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Plastic Surgery Gone WRONG - Bellevue, WA

I Am Deformed And Scarred For Life.

I Am Deformed And Scarred For Life. Dr.Scott C. Sattler, Md Operated On Me In Bellevue, Wa Before He Opened His Own Practice In Lynnwood,Wa. He Worked Out Of Naficy Rejuvenation Center When I Had Both Operations - 2009 And 2010. He Had No "Before And After" Brachioplasty Photos To Show Me.

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?I underwent my first Brachioplasty 6/2009

I underwent my first Brachioplasty 6/2009. When I came out of surgery my doctor - Dr. Scott C. Sattler, MD chose to perform an EXTENDED Brachioplasty. I was made aware of this decision while I was in recovery. This extended my scarring down each of my sides by an additional 10.5 inches - 6 inches on one side and 4.5 on the other. I was expecting elbow to pit scars, not elbow to pit to halfway down my sides. My scarring was hideous, raised, became infected , spread, and was just all around hideous! Dr. Scott C. Sattler, MD offered to perform a z-plasty a year after the original surgery so that the "wound sites" could "calm down." Not to mention the complete lack of symmetry from the inadequate liposuction on the top of each arm. 

April 2010 I went in for a Z-Plasty- a surgery performed to correct extensive scarring. My incisions were closed with plastic medical dermal staples. My body rejected each and every last one - leaving me with infections, puckering of the skin and purple and red scarring. Dr. Scott C. Sattler, MD injected my scars with steroids about 3 months post op from the Z-plasty. It was in my opinion his last ditch effort to make the scars less hideous than they already were. This treatment was not only extremely painful but did the anthesis of what he intended for it to do. The scars got wider and more pronounced. My last visit to see him was in July if that year and he informed me that there was "nothing more he could do for me"

I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. I read your review and was highly influence by it. I had my arm lift this January had absolutely no complications and 6 weeks post feel good and arms look amazing. I live in Seattle and really appreciate you sharing your experience. Obvi, I did not consider this docutor.

Another photo

After Z-plasty (2nd surgery ) all of my staples popped out and became infected. The incision started to come apart. Both arms looked like this. My arm pits took over 3 months to heal and close up. They are still dark brown/red 4 years post op.
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I'm SO sorry for your outcome. I wanted to suggest you post this as a question to see if any surgeons feel like they could improve upon your scars. Overall the shape of your arms is nice, maybe someone has hope for scar revisions. My thoughts are with you.
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Not Board Certified at the time of my first surgery

Dr. Scott Sattler was not Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) at the time of my first surgery in June of 2009. He became certified in November of 2009.

Photos from the back & front. Dr. Sattler was not BOARD CERTIFIED WHEN HE PERFORMED MY FIRST SURGERY IN JUNE 2009

Here are a few photos taken recently 4/2014. As you can see, the protrusion and puckering behind my left arm is hideous! Two others are under my arms- still 4 years post op.

One more with my bathing suit on. FROM THE BACK !

Notice the puckering and protrusion from the back. These scars were made when Dr. Sattler performed an EXTENDED BRACHIOPLASTY on me instead of a full Brachioplasty. The scarring is hideous, disfiguring and so completely embarrassing.
Have you sought a lawyer for advice? Are you considering having arms redone again by a certified ps this time? I hope you find a reputable doctor that can help reconstruct your arms. Best wishes.
I meant reading your story -- sorry should really proof read before pushing post comment button
Reading our story -- first my apologies and second - can't figure out this KTCby person. You can clearly see he "f cked up" but yet she goes on and says how great he is --- but yet when you go on her site -- surprise " no photos" So, to all of you who are reading her story -- my conclusion would be to stay away from Sattler -- and if you had good surgery with him --- the same type of surgery -- photo's would help!
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