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Not Scared, Just Excited! - Bellevue, WA

Tomorrow I am having a facelift, fat grafting &...

Tomorrow I am having a facelift, fat grafting & upper lower blep. I am going to try to post a day by day experience, it was so helpful for me to read them on RealSelf! I know it will be tough at first and I am feeling brave today, hopefully that will last until tomorrow!
I look forward to looking in the mirror and not seeing bags and chins!
My husband asked me if it has any benefits to my health, like will you breathe better? No dear husband, I am the one who buys the furniture because it looks good, not because it's comfy!
It will be worth it. I'm guessing Naficy did yours? He's the absolute best. The hardest part is being patient while the healing process begins. I am exactly 12 weeks out this week and only just now feeling completely healed (even though the healing process continues). It really takes a long time to see the results. I did a ton of research and am completely confident I chose the right doc for me. He is a true artist and does amazing work.
Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. When you feel up to it, we'd love an update. How are you feeling? Thinking about you!
Wishing you an easy recovery and fabulous results! Who was your surgeon?
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