Zirconia Crown Chipped, Now What?

I had four Zirconia Crowns placed on my front...

I had four Zirconia Crowns placed on my front teeth and they look AWESOME! very natural and WHITE! I love them. I paid $800.00 for each tooth, total of $3200.00.

The dentist placed the crowns on in 2005. Last month while eating a hard pretzel, one of the zirconia crowns chipped. I returned to the dentist and they will replace the crown for 400.00 50% off.

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Thought these Zirconia Crowns suppose to last 5...

Thought these Zirconia Crowns suppose to last 5 years or more with no problems? Is the dentist suppose to pick up the tab or do I have to pay the $400.00? Does anyone know if it should be replaced at no cost?


That SHOULD have been the on the Dr. Complimentary. And the composition of the crowns sounds faulty. Have a.nice discussion with him and get back with us all with his name
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if you got a guarantee of say 10 years of no problems....then the dentist should pay. BUT on the other hand I DOUBT that any medical practitioner/dentist would do that.
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Those crowns are call Lava, meaning zirconia inside and porcelain on top. Lab fee for it is 90$,normally dental office grants free redos at 1 year,after that,lab gives 5 year warranty to dental office, meaning dental office pays nothing to lab but charges the patient, 400$ after 4 year is fair price,.
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the dentist did a great job. the lab perfected the teeth, they look so natural. I wish they would replace at no cost.

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