31 Years Old, One Child and a Very Much Needed Breast Augmentation! - Bellevue, WA

I knew at a very early age that I wanted a breast...

I knew at a very early age that I wanted a breast augmentation seeing as good ol mother nature forgot to check off the boobs box when she sent me through puberty. Finally this year, the stars aligned and I was able to get my surgery! I went from a 32a to a 34c and couldn't be happier, I can't wait to see the final result after my waiting period is over :)

one week post op!

Well I am one week post op and feeling pretty good considering lol. I had a really tight chest wall which made placing the implants a bit more complicated and therefore more painful for me :( ive been looped up on muscle relaxants and pain pills all week so sleep has come fairly easy except at night. I am now counting down the Days until I can start to wear a real bra which shows off the beautiful work. I must admit I did buy one victoria's secret bra and had to try it on. I was to excited to not lol sometimes I wish I had gone bigger but than I realize how un natural I would look and that was not what I was going for. So in the end I am happy. :)

feeling regretful today....

I am beginning to wish I had been able to go bigger. But I know with my chest wall it would have ended up looking like torpedoes or bowling balls. Still, I wish all that money I paid could have given me my dream boobs...

Still not feeling entirely excited about my results.

Welp, I am 12 days post op, not as sore getting more defined cleavage but still not as excited about the final results as I thought I would be. Post partum depression type thing ya think? who knows. NO one responds to my posts anyway so I don't know if anyone else feels this way. Seem like the ones who go way big get all the attention. weird how that works. I will post more pics in hopes of someone reassuring me that I did not make a huge freaking mistake...

My before pic. The only one I could find for now.

Here is the way the girls looked pre op. Silly and childish in my opinion!
Just wanted to say feeling down after surgery is normal... I wrote about my own experience of some sadness afterwards. You look fantastic, very natural! You are beautiful... But try not to weigh your outcome based on what others think. Whether you have 9 comments or 209, your boobs still look awesome :P
Thank you! I know I've been sounding kinda pathetic lol I just really needed feedback. So thank you for yours!
Well said Sam456

14 Days Post op today!!

Holy cow has time flown by! It seems like I waited forever for the day to come ( oh wait I did, 14 years) lol and now recovery is just flying by! I have received some very encouraging feedback and I can not express how wonderful that makes me feel so thank you to you all!! I am feeling a bit better especially when I get to take this surgical bra off lol. Still getting pings of pain on the tops but all nipple sensation I alive and well. When I look down at my chest that's when I feel down, it seems to look the same, but when I look to the side and front I can see the fullness and it feels better. I just have to keep reminding myself that they will be constantly changing for months and not to stress to much over it :) I rewarded myself with 4 new bras the other day that I cant wear yet... lol but I bought them anyway. I figure if I end up dropping and fitting into them differently it wont be a big deal they fit well now and I can tell there is still room in them for droppage and fluffage lol I posted some pics I took the other day so you can all see the difference now. :)
Hoping you can stay with us and perhaps not post pictures like everyone has suggested. You  may have also seen other women post pictures with swimsuit tops or tank tops on. Sometimes women can still get the general idea of your pre-op and post-op look. Either way, we totally understand. Redglory always tells women to take pictures every few days for yourself so you can see your progress. It's fun to see a one week picture next to a 3 month picture. 

Hang in there with the bf. Boobs aren't always the answer but maybe this will lead to some new conversation to help with the relationship. There are always ups and downs, but it's so great when you can communicate. ;)
Thank you Beth :) I will stay but I will be more modest with my photos. I love to see the way they change over the weeks and so far I am 2 weeks 3 days so I know I have a long way to go. I will post more photos the further I get along. Thank you for your support :)
I think that keeping your profile up but removing the pics is a great compromise. :) I can see why your bf would be uncomfortable with it, and obviously your relationship is more important than us being able to see your progress, lol. But glad to hear you're able to still post updates! You're right, the encouragement and feedback ladies give on here is sooo nice to hear at times! Great to be able to share w/ others who've gone through the same thing. :)

steri strips removed today...

OK so I had my steri strips removed today and I am terrified At how the incisions look!!!! My doc said they will eventually be invisible and I have faith in him, but OMG! WHY ARE THEY SO PUCKERED!!?? I am putting Emu oil on the incision sites now and still have to wear this surgical bra which I hate but I understand... luckily all my scars from previous injury induced surgeries have healed well and blend in with my pale skin, I just Really hope that these scars do the same. :(
You look good honey and so do your scars. Use the oil, it really helps. Rub it in with as much pressure as you can handle. If it hurts, you're doing it right. I use it several times a day.
I will. It creeps me out! I have really enjoyed how pretty they have looked but now, the scars seem to make them look not as nice... over time that will change I know, I have lived so long in a pit of depression over my lack of womanhood so anything that makes my new boobs less appealing is scary!
They will improve every day especially if you use the oil at least a couple of times a day. Don't miss a day. It wouldn't hurt, but it will just delay the healing. By 6 weeks, you should see a noticeable difference and by 3 months, they should be a very thin, faded line.

Almost 3 weeks post op tomorrow!

I am feeling pretty good lately, a lot less muscle pain and I can use my arms when getting up from a chair without crying lol Sleeping on my side is still a bit uncomfortable and I the incisions are healing well I think. I still don't like the puckering but that will go away over time. I had my first glass of wine last week after 4 weeks! Oh my does pink Moscato taste good lol! I decided to re upload some of my photos that I previously took off after discussing it with my bf I think he understands why I need this site since I have no one else to talk to about this, no one else I can show my progress to and no one else to whine to if I am having an off week lol. There are still those times I wish I could have gone bigger, but when I try things on like old Halloween costumes that look awesome now and looked silly then, I feel better! Anyway, figured I'd post another update since its been a bit, I hope you are all well :)
You look great!! I had my BA 12 days ago and already had my "did I go to small?" Moment as well as "why does nobody comment? I need support!" So I totally understand how you feel! I do the same thing with trying on old clothes and realizing they are a lot bigger now. My PS told me the same thing about not being able to go any bigger then I did too. I truly think your results look great and they are very natural looking! I think we will both feel better when we're able to wear push up bras to really add that extra oomph when we want it! Good luck with everything, I hope you continue to enjoy your results!
Thank you! I still have moments of regret knowing I spent so much money and not be able to achieve my ideal size, but overall I am pleased. I wore a bikini the other day and was able to feel life I didn't look like pedophile bait. I hate using that description but that is how I have felt my whole life. Like I looked like a child. In that tiny bathing suit I felt sexy for the first time in my life! You look amazing as well! I can't wait till I am able to stop wearing this surgical bra since it restricts what tops I can wear because the bra comes up so high. I am very excited to wear a push up bra for the oomph and not for pretend lol
I completely understand what you mean about with the pedophile bait comment so no worries there. I felt EXACTLY the same. So happy for you that you were able to go out recently and feel sexy for the first time! That's fantastic, and you should feel that way, you look great! I'm right there with you on the bra too, can't wait to be allowed to wear what I want!

4 weeks post OP

Well another week has gone by and I am still having my moments of regret about having spent so much money and getting so little out of it. I feel like I am dropping weird too... Maybe I am just being too self critical. At 5'5" 130 lbs my 235cc moderate gel implants just seem too small still :( I hate feeling this way since I know I look substantially better than I did 5 weeks ago, and my sister told me I look fabulous and my bust size finally matches my hip size. I always said I was twiggy on the top and Beyoncé on the bottom lol. My breasts are getting softer but in exchange they seem to not be as full as I was last week, which is really disappointing. Maybe someone else can tell me if I am just seeing things or if I am in fact dropping weird.
I have to be honest, if you'd gone bigger they would have screamed 'implants', whereas now they look like natural, beautiful boobs. With tight skin you'd have seen the edge of a big implant too, who wants half grapefruits stuck on their chest? You look great, and I can't see any weird dropping. I'd be happy if they were mine!
Thank you lol I know that they would have been obvious, I wish I could have done moderate plus at least for the projection. :) I have never been a large person, well maybe my bum lol so I knew going in that I was going to have to stay in the C range, but when I look down at my chest, they look so small still! That's where the wish for more projection comes in. Thank you very much for you honest opinion, I really do appreciate it :)!!!!
It doesn't look like you are dropping weird to me, looks very normal. That pink bathing suit top looks great on you, your boobs have a really nice shape and nice distance between them!

Just a quick update

So I am 5 weeks post op and feeling reasonably good. My birthday came and went with out much excitement. I spent the day with my son at his dentist appointment and then went to lunch and had Ice cream. I don't think I will post any photos this week seeing as not much has changed in a week other than I feel like I have lost quite a bit of the fullness I really loved, but I know that was the swelling and I shouldn't be focused on that. I am having some pain on the left side in the outer pectoral muscle. I think I am sleeping too much on my left side... I'm not sure. I have my 6 week po appointment next Wednesday so hopefully my doc can let me know if all is good there. I am seriously hating these surgical bras now... since the swelling went away they don't fit as tight as before so they feel loose and cumbersome. I wish I could just wear a non padded sports bra or something but he was very strict on the fact that I have to wear this one for 3 freakin months...
They have softened up considerably but still don't really move as well I had thought they would at 5 weeks. Maybe that is just because of how tight my muscles were to start so they are still trying to stretch to mold to the implant... all guessing here. Anywho, I hope everyone is having a great week and healing is going well for you all and for those who have yet to undergo surgery, Good Luck!!!
Happy Birthday! So glad you are doing well. You look great :D
Thank you and thank you lol

6 weeks post op today :)

6 weeks! Wow has time flown by! ok, so I am feeling better regarding my size now seeing as I know I really don't and wont have the resources to do it again and go bigger. Maybe someday, but for now, I can live with a 2 cup increase in size :) I still have some tenderness on the outside near my armpits, but not too bad, the scars have smoothed out and are just red now and after seeing my many other scars heal up, I know that in about a year they will be nearly invisible. I have my 6 week post op appointment on Wednesday, so I am anxious to hear what he has to say about my progress. Hopefully he will let me out of this silly surgical bra finally! I doubt it, he was pretty insistent on the 3 months. I would really like to just wear an unpadded demi bra, I have one I bought from VS that is really comfortable that I will wear once in a while for a couple hours just to put something less constricting on, but... I doubt he will give me the ok lol. Oh well. If it keeps everything in place and lets me heal without complications then I guess I will live for another 6 weeks. I posted some pics that show how I am sitting now, the one pic in the tank is in the unpadded demi bra. I am still small, but not nearly as small as I was and now I feel like I am much more proportionate than I was! Talk to you all later!!
You look wonderful! So natural and they fit perfectly with your body. I have similar stats (5'5 and 138lbs) and I'm hoping to go to a big c (but I'm not committed to that specifically). May I ask what your measurements are now? Cups size and such? Thanks! =)
Thank you :) they feel so much better than my itty bitty titties did lol. I am sitting comfotably at a 34C my complete measurements are 34 26 39. So a pear shape lol
haha pear shaped here too! Thanks for the response, enjoy!

before and after photos

I had my 6 week post op appointment today and my doc says I am healing very nicely! He also said my scars look good and will eventually be basically invisible :) He took some photos today so I got to see a side by side and all I gotta say is WOW! Whenever I start feeling down about not going bigger I will just look back at this picture and I will feel better seeing as the difference is pretty big!
I am considering BA with Dr. Rand also and would love to know if you are happy you went with him now that it's been a while. Did everything heal well? incision area? His method of the ugly bra for 3mths and no massaging is different then the others I have read on here. Your before & afters look great!
Hey there fellow "classic" lady :) I know I didn't get high profile and that my size is 405cc and learnt that I must have moderate classic. I will ask my PS at my 6wk PO. But I feel relieved to have come across your profile as there are so many moderate plus and high profile BA's on this forum. I too have been feeling like you and have really been considering getting them redone for bigger. Meaning I would have to change profiles. It's still early days yet so I'm just waiting, watching.. Hoping my boobs will magically get bigger.. Highly unlikely! Lol I did say "natural" and my PS I think was a little conservative when it came to big boobs. So I guess he was just giving me that "natural look". The more boobs and women I've seen, I can see that the big boobs don't look "natural". When I saw the photos of VS models naked, I realised then that they although very tall, look natural and proportioned. If your boobs are too big -you can look top heavy. And it's not the best look if you're not the tallest either. I just realised that for myself. Wearing a padded bra -makes me look slightly top heavy and shorter. Where I see the size on me now actually compliments my waist so I hope it only gets better with time and I won't want to replace for bigger. But.. Just thought I'd let you know -you're not alone. We can get through this ;) We have boobs! What we've always wanted -so let's just enjoy them! Go out and spoil yourself and get an awesome push up bra so you can play them up -when you want. I think you look fab and love the shots in your red bikini top. Our journey's just begun xS
I live at Seattle and thinking to get implant. Yours look so nice. I have been searching for reputation doctor at Seattle. Thanks for your post. My only concern is my boobs will feel hard with implant. I want to have more natural and squishy feel. I am wonder do you feel yours are squishy and soft?
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rand was amazing. His staff and nurses were wonderful and the facility was warm and welcoming. My only complaint was that their online ad for out of town clients was a bit misleading. It said hotel and limo accommodations and specialized nursing care would be provided. What they failed to mention was that this was all out of pocket if I wanted it. So it ended up being a bit of a hassle to get there and spend the extra money on a hotel and taxi. That is my one and only complaint. The surgery and how I was treated was well beyond my expectations and I can't wait to see him on my next follow up!

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