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Hi, I wanted a breast augmentation so that I could...

Hi, I wanted a breast augmentation so that I could fit into clothes and feel more girly. I was virtually flat chested and very self conscious about it. I went from a 32 aa to a 32 b so not huge implants. I was so excited before the surgery I didn't even think about recovery time. I counted down the days until I would have boobs and imagined myself immediately walking around with natural looking breasts even if my surgeons had told me otherwise. Keep in mind, I am a VERY active person. I do crossfit and run almost every day. I had mild concerns about losing muscle and getting out of shape but hey, I'd give anything for BOOBS!! Immediately after the procedure I was happy with the results, Oh my gosh, I could fit into strapless dresses! But then I started noticing how fake they looked, comparing them to my mom's. They were so high and stiff. I began doubting myself and searching the internet where I found so much negative criticism of girls who get boob jobs it brought me into a crying mess that lasted for 2 days. I am feeling extremely restless and am gaining weight because I tend to eat when I'm stressed and haven't been excersizing. I miss working out so much! I feel like I am missing out on summer. My friends keep inviting me to go swimming but I can't. I am scared to even see them because they will immediately notice how fake my breasts look (although my mom assures me they really don't look that bad). My PS assures me the procedure went well and that in a couple more months they will drop and look more natural. However, I am so scared that people will look at me in a swimsuit and immediately know I got a boob job and judge me. I am scared for college. If I hook up with a guy and he rejects me because my breasts feel fake to him. Most of all right now I miss my old life. I feel like I have 2 rocks strapped to my chest. I want to get back to my healthy happy lifestyle but am in a serious funk. I miss my friends, I miss working out. My mom doesn't know how to handle my tears. She was so supportive and never doubted my decision. I wish she would have. I don't want to be flat chested, but I don't want everyone thinking I'm fake. I am also worried about my legs getting fatter. By the way, I am a very lean person and my mom says the extra fat is good for me and each days a new day and today she will help me control my diet. I am 5'4" 103 lbs and very muscular. Gahh just so restless and missing my friends and doubting my decision. I need support!!!!
Hi I'm sorry you feel this way. I assure you in a month or two when everything settles down, you will love them. Everyone goes thru this depression stage believe me I'm sure 85% of women here questioned their decision after. Just think back why you wanted this n the first place and start feeling active if your ps allows you to start going back to the gym do it. Be positive because it really does help. I was depressed the first couple of days after po I'm so glad the ladies here are very positive, supportive and awesome! You will be fine. Show them off and start enjoying them . At least you have your mother that supports you it does really make a difference. Enjoy it girly!
Thank you so much, I feel alot better after reading about how other people feel the same way. I am sort of on an emotional roller coaster right now. One minute I think they are the best thing ever and the next Im doubting my decision.
             your breast are going to change so much! your only 2 weeks out! please give it time! what size are you? why dont you wait until your 3 months post op than you will see final results! maybe you will be happy with a smaller size implant! so sorry your not enjoying your results! hugs! 

18 yo with breast aug

2 weeks post op. What do you guys think? I want them to drop and fluff so I can see the final results!! Right now I feel like I have rocks strapped to my chest. I know they are far apart but that is my natural anatomy according to my PS. I got a breast aug because I was virtually flat chested, AA. I just stopped growing at age 13 :((. I am now a B cup which is what I hoped for. I really really hope they start to look more natural soon.
Btw...I was swollen up to my collar bone after surgery.
I'm sorry that your unhappy. I promise you it gets better. I had my BA 10 Weeks ago. My breast were high and stiff like a rock. I started to massage them at 6 Weeks post op. They have dropped dramatically and are a lot softer and have more bounce, so to speak . You just need to have a little more patience. It takes time. I think you will be surprised that your close friends will love your new look. One of my friends went to my Dr to have her BA done. All that matters is that you're happy . Not your friends.
No problem. Totally relate to how you feel. Enjoy your new body.

Is rippling a big deal?

I got saline implants and my PS told me since I had such little breast tissue rippling would be expected. There is rippling as seen in this picture on my left side when I slouch. Is this a big deal?
Hang in there! I know how you feel. I had one breast drop into place at 2 days post op. The other breast is starting to get there and it has been almost 6 weeks. My PS told me it would probably take up to 3 months because my tissues were tighter on that side. I have been massaging them everyday and checking them for progress. It will happen in time, I know waiting is hard.
Aw, keep your chin up! it's definitely a roller coaster process until the drop and fluff! I think BethH's comment below is super great advice for you. If you're feeling down, just get on realself. they're are soooo many nice and supportive people on this site to help you through the rough phases of the BA! So keep floating on! we're all here for you :)

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! I am so glad to see you are getting some excellent support and advice from the community. I have a similar physique...my ribs show in my cleavage! My implants took 3-6 months to settle in so give it more time. It will take you a few months to get used to your new look too. Dress them down for a while until you're feeling more comfortable about them. Don't stress about your fluctuating weight right now. A little extra fat will help your body heal and stay strong. Take care and keep us posted on your dropping and fluffing!  ;)


Should I tell my Boyfriend I have Breast Implants

Hey guys! So I have a boyfriend and things are getting kind of serious. I'm wondering if I should tell him I have breast implants. I won't let him touch them because I'm afraid he will be able to tell they are fake. Ladies, are men able to tell right away that a girl has a boob job? How real do saline implants feel? To me they feel real but that's because I never had breasts to begin with. Are breast implants a major turn off?
U look great! I'm sure it's just time u need!! What size did u go? And when did u start feeling better?
Hey girl,Please post updated pics of how your twins are doing....The last update they still had a lot of Dropping to do as you only did the BA two weeks ago. Excited to see the outcome...
Hang in there! It takes time for them to drop and fluff. I would give it 6 months before thinking about being concerned. One of mine dropped within a few days. The other slowly made progress. It can be a long process. I have thinner skin on one side and can feel some ripples in my implants too. I run and just had to give my body time to recover before running again.
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