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I have been researching this and contemplating...

I have been researching this and contemplating this for years and for me I believe that I have a full enough breast that I really will not need any augmentation. The breast lift needed is due to having children.


Thank-you for your post! Yes, a little nervous, as this is major surgery, but definitely excited for my new look. Since I won't have implants, I am hoping that I really won't be too different in size, but resculpted into a more youthful look. I am currently a 36C.
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The post-baby sag, huh? The kids are worth it, but they can certainly thrash your body. I'd love to know more... how are you feeling as your surgery nears? Nervous? Excited? A little of both? Do you have a size you're aiming for?

Looking forward to following your breast lift journey!

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I went in on Nov. 8th for surgery. I was not...

I went in on Nov. 8th for surgery. I was not nervous at all - I just think I knew I was in good hands in advance.

The anesthesiologist spoke with me and explained everything and took his time. Then went to the surgery room, this is within the compound of the Overlake Hospital, another plus that I liked. Everyone was great and Dr. Rand was speaking with me right before - some nice chit chat. When I awoke I did good. Was groggy of course until evening (I had a noon appt.). Some pain on the ride home just underneath the breast, but was bearable. I am a redhead, so may have a little more pain than others. I had a very small amount of sore throat from the device that goes just a little into your throat that keeps your tongue in check and airway clear.

I went back into the into the Drs. office today (Nov. 9th) and they took the gause of and placed surgical tape on so I can shower tomorrow.

I am estatic and told Dr. Rand so. He is amazing. His work is an A+++. I am amazed really. I wish I would have done this years ago. I will definately only go to Dr. Rand for future Tummy Tuck (just have some loose skin) and have an eyelid lift. Wanted those both done for sometime too. It does cost, but is worth every dime. Need to keep saving.

I will go in next week for my last visit and they have EMU oil for the scar healing.

While I was in the recovery room I had Cammie do a fill of Restalyn around my lips to smooth out lines. She is wonderful and so warm and caring. Only one very small bruise and no after pain and no icing needed to be done.

Everyone at Dr. Rand's office is great. I don't have my before and after pics. yet. I am 54 and 140 lbs. I have pretty much been around this weight for some time.

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To clarify I am 54 yrs. old and 5 ft. 4" tall.

To clarify I am 54 yrs. old and 5 ft. 4" tall.


At my appt. my doctor said everything looks good. It was a little red but normal. So glad to hear that. 48 hrs. after the surgical tape and staple (one on each breast - didn't see it and forgot that I had that - under the surgical tape), was removed. this made a huge difference - not as sore. After being home and just relaxing, which felt great, I gained some weight. On the 8th day, I walked on the treadmill for an hr. I wore a sports bra, but should have waited. I felt a little tweek here and there in my breasts and it was enough movement that it rubbed on the bottom of my breast. I was told not to get my heart rate up for first full 2 weeks and hold off on advil (acts as blood thinner) - did take one on 2 different days before surgical tape had been removed. Went back to work on 15th day. Still tender and healing. Staying on my feet alot and doing some lifting, I was ready to call it a night but still ok, but to describe it, kind of a heavy dull pain, probably just from the weight of my breast and a little tingling in the nipples. It is bearable but hope this is helpful to others, as the surgery is just a one day process. The healing is most important as it does take time. Never missed any sleep at night. I mostly wear kind of a fitting sports shirt, as nothing touches the bottom of the breast and the nipples won't rub. At night, I just wear something loose and mostly sleep on my back. Sometimes I sleep on my side, it doesn't really hurt, but I am continuing to monitor how my breast shape is and how they are healing - so far, so good. Next appt. is next week.

Also, good news is I am really still a 36C. Just basically had loose skin removed and areola is smaller.

Any info is appreciated from others on your healing tips/tricks. I read that silicone is the best proven scar reducer - there is a stick form and stip form. I will speak with my doctor about that. Have been using some neosporin.
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Thanks for the post! It has been 1 week now, and I have am still tender and sore, especially where the incisions were made at the bottom of the breast. The right breast is more swollen and I will be going in day after tomorrow for surgical tape to be removed. I knew that I would have some healing to do, but just want to make sure it is normal. I have full feeling in my nipples. I feel a little itchy too, which means it is healing. I had a trace amount of blood from the incisions, but I believe this is normal too. Anxious to be back to my normal self. I will ask about pics, as I only have the before pics. I have some bruising too - not too bad considering, but may have to wait a bit for good after pics.
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very please that you so excited had mine done 6 months ago and the best decision I ever made they are gorgeous I am 43 look 33 and feel 23 what could be better. just keep up the after care and all will be well. good luck.
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Dr. is amazing. All of his staff is too. One of those major decisions in life where I made the best decision. Dr. Rand took his time and never rushed ever!! He also did a follow-up call to check on me in the evening.

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