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Like many of you, I contemplated having this...

Like many of you, I contemplated having this procedure off and on, and particularly since I became "aware" that I was no longer a size 34B. Over a period of years, since going into menopause, my breasts have been increasing in size. I kept thinking, "just lose some weight and they will slim down". Yeah, right. I am 67 years old, 5 feet tall and small in figure, but grew in breast size to a 38D. Yikes! Sideways, I looked like a blimp. I would wear very loose-fitting tops just to hide my "dis-figure". Most days, I couldn't wait to get the boulder holder off to get relief from the tightness and strangulation feeling that I had with it on. Dolly Pardon, I don't know how you do it! What pushed me over the edge was the day I couldn't get my favorite blouse buttoned! That was an "UGH" day. My decision to finally jump in with both boobies was the day a friend of mine said she had it done and that she should have done it a long time ago. She had mentioned she had the procedure to my husband, who was doing some carpentry work for her. The first words out of his mouth were "Don't tell Leslie!!". A lot of good that did. When I found out she went through it, I called her, went to see the results and then I took off like a runaway train!

Four weeks later, I was in the operating suite with my sweet lady doctor marking my chest. I was nervous and apprehensive, but the train was moving and it was too late to jump off - and, man, am I glad I didn't chicken out. I now look more "normal", according to my doctor, and feel 100 pounds lighter - yay! 13 oz of breast tissue was removed from the left and 16 oz from the right. I am now 6 days post surgery and feel a little bit better each day. I have done nothing but rest. I had the drains in for two days and was relieved when they were taken out. They were more of a nuisance than anything else. Ice was my friend. It lessened the pain and lessened the swelling. I'm still using ice packs and warm showers, both helping greatly. I must have a high pain tolerance, as I didn't need to take any medication until the third day, and have only taken 3 OxyCodone at the most. I took one pill before bed to help me sleep. I don't need them anymore.

The only weird sensation, and sometimes startling sensation, comes from my left nipple area, sharp, quick, sparks, like the nerves firing, which I am assuming is the healing affect of the nerves. They seem to have settled down a bit. It is a bit unnerving to feel them though. I don't know if I will get nipple "function" and sensation back, but we'll in time. My friend said she started getting feeling back at about 5 weeks. The most irritating thing is the tape, irritating to my skin. I get the stitches out tomorrow and hopefully some of the tape off. Overall, I am glad I went through with it. The pain in my arms and neck have settled down and almost gone away. If you are hesitating, don't - just jump in and git r done. Unless you have an incompetent doctor, you won't be sorry. Because I am on Medicare and a supplement, the cost to me is $0. The estimated cost if I had to pay for it would have been around $6,000. Oh, my doc also did a little bit of lipo on each side and took out about 100 grams of fat. Glad it's over, glad I did not wait and contemplate for the next several months, and glad to share with you all. Just remember, the first week is the hardest, but if you can rest, take it easy, and get through the "discomfort", you will be glad as I am that you finally took that first step to "heaven"! By the way, I think I got in very quickly because it's summer and most ladies probably want to wait for the sun to disappear behind the clouds.

Hi ladies! I am now 11 days post surgery and I am...

Hi ladies! I am now 11 days post surgery and I am surely experiencing the healing process. I am still very sore and a little uncomfortable, but I am now able to wear the bra WITHOUT padding. The areas that are the worst are where the lipo was done, on the sides, underneath the armpits. My skin color has come back to normal, with the yellowing pretty much gone around the breasts. The tape still feels a little uncomfortable, a little irritating to the skin. Will be glad to get it off for good. I've been experiencing some "itching" deep within the tissue - very unusual feeling. I haven't had need for daily medication still. Pills don't seem to do much for the pain, just put me to sleep, and that's not bad either. The bra has been feeling extremely tight because of the swelling still present, so I used "extenders" on the bra clasp to relieve some of the pressure - and they work great. I had a three-prong one and a two-prong one, so I used them in tandem with one another. Overall, I am very pleased and would do it again if needed (????). Hope to be dead and buried before that happens :) In any case, I am still very pleased. I am now able to wear blouses that would not fit before, and that makes me a happy camper. And when I look at myself sideways in the mirror, I don't look like a "blimp" anymore!!! So, if any of you who are reading this blog are still hesitating, take the jump and you will be just as euphoric as me and others who have taken the plunge. Happy titties to you all!

This is now day 23 and I am doing great. I had...

This is now day 23 and I am doing great. I had the original tape(s) removed two days ago and what a relief. The tape was causing "irritation", but no redness showed, so my doc said it was just part of the healing process. She reapplied the tape, but using shorter strips. Much more comfortable. I no longer need the tape once these start "peeling" off. I still have a bit of swelling and one nipple is a little higher than the other. It may even out once the swelling is down, but it doesn't really bother me. I won't be walking around naked on some beach, so why stress out about it. I feel that I am slightly larger than I was just 3 days after surgery (when I had the drains taken out); that may be due to a little fluid accumulation after the drains were taken out. It will probably be another month or two before things really settle into what will be "normal". I am just happy that I am smaller than before, a perfect size really, and that blouses that did not fit before, now do. Even my sports bras are more comfortable. How cool is that! The soreness is about half of what it was, some of the stiffness of the tissues is waning a little into a softer feel and overall it feels much better. I still have no feeling in the areolar area or the nipple, but that may be a later comer. I do, however, have feelings in the breasts where I didn't before, so I am progressing. My doc told me that it could take from 6 months to a year to completely heal. I'm okay with that. So, you ladies out there that are still on the fence, just do it. You won't be sorry --- as long as you have a really good doctor. Don't just settle for the first one you "interview" with. Get one that has been recommended to you, preferably by someone who has been under the knife with that doctor, if at all possible. I will post more pictures once the tape is off and the swelling is down more. That's it for now. Be back again soon.

I thought you might like to see the bra I spoke...

I thought you might like to see the bra I spoke about in my last posting.

Hi Everyone, I just got back from a 7-week...

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from a 7-week trip around the U.S., visiting friends, make new friends and seeing more of this beautiful country of ours. That's why you haven't heard from me. So, how am I doing? Fantastic! I am so glad that I had the surgery before I left (6 weeks before I left), as I was so much more comfortable during my trip. For the first time in my life I was able to go without wearing a bra, wearing spaghetti strap blouses without feeling "conspicuous"! Those perky little things just held their own! It made those long drives so much more bearable. I've posted more pictures to show you how well I am healing. On the trip, I used a liquid Vitamin E to help with the scarring; now I'm using cold-pressed Castor Oil, rubbing it in while messaging the entire breast areas. This helps to break up the scar tissue and minimize severe scarring. As much as messaging is uncomfortable, it is important so you can get the scar tissue broken down and it also circulates the blood better. The left breast is still a little swollen. I have minimal nipple sensation, and loss of some sensation in the areas where the tissue was extracted, . I do however feel something in the incision lines now, which means I am healing good. My doctor told me that it will take from 6 months to a year to fully recover. I've been asked if I would go through this again - and I say, in a heartbeat! Not only has it made a difference in my physical being, it has made a difference psychologically. I don't feel like a "freak" anymore. I have my follow-up with my doctor in a few weeks and I can't wait to see her reaction at how well I am doing. I've had no infections, no discomfort, except for the first two weeks or so, and it has solicited quite a few comments from my friends - "Have you lost weight?" Amazing. I hope you all have had my success.

I meant to tell you all more about my experience...

I meant to tell you all more about my experience with bras. I tried wearing the front-snap bra, but without padding it was very uncomfortable. The padding kept moving around, so it was a pain to deal with. I finally found the sports bra that is pictured above. It is a "Balance " Camibra with removable cup inserts. It is one of the most comfortable bras I've ever worn. However, I've notice lately that when I'm sitting for long periods, it gets to feeling "tight" and seems to rub a little on the incisions. It's a relief when I remove it. I expect that that will improve as time goes on. Underwire bras are the worst. I was told to stay away from them. Thus, I am giving all mine away. Hopes this helps.

So happy without a bra!

Hi ladies,

Been awhile. I am still very happy for having undergone the surgery. The scars are subsiding somewhat and are still kind of numb, but I have noticed that sensation is started to slowly ease its way back around the breast where surgery took place and in the areolar area. My doc said it could take up to five years to completely get sensation back, if it is going to come back. It's only been 15 months since the surgery. I now go 99% of the time without a bra! Talk about wonderful. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


I am 19 months post surgery now. My breasts are soft and pliable once again and they don't hurt when I squeeze them, and some of the sensation is coming back. The scars are no longer tender and I feel very little scar tissue when I rub the scars. The scars also have been very slowly fading with use of wheat germ oil (not soy) and a mixture of Frankincense oil drops mixed with Castor Oil, applied twice daily. The nipples are still numb and tender around the stitching line. Now that the swelling has subsided, I noticed that the left breast is a little larger and fuller than the right one, but, hey, what does it matter at this point. What matters is that I am COMFORTABLE for the first time in many years; and I don't even think about putting on a bra unless I am wearing something that a bra would enhance. Again, would I do it again if I had to - YOU BETCHA. I have posted two new pictures. Hope you ladies are all doing well too.
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She came with very high recommendations from a couple of people, one being my primary care doctor. She has also been practicing and doing this type of procedure for over 40 years. That's a lot of experience.

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You look great I am ten weeks post opt I have some rippling I see you did like at seven weeks I see it came out of it I hope mine does as well I am masssaging to help with blood flow do you know when it went away Im just scared mine wont
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I'm not sure what you are asking. Are you talking about the rippling? I assume you are talking about the scars. Currently, I am using Castor Oil (1 oz) mixed with 20 drops of 100% pur frankincense liquid, which you can purchased at a health food store such as Super Supplements. I apply a fingertip full twice a day to the scars and around the areolar areas, and message the oil in. Before applying this, I also apply a pure Wheat Germ liquid that has Vitamin E in it. Be sure you don't get an oil that is Soy or Canola. Read the label. I also got this at Super Supplements. The scars have faded a little, but it will take a lot of years before they fade to a point that they are not totally noticeable. Hope this helps. Best of luck in your recovery.
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thanks well I have the normal scars that are healing good but the puckering is off the side of a nipple at so not the scar but the breast its self one breast is kinda purplish not bad when I massage it I can tell it needs more blood supply i suppose it will come with time I will try to get a few photos posted
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I am going to post a few photos to my profile as I cant send them inbox so you can go look its crimmply ripply when I bend over or hold up the breast you will be able to tell Thanks
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Hi Itty. . . I just viewed your pictures. I didn't have the severity you have around the nipple, so I can't really address this issue. I guess you need to talk to your doctor about this and get his professional opinion. Some of it might smooth out eventually. You might try the Castor Oil and frankincense and see if this will help, along with messaging. Other than that, it looks like you are enjoying your "smallness". I tried on a bra the other day and I now fit comfortably into a 36B from a 38D. Some of the bras you displayed are really cute and I love the colors. Best of luck to you. Thanks for viewing my post.
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Thank you for your post. It really helps to see what others have already gone through. And, how the breasts are almost 2 years later. Great to have an idea of what to expect. You look great!
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Thank you seesaw1955. The scars and some of the breast tissue are still numb, but I am slowly getting some sensation back. My doc said that it could take 5 years. Nerves grow back very slowly. There may be a possibility that I will not fully recover sensation, but that's the risk I took to feel better. I have not regretted the decision, as I am so much more comfortable.
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Thanks Seesaw 1955. Some sensation has returned, but the scars and breast tissue where the op took place are still numb. I don't regret the decision, as I am so much more comfortable. I have not worn a bra for so long, I don't know if I could go back to one!
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That is so great!
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They look lovely, i am 3.5 weeks post op and very inspired by your result.
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Thank you. I got notice of your posting just today. I hope you are doing well and am satisfied with your results. The best thing for me is that I go without a bra now about 99% of the time and just love it - no more being "squeezed" - ugh, I hated the restriction.
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Hello, can you please post an update with pics? Will be really grateful. Your last year pictures look incredible. Congrats! And you don't look 67. Ahh lucky you.
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Hi, I plan on posting more pics within a few weeks - please be patient :) Thanks for the compliment - going on 69 in April. It's usually the other guy who is this old - not me, right?? Sometimes I feel like I am still looking through 16-year-old eyes.
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I certainly dont want to remain an A cup and I dont want to be a G cup either. I just want a more feminine figure as I look like an 11 year old. I really want that perfect all natural C cup.
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Best of luck in this endeavor. Keep me posted on how this works for you.
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But dairy products (even organic) are pretty much the only foods you can consume for natural breast enlargement. Im an A cup and I am still in my 20s. I have heard so many times that dairy products is as important to breast growth as oxygen is to life. My goal is to a C cup.
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You look great. I bet that is so much more comfortable.
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You look amazing! Congratulations
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Im still contemplating on going on a dairy based diet to increase my breast size as it worked for so many other women I know even if the dairy products they were consuming were organic. Full fat dairy is the key. Also if you dont mind me asking what ethnic background are you? I find that certain backgrounds/ethnicities are more prone to good skin and staying youthful.
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My concern would be the fat accumulation in your arteries. Dairy is not the most healthy thing for anyone, and the older you get, the worse it is. Better to have smaller breasts than arteriosclerosis, which will eventually lead to other serious events such as clogged arteries, heart disease, you name it. Just a thought. My ethnic background is Syrian. Olive-colored skin tends to do better than truly Caucasian, along with other factors, i.e. eating healthy, exercising, etc.
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Zenaidany - I wish there were a fountain of youth - Over the past 15 years or so, I have made many changes to my diet and am always studying and trying various supplements that enhance my health. I stay away from all kinds of sugars, fried foods, processed foods and eat 99% organic fruits, vegetables and meats, and I drink about 1/2 gallon of water a day - Paleo diet mostly. I work out at CrossFit also. No magic pill - just common sense. I come from an obese-prone family - and thus my incentive to be otherwise. I'm not sure what bra size I am now, as I only wear sports bras when I do wear one - maybe a 34 to 36. Happy boobies to you.
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Ahh I just started organic eating too. It's a long battle but I'm on track. Hopefully I my skin will be looking like a teen at 67 like yours. Oh and I meant cup size. Possibly a B or C right?
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Definitely a C.
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67????? Ermmmmm tell me what fountain of youth you're sipping. You look amazing. Congrats. What size are you now?
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