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Hi i'm seventeen and ever since I started puberty,...

Hi i'm seventeen and ever since I started puberty, I noticed my labia majora was a little on the 'big' side. A friend of mine told me that I even looked 'out of ordinary' to her. I've only had one guy see my vagina and even my boyfriend of a year hasn't seen it. I'm so embarassed by it, I just wish I looked beautiful to myself. Every time i go to have sex with my boyfriend i keep my underwear on, which he has questioned before, i just told him I wasn't ready to show him yet. I feel like a lousy girlfriend because I can't even be comfortable in my own body. Sex is uncomfortable and sometimes painful for me. I've told my mom about my labia and she just said I was normal. Of course, I know I'm normal, I just wish I didn't look the way I do. I feel depressed all the time and nothing I do makes me feel better about myself. I feel so ugly. That's why I really want the surgery. I've been researching labiaplasty for years now and I reallyyyyy would like to get it done but I'm not sure where to go to or even how to start. Also, I'd like to know how much it would cost and how it's paid (monthly payments or what). Is there an age limit to this kind of surgery?

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Don't do this..... you are young and you don't fully understand........ All women look different. Vaginas come in different shapes and sizes. I like most men, enjoy the variety. There is nothing embarrassing or wrong about your vagina or its appearance. Don't let one or two people convince you something is wrong. In fact, most guys love the vaginal lips. Why on earth would you let someone cut them...... Only one reason.. if you are in physical pain. If not, PLEASE don't do this to yourself. It will not be worth it. If you have questions or need support, please private message me. But don't run the risk of harming yourself with mutilation in the guise of vanity.
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Hey girl, I know the feeling. Been there done that. Also waiting to get mine done, wanting it forever, and I'm 30!! Lemme know if you find someone great in WA and I'll keep you updated also. :)
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Hello :) I had labiaplasty preformed 13 days ago. Although I'm still in the healing process I'm already seeing great results. My situation was much like yours, I had one larger labia that just got in the way. It caused me pain and discomfort since puberty. I was also embarrassed if the look, so I definitely know how you feel :( I began my research at around age 18, and discovered many teenagers were having the procedure done due to health problems and physical pain. As long as you have parental consent a surgeon can preform the surgery on you. If this is really something you want, and your mom is against it just use the rest of this year to complete your research and to find an experienced plastic surgeon :) Labiaplasty is a HUGE decision to make. I'm 25 years old, and just now had the procedure done. I was really nervous, one day I wanted it done, the next I was too scared. You really have to be sure its something you want, and make sure you allow yourself healing time. My total surgery cost without insurance was $6,600 with sedation cost. I wasn't awake for the surgery. I was too freaked out to be. The anesthesia began to wear off before I got home, so I was in excruciating pain. Very hard to sit down. For the next 5 days I laid in bed sick as a dog from the pain meds. I had no appetite whatsoever. Day 6 or 7 I gained back my appetite and could finally sort of sit. Day 10 I got my stitches removed and could sit with no pain. I had pretty minimal swelling, but still can't sleep through the whole night yet. Despite being down for a while the surgery was well worth it,and I think I'm recovering faster than if I had pushed myself. I no longer feel the need to adjust myself to relieve the constant pinching and discomfort. What a relief! I also have to admit I'm a lot more confident in how it looks :-) If you have any questions at all or need support feel free to send me a message. :-)
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Hey there did insurance cover any of the procedure since it was for comfort? (as mine would be)
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! To be honest, I don't know about the age you're required to be for this surgery... I think it would warrant going on a consultation (or more than one) with a board certified plastic surgeon to find out what can be done. At this point you'd probably need your mom's support to go through with all this. There are different financing options available for plastic surgery.

If you look on the labiaplasty homepage, it says that the average cost of the procedure is currently $3,225. This does depend on your doctor and what area of the country you live in.

I'm sorry you're feeling so unattractive. If it makes you feel better, women come in all shapes and sizes and guys can find things attractive that you never would have guessed.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

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