My Journey to a Better Me

I am a 38-year old single mother of two children,...

I am a 38-year old single mother of two children, one child is 14-yrs old and the other is 4-yrs old.

Background: I have wanted a tummy tuck, after the birth of my 4-year old daughter, but since my credit wasn’t in good standing to get a loan, I had to wait and build my credit and/or save the amount needed to get the procedure done. In November 2010, I choose Dr. Shamhram Salemy, M.D, a plastic surgeon, in Seattle, Washington. When I met with Dr. Salemy, he was very professional, and polite. He also answered all 49 of my questions, had great reviews and references. Dr. Salemy was the perfect person to do my surgery. In June 2011, I was able to get a loan through “Medical Loan or Surgery Loans” (they are both the same company). First, I secured the loan for the surgery, and then contacted Dr. Salemy’s office to schedule the surgery. Unfortunately, Dr. Salemy’s office said they did not accept Surgery Loans, they only accepted CareCredit. Man, I was pissed; but to make a long story short, in order to get to receive CareCredit your credit score has to be 700 or higher, and mine was between 679 and 681.

After searching of months trying to find a doctor the fit my criteria, I located Dr. Sean Younai, in Encino, California. Dr. Younai, had great reviews and references, was very professional and polite, and his office took the Surgery Loans. My surgery is scheduled for March 15, 2012. I am very nervous and excited at the same time. I financed the entire amount, minus the $1,000 deposit to hold the surgery date. The reason why I financed the entire amount was because of the cost for an out of state procedure. The air fare, taxi’s, hotel, ect.

Procedure: High Tension Abdominoplasty with Liposuction of your Flanks, lower Back, Lateral/Outer Chest, and Inner Thighs

Cost: $11,700(procedure) + $2,000 (air fare, taxi’s, hotel, ect) Dr. Sean Younai's office, match the quote I received from Dr. Salemy’s office. I was really thankful they did or I would be unable to get this procedure. Dr. Sean Younai's office staff went beyond the call of duty to help me.

I am really committed to keeping my new body...

I am really committed to keeping my new body toned, so today I went to 24 hour fitness and purchased two 3 (1/2 hour) session with a personal trainer, and I am trying out two blender’s.

(1) Vitamix, and blender (2) Blendtec.

Yes, I did buy them both to try out. There is a 30-day return policy at Williams-Sonoma for the Vitamix, and I bought the Blendtec at Costco.

After having blending fun.

Okay, the winner is the blendtec! I was impressed by both blenders, but the blendtec was the winner for me, because of (1) the price, (2) longer warranty (8-yrs vs. 7-yrs), (3) better presetting's, (4) less manual work. As a single mom, I need simplicity. The Blendtec fits my needs more then the Vitamix did, and I also favor the Blendtec's recipe book more than the Vitamix's recipe book.

The countdown begins, and I have already begun...

The countdown begins, and I have already begun checking items off my list.

(1) Today got my manicure and pedicure, and I picked up my medication, which consisted of muscle relaxants, tranquilizers, antibiotic, nausea pills and pain killers.
(2) I have packed me and my daughter’s bag.
(3) My mom is coming into town on Wednesday a couple of hours before we fly out. My mom will be taking care my 4-year old daughter and me for a month.
(4) We are flying into LAX Wednesday evening, for my surgery in Thursday morning.

I really thought I would be more nervous, but I’m not. I am totally prepared.

I had my TT on 3/15/2012, and it went really well...

I had my TT on 3/15/2012, and it went really well.
I had no complications at all. I had no idea why I was so terrified, and now that is it is over, I feel like a whinny little baby…lol

I flew back to Washington on 3/21/2012, just 7...

I flew back to Washington on 3/21/2012, just 7 days after my surgery to finish my recovery. I have had some up and downs, but as the weeks progress I am getting more energy. I am still sleeping a lot, which is a good thing; because rest helps the body heals.

On March 27th and March 30th, I had my drains removed by Dr. Shamhram Salemy, a plastic surgeon here in Seattle Washington. Dr. Salemy, said the Dr. Younai, did good work, and that I am heal up nicely.
I am keeping in touch with Dr. Younai with weekly email and picture updates. I have to say, for a doctor Dr. Younai, answers my emails the very next day.

I am planning to fly down to Encino, California, for my first month update with Dr. Younai. I am also trying to set-up job interviews since I would like to move to CA soon.

This week was a little bummed out, maybe...

This week was a little bummed out, maybe it’s because I went back to work on 4/2/2012, with terrible back pain.
I have been using a cane for a couple of weeks now, to help support me.

I am fed up with being hunched over, so after speaking with my surgeon, I slathered my tummy with eucerin cream and extra virgin olive oil, which actually made me feel better. And it also helps your skin while you are trying to straighten up your back.

I am using both my compression garment and a back & waist braces to help support my abs and back while I stretch very slowly from side to side.
OMG! It worked! I am being to stand up straight, little by little every day.
This is day two walking without the cane.
Tomorrow, I think I will go for a walk after a morning ab stretch. Oh, and while you are sitting, act like you have a rod up your back. And before you get up after sitting for a long time, try to stretch out abs a little bit; and again, walk like you have a rod up your back.

On Sunday, I walked from my apt to the park which...

On Sunday, I walked from my apt to the park which is 0.7 miles away. Then I walked around the park twice. I felt really good.

I have been working hard to strengthen my back and stretch out my abs, so I can walk without the hunch. A combination of the compression garment and compression belt are helping at lot.

Also started using the med honey for the scar treatment. If you want to know more, check out my earlier post.

I am almost at the 1 month point, and I have been...

I am almost at the 1 month point, and I have been feeling okay. I have my good days and bad days. I did not expect the road of recovery to be long and hard.
Ahhhh, the price of beauty, who knew the pain would be so high….hahahahahaha!

I am still swollen which is to be expected, but massaging the areas with olive oil, which has helped. I also have been using the Manuka Honey or medHoney on the scaring, which actually help heal the scar faster. Please see the pictures I provided below, you can barely see my scare.

For those who are skeptical about using the honey, I personally do not use western medicine very much. The honey is a natural approach to healing. There is documented proof of the healing powers of different kinds of honey.
I slather the honey on my incision and I drink the honey in my tea. I would never post anything that was bad for anyone.

If you have a cold or a bad cough, I would recommend, buckwheat honey. Buckwheat honey is safe to give to children over 1-years old and up. Both Manuka Honey and buckwheat honey you cannot find in a general store. And make sure you buy organic.

16 Months down!

Well, it's been a little over a year, and I am doing well. I am still unhappy with the back fat, and I have not rescheduled my revision procedure yet.

In the last year I have maintained a consistent weight of 172 pounds, although the last few month I have lost 8 pounds. Today, I weighted in at 164 pounds.

In the incisions areas my hips are tight and every now and then, I have a very slight shape pain on my pelvic bone. I can no longer do a full back bend, and my abs are still tight and stiff, which means I have to take more time to warm up, but other than that, no other side effects.

Yes, I would do it again, but I would make sure the doctor knew that procedures he/she was preforming.
Here is my advice, (1) do your homework on the doctor, (2) contact some of his/hers clients, (3) and make sure all the areas you are having work done are clearly marked, because when doctors get into the surgery room, they cannot remember everyone's procedures.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Overall experience with S. Sean Younai

In December 2013, Dr. Younai gave me a complementary liposuction procedure under local anesthetic.
My overall experience of the complementary liposuction procedures under local anesthetic; it was horrible.
The procedure itself was very painful to a point where I could not continue, the pain medication I was told to take was not working, and the entire trip cost me a few of days of gas, food, lodging and more time I will never get back. Worse of I did not have any noticeable results, although I was told the lipo under under local anesthetic would yield mid results I did not know how minimal it would be.

I am very happy with the tummy tuck, there is no question Dr. S. Sean Younai did a wonderful job on my tummy tuck, however I am super pissed off about the not having two procedures done, which were the back liposuction and the inner thigh liposuction.

Although Dr. Younai gave me a "complementary liposuction" procedure under local anesthetic, that does not ameliorate the situation.
This is only my opinion, but I think the only reason why Dr. S. Sean Younai gave me a complementary procedure was out of guilt. Instead of simply admitting a mistake was made and tried to remedy the situation, Dr. S. Sean Younai got really nasty and defensive in a email he wrote to me. (Email posted above)

Tummy Tuck: I would give Dr. S. Sean Younai 5 stars, because he did do a wonderful job.
Back liposuction: Never receive the procedure $1,500 down the drain.
Inner thigh liposuction: Never receive the procedure $1,500 down the drain.
Revision back liposuction (December 2013): Unsatisfactory, and cost me an additional $300 to $400 in gas, food, lodging and time.

I am currently interviewing other plastic surgeons in the SF bay area who specialize in liposuction, laser liposuction, and body contouring.
I learned a valuable $3,000 lesson, which will cost me an addition $4,000 to get the results I wanted in the first place.

I would personally never, ever go to Dr. S. Sean Younai, for anything dealing with liposuction or body contouring, but he is excellent at tummy tucks.

Thank you for reading and good luck to you.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Younai, his anesthesiologist and his staff, did everything in their power, to place my fear at eased at ease in regards the entire procedure. Everyone went beyond the call of duty to also place me and my mom’s fear at eased. I have nothing but glowing reviews in regards Dr. Younai and his entire staff. After my TT surgery, Dr. Younai, personally came to my hotel twice 2 days in a row to check in on me.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So what does he do during the tt. I was thinking of going to him.
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In regards to your first question, "So what does he do during the tt." I'm sorry I am not a plastic surgeon for those detail you have to contact a surgeon in your area. And in response to your other question, "I was thinking of going to him." Sorry I cannot tell you want you should do I can only tell you what I have experienced. Please read my updates and draw your own conclusions.
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Same here I may go to Dr. Younai for tt bit not sure I got bbl already. But I love the way he gets fat off of us bigger women. Any ideas I should know about.
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It has been 9 months since your last post. Can you provide an update on how you are doing. I have a consultation scheduled next week with Dr. Younai for a TT so as you can imagine I am very curious about your long-term results. Quick question, day of surgery did you see the markings on your body where he was going to do the lipo - especially the back and lateral chest areas? Thanks
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In regards to your questions "day of surgery did you see the markings on your body where he was going to do the lipo - especially the back and lateral chest areas?" The answer is no, the marks I received was for my tummy tuck only. Later after some heated emails Dr. Younai, did offer a complimentary lateral lipo appointment under local anesthesia only back in November 2013; however I felt the entire experience was a waste of time and money, because the effects were minimal and not really apparent. I was in pain for almost a week and spent a little over $400 in gas, lodging and food. I do not regret the tummy tuck, Dr. Younai did a wonderful job, however his behavior when he made a mistake was appalling. I paid for three procedure and only got one, with a follow-up a year later. I am still paying for the surgery loan I incurred from Dr. Younai procedure, and next year I might consider having another procedure with another doctor but only in regards to back and lateral lipo; but even that is up in the air. Take my advice with caution. Dr. Younai is a very skilled doctor and he did great work, but just make sure he is aware that you are having multiple procedures. Good luck, and let me know things turn out :o)
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I replied to your comment below.
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I will definitely heed your word. Sometimes I think many of these doctors sniff themselves too much. If they can admit an error especially like in your case it would make things so much better. Just an FYI I have been looking at another doctor to do a BBL with sculpting lipo. His name is Dr. Hughes. Several ladies on here have A-MAZING photos of their procedures.
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Thanks I may look into it later, right now working with a personal trainer. If I do not get the results I wanted I may look into the another procedure, but that is the last think I want to do. Again thank you and good luck.
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Hi there sorry yo hear about your doc. Did the inner thighs get ant better for u? When i talked to my doc he actually told me not to do since inner thigh lipos usually don't work well since the sling doesn't have much elasticity there. Some ppt get an inner thighs lift instead but it leaves a scar. Your TT looks great though! Hope u r in a happy place ,, thx for keeping in touch!
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I think you look really good and I would give your doctor a second chance to revise what wasnt done. Hopefully he will make the effort to listen to you and make a solution that you both are happy with. Other than the back roll, your shape is bangin'.
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Thank you! But I am still working on myself on the inside. That is what some ladies don't understand, the tummy tuck will not fix your problems. If I could go back I would have dieted a little Now, I do workout more and eat healthily. I spent $11,700 to get this fixed, and I will be damned if I am not going to maintain it.
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How are things now? Did you see him again
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Hello Argenine, I did see the doctor again last year, which he agreed to preform a revision of lipo on my back, but I have not scheduled the appointment yet, because I have some personal things I need to take care of first. I think I maybe afraid to get it done by the same doctor.
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My opinion is that you should not feel afraid to go back to your doctor. I reviewed some of his patients reviews and he does do great work. Better than a lot I have see here in California. If he is willing to do a revision I would go for it. You are a representation of his work and hes not going to want people to judge based on what is quite minor an will give you a complete and overall sculpting. Again I do know the psychological affects and you do loom amazing. I actually was wishing to have an hour glass shape after my procedure. I too will be having a revision by my same PS on Aug. 22. Hopefully I will have more of a curve shape instead of square. Goodluck and dont be so hard on yourself. I see a 100% change. With more lipo u gonna be a model body by the time its all said and done.
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amazing waistline and figure. You must be so happy
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Wow, look at that tiny stomach!!! You look great!
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Wow you look great! Nice shape!!!
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you look amazing!
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Hi Taz., congrats to u and ur looking good girl! Great results!
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Oh My Goodness!!!!! Your tummy is absolutely tiny! You look great girl I hope your new body is everything you wanted it to be:)
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Thank you for the honey tip as well as the eucerine & olive oil. I am going to research it a bit. You look great! You waiste is so tiny!!!
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Oh, thanks, I am glad my information helped.
If you look at Updated on "7 Mar 2012", that will have more information about the honey and links.

Thanks, I noticed my waist was tiny also, which makes my boobs look
I work on a team with 12 guys, so they noticed also. I can get them to do anything...hahahahaha!

From reading your update you have 5 weeks to go?
As long as you have a good support system, you will be fine.
There has been some ups and downs, but I am really happy with the results.

The only thing that matters is what makes you happy.

Good luck and keep me updated, and I will keep posting also.
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you look Gr8t!!
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I love your hour glass shape! Very nice!
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