PO 3 weeks days - First day back at work was last day for a bit longer

I've never had an entirely flat stomach, I have...

I've never had an entirely flat stomach, I have always been a little soft despite high physical activity throughout my younger years. Once I had two little ones though, especially via C-section, the damage was done. I always joked that if things were ruined after children that I'd have it repaired, but I honestly didn't expect the fall out of two 8-9 pound babies.

My youngest child is now nearing 2 and after physical training and diet, things aren't looking much better, my motivation flagging due to lack of results and general insecurity about getting intimate with my DH.

To help me determine how to move forward with the surgery, I came here first (a few months ago) and then started interviewing dr's. It ultimately took only three consultations to find "Mr. Right". He, like the others was a referral, but any hesitation was put to rest by his professionalism, calm confidence and portfolio, did I mention the beautiful belly buttons? I signed up on the spot for April and have been now biding my time as the date approaches.

I'm nervous - major surgery much?
I'm excited - no more being constantly conscious of my floppy tummy
I'm concerned - about how to cope with being out of commission for a month and not lifting my kids, going back to work, and how much adjustment it will be. Also the pain, ugh.

I know how much I appreciated the other stories here, so I'll do my best to update you as we go and post photos - because yes, those photos tell the biggest story.

Oh, and I'm rounding out the Tummy Tuck with some inner thigh and flank lipo...

Welcome to the tummy tuckers.  So excited for you and look forward to being here for you during your journey.


So three weeks have past since my last post and...

So three weeks have past since my last post and I'm now in the closing month. The feelings that I've read about have definitely come to the forefront. I'm finding myself being startled at the little bursts of anxiety that come out of nowhere when I realize what I'm doing. Last night I was talking to my DH about how he's going to feel about me being different - it's actually a challenge to him too (yes, yes, it's ultimately nice too - but). We're both nervous, scared, anxious. You know the drill. On the other hand, I've also been surprised that it has seemingly snuck up on me - I have so much keeping me busy in the other aspects of my life that I haven't had time to reflect as much as I thought I would. Well I still have four weeks until T-time so maybe I'll have some Zen moments as we round the home stretch.

Regardless, tomorrow I'm going to get my labs done so that they have something to look at during pre-op other than my lovely tummy! Moving forward!

So it's April already! My surgery is in just two...

So it's April already! My surgery is in just two days and I can't even get my head around it. I got my prescriptions filled today and I think that's what is bringing it into focus - I'm finally getting this done! So by the exclamation points you can probably tell that I'm excited - I am. I am so looking forward to the results. I'm not a small woman by any stretch of the imagination (as indicated by the photos that I will try to post tonight - I actually TOOK them this morning - UGH!) So yes, it will be nice to like what I see for a change. It was funny talking to my doctor in the pre-op, he says, "You aren't going to be a skinny girl - you aren't meant to be skinny" - yes, I understand, I don't want to be skinny, I want to be proportionate :) Anyways - I was having that discussion with my DH and how I think my expectations are reasonable... I just don't want a floppy tummy, I want to be able to run without wearing a girdle and if I actually get a flat stomach out of the deal then all the better!

To the other half of the rollercoaster - I'm also really worried that something could happen. I have two beautiful little boys and a great husband that I want to grow old with and if something horrible does happen it would ruin their lives too - I wonder if I'm being selfish and disrespectful of them by taking on this risk. I am scared, I don't like pain (duh) and the photos of all of the other brave women on this site show that this ain't no picnic. Ah, I just hope that by doing my due diligence, choosing a great professional to do the work and following my post-op instructions to the letter I will be alright, better maybe?

Finally the accoutrements - I'm actually excited about this silly thing - I totally rented a power recliner! My care giver (mom) pulled her shoulder and I was worried about getting up without her full strength so I am having that "stand you up" chair delivered tomorrow - he he - should make this a whole lot easier. I remember trying to get up after 2 C-sections, not nice - I imagine that this will be worse... I also got a seat riser for my bathroom - no arms so if anyone has had this done and thinks I need the arms let me know so I can get them tomorrow! Anyhow - I'll report on how that goes, the company was great so if the rest of their process goes smoothly I'd recommend them - they deliver country-wide.

Regardless - it's happening on the 3rd @ 7am. Wish me luck, I'll see if I can get those before photos up tonight before bed!
Thank you 4 - I wish you a fast recovery and hope that you love the results!
Good luck! I am also on April 3 but not until noon ;(!!!!! I could have wrote your post I feel the EXACT SAME WAY! Keep me posted please ;)

So it's done! It went pretty much as one would...

So it's done! It went pretty much as one would expect from the other reviews - you get there, they change you, mark you up, talk about what's about to happen and then in you go. Once on the table I don't remember even beginning the count down- I was O-U-T. I woke up afterwards shaking uncontrollably which really scared me, but they gave me a shot pretty quickly which evened me out. My DH helped them dress me and waited until I peed before they let me go home. Thanks to the drugs, getting home to the recliner wasn't all bad. then I just slept and slept and slept. The family is keeping the kids away as there's still no way I should be seeing them. I'm too weak and immobile- everything hurts when I move, which I tend to do every two hours to pee. I will say that the rest has been my favorite part. I have two kids under 4 so being left alone to sleep all I want? Priceless!. Yesterday we had the post op appointment. We undid the CG and looked at my pretty new tummy - SCORE! looks good. well, it looks as good as a frankentummy can look a day out of surgery. I've posted a photo. For pain, I have a pain pump which runs a lydocane type numbing agent through a little tube along my incision on the inside - pretty cool little gadget. I'm also on Percocet and Valium for the spasms. So with all of that, my memory is lacking and I tend to fall asleep out of nowhere. My neck is sore, I think it's from when they moved me around, but that has been the unexpected bit. I've also been prescribed three days of blood thinking shots but my mom just bailed on doing it so DH is going to come home to help since I'm not interested! I hope that gives a good idea of what my first days have been like - will post again when I know more. OH, and pudding is delicious :)
I can't believe how great your belly looks! Congrats on the new tubby :)
You got the drains in the pubis area too eh, Let me tell you those get soooo annoying! I bet your going to turn out great cant wait to see updates :)

Short and sweet today, I have some painful moments...

Short and sweet today, I have some painful moments but it is mostly manageable. One thing not to do however is take all of your meds at once. I had four small pancakes, a pudding and then; 2 Percocet, 1 Valium, 1 stool softener and a multivitamin. Totally threw up a couple hours later. Don't do that
Quick question , why were you prescribed the blood thinning shots? I'm scared of post op blood clots and wondering what symptoms you had or was this just preventative?
The shots are preventative, there was no risk which led him to the decision. I think it's his standard MO. Good luck to you!
I'm going to ask about this, thanks :)

Last night I decided to take off the CG for a...

Last night I decided to take off the CG for a sponge bath and to see how things were going - meh, probably not the best idea! I think the pain of getting back into it could have knocked me out. It was after I was wimpering and laying back on my recliner that I realized that I had lapsed on my pain pills - ooops. Another "don't do that" for you all getting ready :)

We did get a chance to take some photos though - my swelling is pretty intense, this was the end of the day. I'm going for my next apt tomorrow where they'll take off the gauze (I think) and we'll get a better picture of what I'm going to have to work with. So for your viewing pleasure, I post a few more day 4/5 photos.

Just got back from my post op and thank goodness...

Just got back from my post op and thank goodness for Percocet prior to the drive! once we checked out the stiches and such, we got to take out the pain pump line and one of my pumps - huzzah! I have more photos to post as well so stay tuned. I'll tell you honestly, other than being loopy all week, I'm so grateful that I did this. the changes are fantastic.
Congrats! You look awesome!
Ouch! Yeah I can see the swelling. Rest!

Happily, today was a greatly successful BM day...

Happily, today was a greatly successful BM day (TMI sorry) but you'll get it! Regardless - prunes did the trick where days of stool softeners failed. Now that I've passed that hurdle I'm just feeling the pressure of the CG. Dang this garment is a good thing but also sometimes just killer! One day, I envision days when I can walk about without swelling and just enjoy air on my skin. ahhh, If I close my eyes I can picture it. sigh :P

As for pain, I still have very limited mobility - going upstairs is pretty much the outing of the day and otherwise I'm happy just staying in my recliner rewatching shows that I've seen before since the drugs keep me from remembering much of anything. Not a bad day all in all...
You look like I did, drains and lipo holes and everything! I also had the horrible shaking when I woke up thank god for Demerol. I told them no for a good 15 minutes but gave in when it started to hurt too much. Do you still have a pain pump? I bet that is a saving grace! Were you doing Lovenox injections?
What wonderful results you have! You look great! Hope you continue to heal well!
Thank you!

So I am keeping you guys in the loop- and here's...

So I am keeping you guys in the loop- and here's the scoop for the past 18 hours. I don't know how it happened (I think I ate something which didn't agree with me... anyhow - I've been up every couple of hours with the runs (or the hobbles) and this morning am attempting kaopectate (per the nurses advice). I hope this doesn't happen to you all as this has been a hard one to deal with - but chin up!
I also had the opposite effect of having the "runs" instead of constipation. I stopped taking the stool softner and started eating things that were more fiber rich to see if that helps. I am feeling a little better today, but I have been a zombie for seven days. Seriously! I thought I would like it, but it is hard to not be able to even stay awake for a half hour show. ha I decided to cut down on the pain medication and use children's advil (long story, but regular advil upsets my stomach) and I feel a little more alert! Your pics look great! Go girl!
The pain pump was taken out yesterday and haven't seen any real difference now. And Yes, the Lovenox injections were for three days :) You look great!

Today I'm a bit in the dumps - I'm worried about...

Today I'm a bit in the dumps - I'm worried about getting moving especially since I'm going to see my kids tonight who I miss dreadfully. I'm also getting frustrated that my care givers are expecting a quicker recovery and my husband expects me to make sense like I normally do - but I'm still on heavy drugs and have attempted to explain that to him but he's just not "seeing' me loopy so therefore I am not. ARGH.

swelling is down though, still need a Percocet every 4 or the aches just race in. About to switch to the Vicoden as I need to wean to get ready to return to work - UGH, this is hard. But still worth it. I put on a tank top today and even with the drain "fanny pack" and all of the CGs, it looks good. keep on truckin!

OH, and I'm sick of TV, the recliner and the food that I can't prepare or chose myself. grump.

Smiles - this too shall pass.

There are good days and bad days, but on the whole...

There are good days and bad days, but on the whole I will say this. The body is recovering, the swelling is going down and I'm seeing why we did this. my surgical pain is under control provided I stick with my meds but this unexpected twist has been that something happened to my neck during the surgery and it's been giving me a lot of discomfort - does anyone have any advice on how to help neck pain?

On another note, I saw my kids last night! I missed them so much :) My advice would be - have backup and pillows to deflect knees and pointy bits :)

Well, happy healing to you all!

Feeling a lot better this afternoon - getting...

Feeling a lot better this afternoon - getting itchy and want to get moving!! That's a good sign I think. So thanks for bearing with me, in this process. I'm really happy with the progress and even during the blues I haven't regretted it for a moment.
Wow, you look fantastic already!! Take care :)

So nearly two weeks have passed since the surgery...

So nearly two weeks have passed since the surgery and I'm here to say it gets better! Off the Percocet, down to Vicoden (I don't handle pain well) and am so close to getting that last drain out. Tuesday is the big day - then can we say SHOWER!!! The biggest hindrance is this dang neck pain - to the chiropractor tomorrow. I am seriously in unbelievable neck pain - that is what's keeping me from sleeping or walking around. Does anyone have any advice on that? It's really keeping me from feeling true "progress"!

Otherwise, swelling is down and I'm going to wait to post some more different photos since they all look so similar :)

Happy Healing to you all brave ladies as from this experience I can say we are warriors!!!
Thank you! I so appreciate the kind words and encouragement! still feeling bloated and swollen but we just need to ride this out :) You take care too!

Today my DH took me out of the house - this is the...

Today my DH took me out of the house - this is the second time we've done that and I did pretty well walking and thinking and doing all of the things people are supposed to do... well other than the random crying. I cried at a sushi restaurant because I was happy to be out and free to eat sushi, yup I did. Freaked out the poor server quite a bit, but alas. To me the queue that I needed to bring this to you all was starting to cry with a mouthful of tea still in my mouth tonight. Why was I crying? No real reason other than the realization that I actually believe that I'm attractive. Yes, I finally believe that I'm a pretty person, beautiful actually. The brutal part is that it was 10 pounds of fat and skin which have kept me from thinking that - how can that even be? I can't get my head around it and feel like I have to be a deranged individual to think that this surgery made that difference - between a "good" looker and a "bad" looker. I'm having a hard time metabolizing it. You know, I'll be able to wear a bikini now? That's what defines a hottie at the beach and I want that. But I also don't want that - I don't want to be defined by that and I feel like a failure that I succumbed to this lifelong sadness that I wasn't a hottie and had to do this brutally invasive, risky and scaring surgery to complete the "me" package. So yeah, today I cried around a mouthful of tea. But the crazy wonderful other thing I did today too? I put on a pair of my underwear and the band didn't roll, I didn't have to pull them up and I was able to put on a shirt and know that I didn't have to hide anything (other than a drain) and for that, I'm thankful.

So today I got my last drain out (whoo hoo!) Now...

So today I got my last drain out (whoo hoo!) Now I know that my homework was to go lie like broccoli, but on the way there my mom and I did buy a pair of shoes to celebrate. In hindsight after looking at the new photos (which will be posted by the time you read this) I should have just gone home. My RN told me that I was still 60% swollen today but after looking at these snapshots I am totally stay-puffed! Sigh, back to re-runs and chillin on the sofa. Looking forward to showering and to getting some less swollen shots to get a real idea of what I'm going to look like - but here you go.

And as for the cheek - I heard my mom and DH talking about how "cute" I was walking down the hall in my CG with my poor behind peeking out so I'm posting a slightly spiteful shot - me in CG with coordinated green tank and undies :) enough of those freebees.
I'm glad you're doing well!! Post pics when u can :)
You look AWESOME! Your scar isn't bad at all!!! It will fade, I have a friend that had TT a few years ago and she barely has a scar. She used scar guard. I think you can order it online. You look great!!!

Noticing that a lot of swelling is still taking...

Noticing that a lot of swelling is still taking place - particularly in the top of my stomach, it's interesting. So the summary with the pictures, Yes - better, yes swollen.

Going back to work Monday - ugh!
hi your results are great!!
Hi! We had surgery within 24 hours of each other. You look terrific!! And ... so jealous ... you are drain free. You look great. Truly.
Thank you a thousand times

Itty bitty one today - just learning how to wean...

Itty bitty one today - just learning how to wean but am having a hard time since less than one vicoden every 6 hours makes everything hurt so I'm just trying to get down so that I can be a functional human at work on Monday. How did others of you transition to pain meds which didn't leave you in a crumbled mass of ouch??

Was pretty emo today - oh well :) Just part of...

Was pretty emo today - oh well :) Just part of this crazy ride - new photo too. That's all for today.
You look great and its only been two weeks! I am so amazed from this web site and how taking some skin away can transform you whole body. I am so excited to have mine. Take Care
It's quite a ride and I agree 95% worth it :) there's some pain but we can all get through that! :)
I switched to aleve or ibuprofen and I didn't seem to have too much trouble. I am only taking it once a day in afternoon when I am sore ;)

Holy crud - I commend you healers out there! I...

Holy crud - I commend you healers out there! I was able to get to work and sort through email (I have a desk job) and make a priority list (much longer than what keeps me calm) but I didn't have it in me to make it past 2:30 and had to call in the cavalry to pick me up (still on Vicoden in the morning). Is anyone else's skin just hurting? I mean it's like every bit that was worked on just starts stinging and hurting until I just have to take a dang brain number (Vicoden). Aleve isn't cutting through it at all! I need my brain back!!!! So I'll try again tomorrow but am concerned that there are a couple more "sick days" in my future...
Wow... I went back to work at 12 days nd I work 12 hour shifts... I still to this day don't know how I made it... Lol.. But I did start taking Motrin during the day nd the painkiller at night to help me relax nd sleep... I think my only complaint was the mile hike to the parking garage nd the skin feeling super tight... (That was daily.... ) other than that it wasn't too bad... With time it will get better.

So I went back to work on Monday with the plan of...

So I went back to work on Monday with the plan of kicking butt and taking names and I think the best description of how I did was a drooling amoeba. Soooo, two doctor visits later I've been assigned more recovery time. I'm not sure how much I will take as I really do want to get back to work but my advice to you ladies, is take care of yourselves - chins up and take advantage of your recovery support. I've needed the help.
How have you been?
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I had a TT with Lipo of the flanks, inner thigh and upper back. Dr Egrari definitely has a vision of what he can to do improve a body and help it look proportionate. He did a fantastic job, better than expected and I'm very happy with his staff, professionalism and results...

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