with the drains still in. Probably because the swell-hell had not kicked in yet.
You just hang in there it will get better and glad to hear your doing NOTHING so that swelling goes down. I hear lots of stories men not caring but I will say my hubby is the best nurse sometimes too much where he needs to get off my ass and let me have some space. When I hear how your hubby has been acting I just couldn't imagine trying to heal with all that nonsense. You do need to care for YOU as healing is important and having a good online support team is amazing to get us through those hard times. Crying is awesome so keep those tear ducks flowing. Put your hands on your TT and vision healing and the color yellow/orange is the Charka healing.
Thanks Starfish, your hubby could be a nurse! Why don't you post your pictures? I did a huge soul cleanse last night and I feel light years better!! Its amazing. I have never reached out to any kinda online community (well FB obviously) but, something like this, and it has been really cool. The ladies are so supportive and encouraging. Thanks for being there too!
I have been on my feet all day today though...yikes! Just got back from an adventurous day of shopping, and not for fun stuff ;-) Wore me out! I finally fed kiddos and sent them outside, where hubby is of course. He is so funny, he can not stand to be inside. Like a wild animal on lock-down! hahahaha

Anyone know how to make a journal post without it...

Anyone know how to make a journal post without it having to pop up on the TT review every time?

Does anyone know how to make a journal post...

Does anyone know how to make a journal post without it having to post to the TT review site every time?

It seems like my swelling has gone way down. I was...

It seems like my swelling has gone way down. I was awake-wide-awake at 2:30am and could not get back to sleep. Tossed and turned until about 4:30. Got up out of bed and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise with a cup of coffee. It was so nice to have the house to myself, nice and quiet, and reflect and feel the healing process is finally getting somewhere. My god! The last couple weeks were hell. All I can say is pain meds and PMS do NOT mix. I'm so glad to be off of all those drugs, and I think a ton of my bloat/swell was (early) PMS. God bless my husband! As much as I love him, I still believe he was never suppose to be the one to care for me. Over it now and moving on. Actually, I laughed more today than I have in years! I have to be able to take care of things, myself, kids...felt out of control not being able to do it myself when I could see that it wasn't getting done by anyone else. I can't wait to get out of this CG. I think I should be getting a smaller size next time I go in. So next wednesday, hopefully I will have a smaller one that I don't have to roll the top over and the zipper is bunching up because I have shrunk. Yay!
Glad you are having a more positive time
Thanks sarav
AboutTime 7 ~ go into your profile and notifications see if that helps.
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