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Thought I Was Going to an Eye Hollow Expert...- Bellevue, WA

I went to Dr. Young to correct under eye hollows...

I went to Dr. Young to correct under eye hollows caused by a lower blepharoplasty performed by another doctor (she said she wouldn't remove fat but she did anyway while I was under general anesthesia). I had seen Dr. Young's before and after pictures showing how he corrected under eye hollows with Restylane and I was impressed. I also thought that with his fat transfer experience he'd be good at delicate under eye work.

His staff assured me that he was indeed exceptionally good at this kind of correction. Dr. Young himself stated that the thin skin under my eyes and lack of natural fat/tissue there would not be a concern. I went ahead and had 1/2 syringe of filler placed under each eye, with a small amount above the eye. After a good week of very bad swelling and bruising, I was left with very tell-tale lumps under the skin where the filler had been placed. It was and still is quite unsightly, especially in unflattering light (which seems to be everywhere!).

Dr. Young recommended massaging which I did tons of but it did not help at all. He also promised he'd make it better but when I went back at two weeks to show him how it looked his only suggestion was to put in even more. Of course that made me nervous so I opted not to take that route. I ended up going to another doctor (an oculoplastic surgeon) to put more Restylane in to smooth out the misshapen, asymmetrical, weird lumps under my eyes. This time the added filler was conservative and it helped for a while but after 5 months it is wearing off and what Dr. Young put in is again noticeable. Unfortunately I am unable to hide the strangle lumps with make-up; it just doesn't mask it. When he put the filler in I remember that I was a little concerned because he worked very quickly and was rather rough with the needle but I thought I was in the hands of an experienced expert. I was wrong.

I was hoping for natural-looking under eye contours instead of the lifeless hollowed out look I had from a bad lower bleph the year before (different plastic surgeon for the bleph).  After the filler treatment I ended up with noticeable lumpiness that is asymmetrical, unnatural, and placed oddly.


Gosh! I just read your reviews and you have had just the worst luck with your procedures! I am sorry you are going though this. Could the restylane unevenness not be addressed with the enzyme (forget the name of it) that dissolves the restylane? Also, have you considered an autologous fat graft to correct the eye-hollows caused by the blepharoplasty? (although I would not blame you if you are weary of any more procedures!) I know that Dr. Stella Desyatnikova in Seattle is a very talented facial plastic surgeon - although I have not needed any surgery with her, I have heard only praise about her and she is a very smart and nice person. Thanks for sharing your doctor's names. I am from the NW and it is helpful to know the results of the local physician's work. Also, you are a very pretty lady :) and I like your chin profile.
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Hello Happy Grrl, what a sweet message--thank you! I did actually try a tiny amount of Hyaluronidase when I was trying to fix the weird lumps but I was wary of it since many folks on RealSelf felt that the enzyme dissolved some of their own tissue. I simply don't have any to spare after the lower bleph so I couldn't risk it! In the end, I did go ahead and try the Belotero and it has helped tremendously. It is so much smoother and more natural looking under the eyes than the Restylane is. (I may try fat grafting someday but for now I am satisfied with the Belotero). I had this new filler done at Dr. Tarbet's office in Bellevue by a lively and kind lady named Peggy. She is quite an expert as she has worked for Merz Pharmaceutical for years. She really knows her stuff. While I don't have taut, youthful perfection under my eyes (not a realistic goal anyway...), I now have very believable, natural looking, normal fullness under my eyes. Peggy did a great job helping me to achieve an appearance that is much closer to where I was before the unfortunate botched lower bleph in Portland. Thank you again for your kind message. Happy Thanksgiving!
Hello Portland...how did you find out about Belotero and Peggy at Dr. Tarbet's office? As mentioned, I have had the same experience as you with Dr. Young - before that, 2 years before, I had a bad experience with another physician. Dr. Young had assured me that he would fix everything and make me "perfect" - should have been my first warning clue. I agree with you that he appears to be such a nice person - I feel bad that I have even had this experience with him. Anyway, moving on...I am really wary of having anything done under my eyes - but am so miserable with the bumps and unevenness that I am becoming desperate. Please let me know about Peggy and how you felt you could trust another "injector" again? How much improved do you think you are? Thanks...and Happy Thanksgiving to you too.. :))

Hi, I was asked to post a follow-up photo now that...

Hi, I was asked to post a follow-up photo now that I have addressed the Restylane lumpiness with a new and better product called Belotero. Belotero is new in the U.S. since March; it has been in use in Europe for years. I had it injected at Dr. Tarbet's office in Bellevue by a Merz pharmaceutical rep named Peggy. She has tons of experience and I have found her work to be a big help in smoothing out the unsightly lumpiness which resulted from the under-eye Restylane injected by Dr. Young last January. It seems to me that the Belotero does a much better job at mimicking the natural contours and fullness under the eye that I had prior to my unsatisfactory lower bleph (performed in Portland in early 2011). If Belotero had been on the market back then and if a provider would have counseled me to try it I think I would have been very happy with the results and I never would have resorted to the lower bleph to address the faint beginnings of bags under my eyes. The Belotero would have masked the barely visible rings under the eyes that were concerning me. I did not know back then that a lower bleph would prove to be such a disaster on my thin face. Now I will be working for the rest of my life to correct the lifeless, hollowed out look that resulted. Hopefully Belotero will be a long-term good thing to have in my "tool box!"


Reparata, has your "new" doctor been able to correct problems caused by the juvederm injections under your eyes? May I ask the name of your new doctor? I need some correction work done as I had juvederm injected under my eyes two years ago and recently restylane; both having horrible results. I am fearful to have any further work done, but under certain lighting the lumps and ridges under my eyes look bad and I am very self conscious. Thanks :)
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Thanks, Reparata, for sharing your story. Hopefully those of us who have the courage and the conviction to comment about unsatisfactory results will help others to make better choices for themselves.
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Young is a nice, friendly man but I'm afraid I did not have a good outcome when I had him try to correct under eye hollowness by using Restylane. He has a very relaxed, approachable, and friendly manner so I feel bad about posting this review but I do think it is my duty to share my experience. Apparently, finding a talented practitioner to successfully put filler under the eyes is not an easy task. Best of luck.

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