Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant - Bellevue, WA

So far everything went okay in surgery. Dr. Nacify...

So far everything went okay in surgery. Dr. Nacify and his staff were real nice. I was in and out real quick. I'm on day three and my face has swollen up like a balloon. I look extremely ugly at this point feel very uncomfortable I hope its worth it! I will get back to you soon these pain killers are making me real sleepy

rhinoplasty and nose implant

I didn't really need one but wanted to look my very best and didn't care for my profile to much. First day slept a lot, 2 nd day very brusied around the eyes got to remove my chin cast. My chin looked fine just a little swollen. Third day my nose finally stopped bleeding and oh my gosh my face blow up!! Not pretty I looked like a chipmonk.


First picture is my before oops wasn't suppose to be drinking! Picture with bandages 1st day
The other two second and third day (all swollen)
Cant breath look like crap but the pains a 5 or 6

Me before surgey

This surgrey was easy!!

Get to see Dr Naficy tomorrow to take my cast off! My swelling has finally gone down. I suggest you take at least two weeks off from work.

3 weeks later

Still Can't breathe out my nose. My smile is crooked. It's a pretty tough recovery you must take at least two weeks off work! Still unsure How I feel about surgery. I still have high hopes it will all turn out once the swelling is down

Today I woke up and my chin was sore

Nobody can tell much of a difference Which is what I preferred. I haven't had to strapdown my nose with a Band-Aid as much The last few days. I will post a picture and a week or two.

Looking and feeling better!

New picture coming soon!

Breathing much better

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You are looking great, can't really even tell you had surgery in your most recent picture. Do you have quite a bit of makeup on, or is there not any bruising/discoloration left?

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I only have a little bit eye make up on in that picture and the bruising lasted for about a week.
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Great to hear - looking good, girly!

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Thank you ! I'm Pretty happy with the results. Like I said if you really need it do it but if you don't need it that bad and 12 K is a lot of money for you don't do it.
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I had a combination rhinoplasty on June 3rd. I still cannot lower my lip on the left side although the numbness is resolving. Has your lip function returned to normal? I look like a freak.

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I'm so glad you posted a cute before picture - can't wait to see more pictures and continue to hear how you are doing!

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Thanks for sharing! How are you doing now? I might consider the same surgeon for both rhinoplasty and chin implant too. When you say take 2 weeks off work- would you still say that if your work was computer work from home? I was wondering if I could get away with only 1 week off. Best luck healing!
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No you need at least 10 days off or longer!
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Hi, hope you're feeling well and have a speedy recovery.  Thanks very much for sharing your photos and experience.  I hope you keep us updated.  Best wishes.
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Hi! I hope you are feeling better now :) I'm just curious as far as the surgery goes, what anstethics did you get? Were you aware during the surgery? And, is it possible to eat/drink the same day after the surgery is finished?
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The anesthesiologist was good I didn't feel a thing. I fell asleep woke up and it Just have plenty of fluids for you when you get home and you could eat soup and yogurt when your done.
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So is that picture a before picture?  Thanks for sharing with us, I hope you keep us updated on your recovery!

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