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Hi, So yah im thinking about getting boobs job...

So yah im thinking about getting boobs job this month. Im from philippines so i might get that done here. Im 5'4 weight 103 lbs slim. Im really a flat chested aaa or aa so that what im worry about. I went for 1st consultation and the sergeon said i can only go from 270cc to 300cc im thinking if i'll be alright with that since i dont have enough muscle on my chest. I dont think it will fit. B4 i went there i expect that i can get 325 or 350cc but now i dont think i cant. That's ok well i dont want to comebck for another surgery u know! And oh yah they never let me try a sizer so that sucks! Im going to post some picture here and hope u can help me?


I wonder why the doctor would not let you try on sizers? Sounds like you are having trouble posting pictures. Here is a link with directions on how to post photos to RealSelf!

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I'm from canada, coming back home this march and getting my babies done with Dr. Edwin Magallona's this march 23rd for only $3000. Amongst BMHG, Belo, and Calayan, only Dr. Magallona responded to all my emails promptly and that's why I chose him for this procedure plus I have read so many good reviews about him. He advised me to get between 300-350cc. I'm 5'2, 121lbs, small-medium figure. I will update you right after my operation if you want.
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Ohhh sweet. My husband is from canada too. But are u filipino or white? Really they never reply eh! That sucks. Yah that would be nice if i can see urs 1st. I was gonna post a pic here but it wont let me do it. Oh u got facebook? I think more easy to communicate there. Whatsapp or viber?
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