Post op day 9! update with pics!

Hey girls! Ok so, I am 25, will be 26 when I get...

Hey girls! Ok so, I am 25, will be 26 when I get the surgery. I am a single mom of 2 kids, daughter is 6 and son is 4. Ive always weighed around 135 and im 5‘7. I gained about 60lbs with each pregnancy *sigh*.. My daughter was an 8lbs baby and my son was 9.5lbs… HUGE! Luckily I am now back to my pre pregnancy weigh, but things definitely don’t look like they use to. Being single, Its hard to be confident with a body like this. I have horrendous stretch marks, that will never go away because of how high they are. This I understand. But im looking forward to a flat stomach, getting rid of this stupid muffin top and finally having perky boobs with normal size areolas! Lol I have a pretty muscular body, and love weight lifting. Believe it or not I have very solid abs deep below all that mushy crap that will not leave no matter what I do!!

So anyways, I started research back in early 2011 and found this site. Im SOOO glad I did. Ive been going crazy debating on whether or not I should go through with it, but its an opportunity that I cant pass up. I still have a few consultations to go to, but im pretty sure I know what Dr. will give me the results that im looking for. I plan to do a Tummy tuck with breast lift and augmentation with some lipo thrown in there. Later on I also want a BBL, so im thinking of saving the fat on my inner thighs for that… we will see.

So, for my mommy makeover im waiting on a consultation scheduled jan 24th, that seems extremely far away but I have a good feeling about this one based on reviews!


Hi KaliforniaDreaming;) just passing by your profile and looking at your pictures I know you will be extremely happy when you get your mommy makeover ;) time pass by fast, when less you think will be January 24th for your consultation. Good luck!
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Thank you!! :)
You must be excited since you have been researching for long. Woohoo
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Had a consultation a few days ago and it went...

Had a consultation a few days ago and it went great! The staff is quick to respond and very friendly. After a couple days of thinking about it I actually made the appointment for surgery! My bday is Feb 3rd (super bowl sundayyy!!) and they had an opening for Feb 5th!! Happy bday to mee!!! We decided on an extended tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift and augmentation. I told him I wanted the 'fake' look, and he said based on my measurements, we will go with the EXTRA High Profile 500cc (anyone heard of the EXTRA high? or gotten them??) Im nervous I dont want them freakishly large but I always read that most wish they went bigger so im pretty sure ill be happy! I used to have 36D normally, but after pregnancy they deflated to a 36C. Also, about the stretch marks, I have SOO many of them I know they will not go away from this tummy tuck, but I asked my Dr if he could make a little higher of an incision to be able to go higher above my belly button, and he said that it was possible because of the loose skin. Im 100% OK with having a higher scar. I have tattoos and I plan to cover the scar with a tat after the scar is well healed, probably around a year or so. But personally I would prefer a tight stomach with a high scar over lumpy mushy stretchmarks ANYDAY!!! LOL
OK soo anyway, Ive done a ton of research the past couple years but now it seems like its all happening so fast! in 2 more weeks it will be my pre-op!!! I havent bought anything yet, I just got scheduled for surgery yesterday! lol Ive printed out some lists of things to buy to prepare, but like many others ask, is there anything you just HAD to have?? Or things you WISHED you had?? This site is amazing and I would love as much help as possible. I dont have many people to talk to about this. I am not telling my family or friends. Only my mom will be around to help me. So I need as much support as possible!! haha Thank you girls!!! ttys :) :)

Ohh p.s... my Dr. does the no-drain tummy tuck. I was nervous at first but once I read about it and saw the results I was very impressed. Its a longer procedure because they
"place many "Progressive Tension Sutures" (PTS) to both eliminate the space for fluid to accumulate, as well as pull the skin and fat together under the skin, reducing the tension on the skin closure, and thereby reducing the thickness of the scar."

Read more:

Thanks to jujupretty for all this info!!


Best to you on Tuesday in case I don't log on again. My attitude was to brace for the worst pain and discomfort and know it is only temporary. And it was totally bearable. Just relax and sleep as much as you can...and stock up on Smartwater!
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I'm also having a drainless tt and bl on Jan 29th. My doctor also doesn't put you completely under I was relieved about that. Good luck :) and keep me updated on your progress.
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Hey! omg thats so soon!! Im gonna go check out your story and follow your progress :)

I havent been on here much this past week because...

I havent been on here much this past week because things have been crazy! I was supposed to be having surgery right now as I type this but last week I decided I needed to find a new Dr... I didnt feel 100% confident so I cancelled... I just had a feeling and couldnt ignore it, everything seemed to be pointing me in a different direction. Anyways, last wednesday I got scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Salemy in Seattle for yesterday (monday). He is amazing and I am soo excited. They were booked out a few months for surgery but I got lucky because someone cancelled for this Thursday! I had my consultation and pre-op the same day! lol
Soo now Im all excited about surgery in 2 days but ive been sneezing...I hope this doesnt turn into anything... I really dont need a cold right now!!!


Thank you so much! Love your attitude about it! I changed drs last minute so im not having surgery today.. but I dont have to wait very long, im going in on thursday with the new dr!! lol I think it was meant to happen. he is amazing!
lmao thats awesome! I havent been on here for a while cuz theres been so much going on! Last week I cancelled with the ps I was scheduled for surgery with today. Had a preop with an excellent ps yesterday and knew it was the right choice. so they had an immediate opening in 2 days so i took it! I will be having drains now though, and smaller boobs lol.. I think we decided on 420ccs but Im perfectly fine with that, I was getting kinda nervous about the 500's lol
I left with 2 drains aswell . I was told it was drainless but ps wanted to leave them in. I had them removed yesterday 6 days po . I also started a cold right before my surgery my primary dr put me on the zpack. You should call them. Also get the medical lift recliner I got it from a medical supply co it was $195.00 for the whole month. I thought I'd be fine without it because I had a cesection. I was wrong wrong wrong that and the toilet seat riser I couldn't live without. I also bought the generic icy hot patches and placed them on my back before going to sleep last night. I woke up feeling so much better . Good luck you can't be over prepared for this surgery. I packed a clear container with everything I needed I even put a small flashlight . Here's what I have/ had multi vit ,halls, MOM, thermometer , colace, Chapstick, hand sanitizer .gas X ,Benadryl ( to help me sleep),suppositories, tissues ,arnica. antibacterial wipes, bromelain, and all pain meds. Stay on top of your pain meds !!!! Don't not try to be superwomen ! The clear container helps so you can see everything . Everything I listed I have used and needed especially the gas X Alot of Water bottles and 1 bottle of prune juice. Good luck and remember days 1,2 ,3 are the worst after that it gets better i think if I would've had the chair lift from the beginning my my first days would have been easier. It allows you to get up at your own pace and brings you to almost a standing position, also a memory foam pillow for behind your back helps alot. Lots of pillows ( keep your feet elevated at night ) to prevent blood clots also ask the hospital before you leave for surgical stockings to wear during the day. Eating Kiwi helps 3 a day. Pineapple for the swelling be prepared I so look like spongebob right now and I'm watching my sodium .You have alot of down time as you can see by the book I'm writing to you .lol

So I am 9 days post op already! Havent been able...

So I am 9 days post op already! Havent been able to get on here to do an update. I wanted to do a blog day by day but it just didnt work out that way :( Things have been going pretty smooth so far but im very sore from the muscle repair. I guess i had a 2-3 inch gap! I had no idea. Got a full tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation. ended up getting 420ccs and I think they are perfect for me. The first few days are for sure the hardest but now I feel like im getting better everyday! I dont need to nap anymore and havent had to even take Tylenol today. The swelling is pretty annoying but hasnt hit me too bad yet so im not looking forward to that, def watching my sodium intake thats for sure. The muscle repair is painful tho! I had a tickle in my throat today for some reason and it hurts soo bad to even do a tiny cough. I put a pillow over my stomach and tried low growling (read that helps on here) but I couldnt help but think the stiches were cutting through my muscles like a wire cuts through cheese. It is soo painful!!! My daughter just threw up tonight so I am so nervous about catching a cold and feeling more of that muscle pain. Anyways thats my first week update. ill try to get on here more often!


I hope all is well! Can you update what your tummy tuck looks like, please ? ;-)
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Hows it going? I scheduled my consultation with dr Salemy in Aug. So excited! Hope all is well.
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more pics more pics ha ha. way to be demanding right
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